Not Your Average Runner, A Running Podcast
Not Your Average Runner, A Running Podcast
Jill Angie
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Reruns for all of 2024?
I really loved this podcast but every episode this year has been a rerun. What’s happening?
Rerun City
Such an amazing and encouraging tool kit. Never thought I could run. So wrong. Start listening, even if it’s just to help your negative self talk about any kind of goal!!
One Giant Ad
I’ve been a listener for years but something has been bothering me for quite some time now: everything feels like an ad for Run Your Best Life, Jill’s $50 a month run club. It feels like in at least half the episodes that Jill tells you in order to be your best self you have to give her $50 a month. Now the latest episode is an hour long ad for her run vacation? For $4,000 you can spend a week running with Jill. Running already feels so prohibitive for far runners. This is the only podcast I know dedicated to slow and fat runners. But it’s constantly bombarding you to spend money that so many of us just don’t have! I understand that Jill has to make money somehow and I don’t have to spend any money or even listen to the podcast. But the constant pushing of Run Your Best Life and now the Alaska trip has really irked me and rubbed me the wrong way. I’d rather listen to an ad for Skratch or Nuun or something while listening about running and slow/fat runners.
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Great info
Great info for anyone about the proper care and feeding of your body, especially those of us who love running!
Jill Angie changed my life
tarted listening to this podcast after reading an article about Jill Angie in a running magazine. I’ve wanted to become a runner for several years but I thought I had to lose weight first. Jill teaches women how to run in the body they are already in. This idea blew my mind!! I didn’t know I could do that! I am now a runner! Jill is an amazing running coach but she also teaches mental thought work. You are working on yourself physically and mentally. I’ve learned that you need both. I love listening to this podcast while I run. Thanks Jill for your amazing work!
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Awesome Information!
Thank you for the great information!
Love this podcast!!!
I love this podcast, but love is not a strong enough word to describe my feelings for #260!!!!! So important and such great information and insight!!
Getting my MOJO back
Listening to Jill has inspired me to keep getting out and doing my runs. I had been negative self-talking myself out of my runs, but Jill’s tips have helped me see what I am doing to myself and how to correct it! ❤️🏃‍♀️✌️
Energizing, Inspiring and Empowering! 🙌
Regardless of where you are in your journey - this is a must listen for you! Jill does an incredible job bringing you everything you need to know as a runner to improve your health, energy, mindset and vitality - with inspiring guests you can actually relate to. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
This was such a lovely take on, I don’t know, LIFE?! So glad my friend Ashley shared this with me and I can’t wait to pay it forward and share it with others
Plus sized 1/2 marathon finisher
Jill and her running program has helped me finish my first 1/2 marathon as a plus sized female. Thanks so much for all you do.
Just what I was looking forward!
I am loving this podcast! So glad I found it!
Good listen!
As someone who is in and out of running, it’s always a good refresher to listen to these episodes. She also reminds me I can start anytime, at any weight! Sometimes the brain talk is redundant (especially if you listen to any other self help podcasts), but the episodes with tangible tips are my favorite. Side note: I find it hilarious the only poor reviews are due to language - it’s an explicit podcast! 😂 The little “E” is right there…. I happen to enjoy it!
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Marie 727
Great motivation, a good laugh and wonderful tips. Doesn’t get any better :)
Just listened to Episode #231 & Loved it! Words we need to hear, one of my favorite Podcasts out there. Listen, re-listen, take notes then adapt! You’ve got this!
Why all the F bombs
Seriously unnecessary. Content would be interesting otherwise.
Life changing
I spend years HATING Running. I was forced to run in school and the military. Somehow Jill Angie really can motivate a stubborn anti-runner into LOVING to run. She does so much more then teach how-to run, it’s all the mental, mind work that makes her coaching different from any other trainers I have worked with. I have followed Jill for 9 months and she has changed my fitness level and my life.
Jill will rock your 🏃🏻‍♀️and your 🌎
Jill is the friend in your head that tells you like you need it. From runs to your thoughts Jill has you completely covered on how best to improve your life. If you are wanting to be a runner or a running veteran she’s got you covered.
I’ve found my tribe!
Thank you, Jill, for hosting such an amazing podcast. I binged the whole first year in a week. Love, love, love this podcast.
This podcast got me through all the training runs for my first marathon!
So great!
This information is so good for a newbie runner. It’s helped me get my butt moving more regularly! The language makes it even better to me, I’ll never understand why people choose to listen to a podcast that has an explicit warning then complain when the host curses. Don’t change anything this podcast is great!
