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This is how you bring in a Monday before RAW
Day one-ish listener. I’ve been of Sam’s Podcast before there was a podcast. Kicking back and listening the what was the previous week of WWE and sometimes other promotions before a new week of WWE kicks off with RAW. Thank you for getting out the feelings many of us feel after a RAW, NXT and SmackDown.
Best ever
Hey Sam can you talk about why jey and jimmy do not like each other because I want to know but let’s get to the review I love this podcast because you get so deep me and my brother Cade listen to your podcast all the time.
Wrestling reality
This man is a legend, and I love the excitement of when a new episode comes out. Sam does a great job of explaining what happened on the latest episodes of Raw, Smackdown, and sometimes even dynamite, also the latest ple’s (I appreciate this especially when I miss an episode). Thanks Sam!
Great show I can share with my daughter
I love picking up my daughter from school and listening to a new episode. The thing I love about the show , it's mainly clean language. Only when Sam repeats the wrestler is when you will hear a cuss word. And in my family that means a lot ! Good health to you and your family Sam!
Repeat much?
It’s good… but why does he have to rehash everything all over again just to get to the point he’s making. Like he released the emergency pod then the normal Monday pod walks back through that whole thing. Those emergency pods are becoming missable tbh
Always a fan of a good Sam Robert’s podcast or show
I love the way he speaks his mind on what should happen in the WWE
The truth teller 32
Sam Roberts is a global icon and a national treasure.
Ryan 3:17
Good for free
Stick to the free version, the paid levels are not worth it at all.
You are truly the greatest, Sam. You suspend reality like no other. I’m sitting here listening like your 2024 predictions are a given and reality. I appreciate you man.
Thugged out orthopedic
Greatest wrestling podcast! Sam’s awesome. Been a fan since O and A days.
Provides great balance
Sam’s podcast provides great balance between the typical hyperbolic wrestling news/gossip and experience-in-the-industry based knowledge and facts. Great podcast!
Regular listener but bruh
Your takes are subpar at best. It’s crazy how you speak from a place of fact when your takes are pure opinion and often ridiculous. You talk as if you’re smarter than most fans and I have to tell you my man.. you’re not. WATCH THE PRODUCT
Ya boyski
longtime WWF/WWE/IMPACT/TNA/AEW/ROH fan,(and General nuisance to my family, friends and employees with how much wrestling i watch as a 45 year old married CEO with 2 kids and a wife of 17 years ) i just starting to listen to podcasts about it. After sifting through what was out there, the official podcasts, the independent podcasts, and otherwise, notsam is far and away the undisputed universal forever champion of the wrestling podcast genre. I could write a more detailed description of everything I love about it, but the best way to understand why this guy is so good is to just listen to it! if you ever want to have a crossover podcast about substance abuse and addiction recovery in wrestling, I have a relatively popular podcast about middle-age suburban dad's in addiction recovery. It's always been an idea of mine to get Jeff Hardy on or Kurt angle to talk about this stuff. If you're interested in checking us out it's called Recovery in the Middle Ages. Love you notSam.
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The ONLY wrestling podcast that matters.
Sam is the go to podcast for staying up to date on everything pro wrestling. Great interviews and compelling content.
Amazing podcast listen to every episode, gets me through work
Best in the business
Not only the best wrestling podcast on the airwaves, it’s by far my favorite over-all podcast. Sam is the most knowledgable source on all wrestling topics and I NEVER miss an episode
Sam is the Man
You’re a fool if you’re not a Sam Shill
Better than JRE
The best
Been listening to Sam for years! It’s for the fan that loves wrestling!
Story time with Sam
Story time with Sam is the best weekly content!
He’s bald now
Sams good
Wrestling should be fun! I enjoy watching because it’s an escape from reality. When twitter is always too negative, Sam Roberts is able to put the weeks happenings in a fun entertaining recap. Great interviewer as well.
5 Stars
Every single Monday the one podcast i look forward to your show. I don’t listen to podcasts often but yours I listen to every single week no miss keep up the great work
Steve Negs
Sam is a master storyteller and his show is a treat. He has guest lectured my UNLV podcasting class and brought his sage wisdom to the next generation!
Started listening in 2020
I started listening in 2020 when we had to be home for a while. Stayed with it. I listen and look forward to every Monday. Thanks.
Pure Wrestling dialogue
Amazing. Nuff said
ACTION… is on the way!
Nobody can present a wrestling premise, theory or potential angle with more knowledge, experience and passion than Sam, and his interviews are insightful and fun, and avoid the usual pitfalls of the same old wrasslin’ questions.
You definitely have the makings of a Varsity Athlete
Brotha, love the show! It’s my look-forward-to thing on my way to work Monday mornings. Loved the line ya dropped this week, something like, “I realized at the age of 10 that I didn’t have the makings of a varsity athlete.” (Shout out to Corrado ‘Junior’ Soprano for that one 🤣🤣🤣 Keep pushin out the thorough & accurate content me and all the other NotSam shills have become accustomed to and have put you on top of the broadcasting mountain. Eric Sumter, SC
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E Hinde
Total WWE Fanboy!!
