Obsidian Stories
Obsidian Stories
Obsidian Stories
Join Angela Ford, Founder of The Obsidian Collection Archives as she illuminates a variety of interesting tales of the global Black Diaspora. Season One is hosted by Joi Weathers, a brilliant media expert and podcaster. Obsidian Stories are conversations with the storytellers who created or unearthed the images, video and artifacts not seen in a very long time. Our stories focus on the joy, love, laughter and progress of the Black Diaspora. These tales help us reclaim the Black Narrative.
The Policy Kings of Chicago
Nathan Thompson is an expert on the economic engines of The Policy Kings that “ran the Numbers” or as we say today, held the local Lottery in Chicago.  These men also served as the micro-lenders to the hundreds of small businesses owned by Black entrepreneurs in the community.
Oct 10
30 min
Through Eyes of Blackness
In 1973, four African American photographers and friends created their own gallery presentation at the Southside Community Arts Center called Through Eyes of Blackness.  What was unique about them is they were Black men who all worked for Chicago’s mainstream newspapers. Fifty years later, one of the photographers, Howard Simmons tells us about the men, the photography, the era and the exhibit.
Sep 14
41 min
Obsidian and the UKBFTOG
The Obsidian Collection goes across the pond to work with a group of Black female photographers in London, UK.  This conversation is with the founder of this group with a membership of over 400 Black women and their joining the Obsidian Collection Archives.   To Learn MoreVisit: https://ukbftog.com/
Oct 6, 2022
26 min
"The 1972 Black National Convention"
On the heels of the Civil Rights Movement, the riots of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois and the assassinations of too many Black leaders, the Black community decided it was important to come together and create their OWN platform for Black people in America.  Over 10,000 Black people met in Gary, Indiana.  The rest is history.
Jul 29, 2022
35 min
Martin Luther King Comes to Chicago!
In 1966, MLK was invited to Chicago by the local Black Clergy to support their efforts for improved housing and better living conditions.  The challenges were many but so were the rewards.  Hermene Hartman owns some rare images of this event.  They were taken by famed photographer, John Tweetle.  The stories told surrounding the visit are riveting.
Jun 8, 2022
32 min