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No Fake News Here
NPR is the only news source I trust. They are accurate and non-biased. I really like knowing updates throughout the day on the podcast.
Super biased at times.
Really wish news could remain opinion free. Just give facts.
on what planet was that clip about the VP debate unbiased? you gave a platform to pence to spew easily refutable lies about biden/harris’ approach to climate change and then added a cursory and uninformed remark about harris’ position. I am unsubscribing!
had fox taken over npr?
Best Quick News Breakdown
NPR is probably one of the most reliable sources for breaking news. I check this once a day before heading to other podcasts. Great work NPR team!
Great podcast, audio issues
Love the content and the cadence of releases. There is an audio export issue that makes this hard to listen to, especially with headphones. This audio issue doesn’t happen with other NPR podcasts.
Sound issues
Fix the sound. NPR is coming off amateurish
Kid Midas
My all time FAVORITE
I listen to the podcast frequently each day to stay informed. Unbiased and very helpful ... it's my all time favorite!
NPR lack of integrity
Nina Totenberg was a close, dear friend of Ruth Ginsberg but she or her producers couldn’t be bothered to mention that conflict of interest when reporting on the Supreme Corporate. Thank goodness for Hill Rising reporting. As Faux News grovels to trump, NPR will grovel to biden. Hey human capital stock: the US Oligarchy has one party and plutocrats simply won’t lose with the biden/trump ticket.
Qubits Toy > Lego
Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy USAF Veteran owned Made in N.C. Better than Lego, you’re right!
Quality > Quantity
Unstable app
I have not been able to keep up with most of my podcasts nor the news. Everytime I try to access the app I see the times are all messed up & not updated. I access three podcasts: a weekly one, npr news & other studies. Overall I enjoy using the podcast app when I have a chance to see it according to the correct time.
Irresponsible times
In regards to the shootings in Kenosha, reported on the News Summary, September 3rd at 0800, NPR reporter reads: “after a 17-year-old opened fire, allegedly.” This makes it sound as if Rittenhouse showed up to the protests and started shooting randomly. Which is furthest from the truth. Did NPR bother to watch any of the videos of that night or read any of the accounts from journalists who were on the ground when it happened? Or, is something more insidious and detestable afoot? Is it your goal to stoke tensions in the public by equivocating and playing loose with the facts? This has been a trend I’ve witnessed in NPR (among other historically reliable public broadcasting news outlets *cough* “PBS”). Need you be reminded that the job of the Fourth Estate is to solely provide the citizenry with the most objective factual information possible to allow them to make up their own minds? Don’t become another CNN, MSNBC, or FOX. America needs quality unbiased reporting now more than ever. At this point, it is existential.
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So tilted and editorialized
I’d like to consider myself a moderate. This publication has recently been skewing recent events so wildly in favor of left leaning narratives that I can’t help but be pushed to the right. Very frequent omission of key details and flat out bizarre ways of phrasing things. For example, “One man was shot when Trump supporters arrived to protests in Portland”, omitting all other details and implying blame toward the victim, who was a trump supporter. The presenters seriously need to examine their biases, they and people like them are creating a monster.
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Great application of news.
I just love the way the news are delivered. Keep up the good work.
Excellent news journalism
Major props the the NPR team for their excellent reporting on daily events. I listen to this every day in the car I am disappointed to see some unjustified one star reviews on this podcast claiming that NPR is biassed. You have to be so far right as to be delusional to see this podcast as "left leaning".
If you’re White you should be ashamed. If it’s something a conservative did it’s bad. If it’s something a liberal did it’s good. All non-white races have a right to riot and take whatever they want. Everything bad a non-white person does is because of systemic racism. There... I’ve summarized 90% of what you will hear.
Shameful but shamelessly biased
NPR lies to us constantly. From WMDs to Russiagate they push leftist propaganda but never balance the “reporting “ . All pro trans, anti gun, covering up riots by calling them protests. Liars.
Great Daily Update
Love the quick unbiased update to keep up with ongoing news around the nation.
Thank you NPR !!
Always my first thing I listen to every morning!
Love NPR
I love NPR, so I wish these were a TAD bit longer
Really like this podcast for a quick look at daily news
I think this podcast does a great job of presenting the world’s top news stories in a brief format. My only criticism is that if you listen to one full day of the podcast, you will hear the same stories multiple times.
high sprung
Biased news
Stop the misleading reporting. Stop the added opinion or conjecture. You are misleading based on your obvious political opinion. Just report the news!
Objective news
Highly recommend.
Frank's Notebook
Not Unbiased
There is definitely a left perspective and the hosts almost laugh at the issues like it’s cute.