Doesn’t matter how bad WWE’s product has become, Sammy will tell you how great it is. He is very knowledgeable but his continued pushing of a bad WWE product is insulting to anyone who watches their programming.
Your best wrestling friend
NotSam is your smartest wrestling friend that doesn’t know you. He makes you feel like you know him and you are old friends that get together once a week to talk about wrestling. NotSam is a breath of positive air in a sometimes toxic atmosphere of wrestling (or sports entertainment) fans. Keep up the great work and know that we love you.
This dude is a professional broadcaster.
I don't know where the rest went, but Sam might just be the last of them.
Sam is Great 👍
I’m a big fan of this podcast. It’s informative, funny and entertaining.
Good to be a fan!
Great podcast for real fans who don’t want to just crap on the product all the time. Sam’s interviews are also top notch because he goes in directions others haven’t gone in. Been listening since the beginning and don’t plan on stopping. Thanks Sam! @TroyEdward_TTV
Opie and Anthony (Kmart brand)
Your not a comic and nether a interesting radio show host. I heard that you screwed over interns on the old show too!!
Da gameboy89
This show is basically 2 hours of Side Show Bob fantasy booking wrestling with the occasional guest. T
A true fan & last professional broadcaster
Sam Roberts is a hard worker and has great guests & opinions on the wrestling business. Sam Roberts knowledge and passion for professional wrestling is second to none. Happy to see him on wwe network as well @MattCostigan -twitter
Matt Costigan
Just stop.
Dude knows nothing about wrestling. How many bumps have you taken? You’re a waste of time and should please stop talking wrestling.
Don Jr
What the hell were you thinking Sam?!
Just bad
Since 2016
I’ve been listening to the Notsam wrestling since 2016. Great podcast, fast paced, great top-tier guests, and very positive. Y’all should go watch his Annoying Eater series on his YouTube channel NotSam Wrestling, the guy is a mess!
Always a fan
Sam always has great takes. He always tries to see things from a positive perspectve rather than just crapping on every booking decision but he also doesn't hold back criticism where its needed. Its mostly WWE focused; I'd prefer a little more AEW content as well but I'm a mark, what can I say.
Mike Snyder.
Hard to listen to
He’s just really hard to listen to. His voice reminds me of a 15 year old talking to his juvenile friends about wrestling. No substance. Not worth the time to listen to.
Used to be a good listen, now this guy is just a mark for himself. Finally unsubscribing.
Great podcast for WWE Fans, but not AEW,NJPW,etc. Which isn’t bad. Not Sam doesn’t take wrestling too seriously, which is great because I do agree that wrestling is an escape from reality. I like that he’s very positive, even when the whole world isn’t.
Podcast went downhill fast
I used to be a big fan of this podcast (my 5 star review from a few years ago is below) but ever since Sam was hired by WWE he has gone from being optimistic to flat out refusing to say ANYTHING the wwe does is less than stellar (during a time where the creative is awful) But as soon as AEW or any non WWE topic comes up (which almost never happens) his super positive attitude disappears and has plenty negative to say. That’s prob what annoys me most, he claims to love pro wrestling but he doesn’t, he loves WWE. And love might not even be the right word cause you can still point out flaws or ways to improve things you love but his blind optimism is so corny and cringe to listen to (like actually cringe, not how kids use it these days) He’s like the opposite of Jim Cornette but equally as annoying to listen to. I guess more cause even though I don’t believe anything JC is saying at least he’s funny once in a blue moon. Also he won’t shut up about his Patron. No one cares about your discord room, Sam. OLD REVIEW: Him and Katie are great together and even with just sam it's great stuff. One of my favorite wrestling podcasts. Look forward to it every week. The only downside is his fantasy booking is so good I'll often get mad at WWE when they do something worse.
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Favorite Podcast
Of all the podcasts I’m subscribed to, I find myself looking forward to Notsam Wrestling the most. Wrestling is my escape and as such I prefer to enjoy it. Sam always brings a positive slant to what’s going on. Even if what’s going on in the world of WWE isn’t the greatest creatively, Sam can be trusted to point out what good could come out of it in the future.
just as god-awful as you can imagine
sam's knack for over-explaining every happening, every joke, every THING imaginable is on parade in this solo venture, done in his basement and surrounded by his collection of little wrestling dolls. on his daily radio show done with jim norton, he kills every shred of humor by dissecting what the joke means. no thank you sam, i'll get my wrestling news elsewhere.
Clearly bias
Very wwe bias. He hypes up even the worst segments and wwe can do no wrong. I’ll watch the network if I wanna hear propaganda
Greedy Not Sam Greedy
Moving the Thursday show after having it as a free option just reeks of greed. It would have been different if you started it on there but you didn’t.
Boring nothing happening podcast. He gets a check to work for tha E and it shows. So many wrestling podcasts out there are more worth your time. Nice enough guy but you can tell what side his bread is buttered on.
Old school nwa fan.
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