Nursing Mnemonics Show by (NRSNG) (Memory Tricks for Nursing School)
Nursing Mnemonics Show by (NRSNG) (Memory Tricks for Nursing School)
Kati Kleber RN CCRN (Critical Care Nurse, Nursing Student Mentor, NCLEX educator, and Nursing Podcast Host)
Your ultimate guide to nursing mnemonics. Over 100 mnemonics for nurses explained for you by the lovely Kati Kleber RN CCRN
BREAKING: Massive Updates to NCLEX due to COVID-19 (must listen)
NCSBN & PeasonVue just announced some significant changes to the NCLEX as a result of COVID-19. Here is what we are doing about it . . . MUST WATCH. Learn more about SIMCLEX at Speaker 1: What’s up guys. I’m Jon Haws RN in founder of and I’m here with Speaker 2: Marie […]
Mar 25, 2020
I’m a Little Bit Scared to Share This #vulnerable
Can I be honest? I had an amazing experience last month.   It was one of those moments when you are filled with thousands of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness all at the same time.  Have you ever felt that before? [ctt title=”You never know the reach you will have as a nurse.” tweet=”You […]
May 25, 2017
10 min
Ep86 Tracheal Esophageal Fistula (3 Cs)
The 3 C’s   Choking Coughing Cyanosis
Nov 15, 2016
1 min
Ep83 Child Abuse (CHILD ABUSE)
CHILD ABUSE   Child’s excessive knowledge of sex and abusive words Hair growth in various lengths Inconsistent stories from the child and parent/s Low self-esteem Depression   Apathy, no emotion Bruised Unusual injuries Serious injuries Evidence of old injuries
Nov 8, 2016
2 min
Ep82 Umbilical cord
Two areolas One  vagina   Two umbilical arteries, one umbilical vein
Nov 6, 2016
1 min
Ep79 Intra Uterine Device (PAINS)
PAINS Period (menstrual: late, spotting, bleeding) Abdominal pain, dyspareunia (painful intercourse) Infection (abnormal vaginal discharge) Not feeling well, fever or chills String missing
Oct 30, 2016
2 min
Ep78 Pre-Eclampsia (HELLP)
HELLP   Hemolysis Elevated Liver function tests Low Platelet count
Oct 28, 2016
2 min
Ep77 Fetal Wellbeing (ALONE)
ALONE   Amniocentesis L/S Ratio Oxytocin Test Non-Stress Test Estriol Level
Oct 25, 2016
2 min
Fetal Acceleration (VEAL CHOP) OB Nursing
VEAL CHOP (OB Nursing Mnemonic)   Variable – Cord Compression Early – Head Compression Accelerations – Okay Late – Placental Insufficiency I have to be honest here . . . OB Nursing was NEVER an interest of mine even before nursing school.  While I really enjoyed the rotation and feel fortunate to have seen several […]
Oct 23, 2016
2 min
Ep75 Episiotomy (REEDA)
REEDA   Redness Edema Ecchymosis Discharge, Drainage Approximation
Oct 21, 2016
1 min
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