Numbers by Barron's
Numbers by Barron's
Every trading day, Numbers By Barron's breaks down the market's most important stories into three essential numbers.
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Jacob’s Voice
I can’t stand it. Why!?!?! I know they need to be inclusive but there are other ways to do that...
Host’s Voice in Unbearable
The host’s voice sounds raspy and to be less politically correct, like a dude trying to sound feminine.
Tony Samaniego
Female voice
I enjoy and appreciate 'Numbers by B' But don't know how long I will be able to take that cracking trailing voice of the female currently giving them. Kind of like an annoying commercial you get to really dread hearing and try to avoid - it may drive me away. Pleasant voice otherwise and I would give a higher rating if she can resolve that.
Nice short blurb
Hits some interesting numbers in under 5 min. The only suggestion is for the woman to work on eliminating the vocal fry.
Like the format
Nice to mix in a shorter podcast
Get rid of Jacob
The voice matters. Please don’t make me unsubscribe.
Kevin Shoe liverpool
Get rid of Jacob
His/her voice makes the listening experience worse. That is all
Short, sweet, too the point Relevant data
pajero pantano
Stop fear mongering
Financial News Brief
Really good daily financial news brief, short and quick
Every morning
A great way to get ahead of the market, every day. What you need to know right when you wake up!
Drewski Puh
Numbers Podcast By Barrons
Just listened to the June 25 "Numbers" podcast by Barrons. It contained some information of interest, but could have been better if it also pointed listeners to more detailed articles or reports in Barrons or the Wall Street Journal. The podcast was 2.5 minutes long. If additional pertinent market/economic information was included, it could easily hold a listener's attention for 4 minutes.
Mr. Icabod Crain
Why even do this?
What a waste of 5 minutes. This is so worthless. Either make a real podcast or don’t. This is trash
It Would Help If Barrons Was Capitalist
The market has been very very profitable this January. Outlook is positive, steady growth in both employment and wages. This week’s podcasts talked about a recession. Warren, ACO, Harris want confiscation.
Bill koeppe
Barron’s has lagged behind other publications in audio content, so this podcast is a welcome, if not long overdue, addition to the publication.
Concise overview of the day
A good overview of top stories, and why they matter. A must listen in the morning.