Very biased reporting
Almost fake news. Extremely biased reporting. Personal comments by reports are shameful
Bob Logan
NPR news
I love this timely unbiased news. Gives me salient points quickly and succinctly. Many times I wish more was covered as interesting subjects are just a quick brush.
hiho mimo
NPR News
This is great, now I can simply get the fruits of NPR News without having to endure the emotion factory that is Up First.
Jack Spear
I hope that NPR reviews these comments. In general, I very much appreciate this brief news update. By far, most of the hosts are clear and unbiased. I have two concerns about Jack Spear. First, I have noticed that when he is reading the news at 3:00 MDT he is fairly clearly spoken, but by the time he gets to 5 o’clock MDT he is often slurring and tripping. I am writing today, Friday, July 24, because in addition, I have sensed a decidedly conservative bias in his choice of language and emphasis. While I may not agree with that bias, he is certainly free to use his language in that way. Today, however, in his introduction to a far superior report out of Portland Oregon, Spear described the circumstances there as being opposed by Democratic leadership. That was entirely unnecessary. Spear has no idea whether all of the leadership opposed to the treatment of the citizenry of Portland Oregon are in fact Democrats. It is unnecessarily inciting. I hope someone will reign him in a bit. Thank you.
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woman in montana
Fast and Accurate news
I like NPR news. It brief to the point. All the headlines in a short time. Great source and unbiased and fair.
Cheney 63
Short and Concise
I love being able to get the latest news anytime, quick and easy without the fluff.
Left leaning one sided
Just your standard left leaning main stream media story’s, very anti trump / conservative
donald love 1000111001
Very Good Podcast. Hourly Updates?
I like this podcast, it helps me to stay informed throughout the day. However, the hourly updates are no longer hourly. It’s past 4 pm eastern time and the last update was at 11 am eastern time.
No longer hourly updates :(
Loved getting updates throughout the day but would you please provide an updated time frame? Only saw 2 updates today. At 3 pm the most recent update was from 11am :(:( prior to 11am it was 6am.
Doing your best
Great explaining going on and you are the best news I’ve ever heard you’re doing so good at recording what’s going on right now thank you so much🦠🧬
No coverage of Epstein scandal
For whatever reason, they do not mention anything about Ghislaine Maxwell, the biggest global story after Covid and social unrest currently. What gives? Have they been told to step off?
Love the content I hate the sound
Why is it that a great organization like NPR cannot afford decent microphones? The quality of sound is almost unbearable. Contributors that are interviewed have better sound quality. I only listen to thisPodcast if I have time at the end of my daily briefing’s.
I hate being forced tI review
Please do not force me to review.
Love it!
Love the quick news updates delivered throughout my day! Keeps me informed on my schedule. Thank you, NPR!
Ento ST
Why can’t we see?... idk.
Only one episode ever available? 5-25-2020
Why is there only one episode? Are all old episodes removed? (The only episode available to me is the 5-25-2020 5pm episode. ) Am I mistaken? I like to listen to multiple episodes in sequential order.
Pap's Myr
NPR news and podcasts
I feast at your table every morning!
Communist propaganda
Nothing unique about this. We can get plenty of these takes in the mainstream media. Nothing to see here!
Wiloughby Jenkins
Just enough news. And the brevity is a good timer when I need “five more minutes.”
Great, brief update
Great, brief news update! The one news piece I listen to every day. Thanks!
Love this podcast!
I wish they didn’t disappear so fast because I miss some but love knowing they always have quick 5min podcasts with up-to-date news
The best
If you don’t like this news cast your probably a racist trump supporter
Recent shows
have been extremely difficult to listen to. Jeannine stumbles frequently. Listening has been torture. Please replace her.
Getting liberal and very bias to left in recent years
I have been listening to NPR for 6 years now, like it because quick and all encompassing, but in recent years very bias and leaning more to the left. We need a totally unbiased news station.
Oh how the mighty have fallen...NPR fail
After giving NPR multiple chances and having given multiple review ‘suggestions’ to NPR, I have switched over to a less biased news service. As a lifelong media professional I have certain standards I expect of my colleagues in the news industry. The main one, unbiased news reporting. NPR failed this rudimentary requirement. Too often I heard the President called by his surname, breaking the media APStyle guidelines. Too often I heard the ‘dig’ at the President, commentary tossed in unnecessarily. Too often an opinion. These basic items we ask of our guardians of truth (the media) were ignored far too often for me to be able to give NPR credibility as a news source. You lost a listener...a colleague, because you injected opinion where only facts should be. I hope one day NPR gets their act together and I can once again tune in. But for now, I’ll get the facts elsewhere. NPR you just joined CNN and MSNBC as entertainment and not real legitimate news.
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Better recap than Up First!
I listen to both podcast but this is much better if you want the news without spin and the usual blah, blah you hear on all news. Straight forward 5-7 min 👍🏼✨ thank you!
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