Here I was run walking enjoying the new found podcast and then boom. Cussing killed the relationship before it started.
Slow caribou
From the few podcast episodes that I have listen to you, the content is great. I could see where it would be helpful for a beginner runner. I came looking to it for some advice as I am about to run my first half marathon. However, I don’t believe I can continue listening to it because of all the cursewords. For one, my children are in the room and I do not want them to hear that into it is a big pet peeve of mine. I don’t feel that the content needs the F bomb dropped or other words like that to make a point.
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Info good - language not
Not sure why profanity is needed if you want to help women, most of whom may have a child in earshot. I wanted to listen as the info is good. However after 6 episodes I am not going to listen to the profanity.
Love this podcast!
Love Jill and this podcast! I just listened to her recent episode on body image and it hit me so hard. I love her ideas and want to take this advice to heart.
I just started listening today and I am hooked. Tomorrow is my first run since I listened during my walk today
Great show
She addresses pretty much everything- every obstacle, excuse, and training question for me. Great advice and insights across the board! Two thumbs up!!!
Always a treat
Jill is genuine, funny, knowledgeable and most importantly- real and relatable. She doesn’t pretend to have everything all figured out but she’s also very confident in who she is and what she knows. I really enjoy this podcast and always find it easier to incorporate loving self-talk into my inner monologue after listening.
Thank you
You are fabulous and I look forward to every podcast. I want to be strong but never liked looking like a linebacker. But you are giving me skills to like myself. Thank you
Great Podcast.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, but am finally sitting down to write about how fantastic it is. Jill is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor, which makes listening fun. The topics are relatable and I learn something new every week. I’m the last person most people would see as a runner, but through this podcast, I’ve become a consistent exerciser who has grown in ways I never thought I could. I’m grateful for this content as well as going through the Rebel Runner Roadmap and being a member of Run Your Best Life. Life changing for me.
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I can take a lot of bad language. It occasionally comes out of my mouth in bad situations. But the use of GD is just not appropriate in any situation.
Rees head
Motivating Running Podcast
Jill is such an awesome person and coach. I love her simple running advice and sense of humor. Many of her concepts apply to more than just running. More than once I was listing to the podcast on the way to work and her advice on running totally applied to a situation I was having at work and it helped me move forward. She is the voice I need to hear on the days I am not feeling 100%. I look forward to her podcasts each week (even if I am taking an extended break from running).
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Kickass podcast
Great podcast, great advice and wisdom for a fabulous person, Jill!
This podcast helped get me off the couch and start running. I never viewed myself as an athlete, but this podcast changed how I think about myself and my body. This is exactly what I needed to start caring for my health again.
Absolutely love!
My husband has tried to get me to run with him for 15 years, I’ve always said “I’m not a runner”. In October I decided to give it another try and was ho/hum, trying but not seeing the success I wanted and hating every minute of it. On January 1st someone shared this podcast. I’ve listened to about 15 podcasts and now I’m hooked. So much information from someone who relates to me, of a similar age and body shape, with practical and manageable information. I’ve learned “I am a runner”, and what do you know, I actually enjoy it!
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Love this podcast. Very relatable
I listened to episode 174 today during my virtual 10k that I signed up to run so figured I plan it on my long run day. I wasn’t feeling it when I got up on this hazy foggy day but I got myself out there. Hearing Bethany’s stories, obstacles and journey kept me motivated to keep moving even if it wasn’t a PR day. Thanks Jill for an educational, entertaining and inspiring podcast.
So helpful
I would never have called myself a runner without this podcast. Grateful for the advice and perspective
Thankful I found your podcast
Hello, I want to thank you for your work and support. I am encouraged and inspired by your work. I am in a journey to improve my running. The mean girl in me sometimes puts me down and your encouragement helps me tame that mean girl.
Vichie S.
The Best Running Podcast
This podcast made running seem attainable and gave me the encouragement to try and keep going. I love learning new tips, Jill’s sassy motivation, and how she makes running seem simple and doable. I was blown away how much of running is influenced by my thoughts, not just my body. THANK YOU! Keep doing what you’re doing, Jill!
The best podcast available to help you run
JJ new runner
Look forward to it each week!
I found this podcast while searching for running podcasts and was so excited to find this. This podcast gave me strength and motivation while I got back to running after a year off after a difficult first race. It stayed with me the next year and helped me as I contemplated, trained for, and completed my first marathon! I went from barely running to trying to tackle that huge goal and this podcast gave me so many resources, ideas, and motivation. Love Jill and the other guests and coaches she has on, and I’m so glad they’re a part of my virtual running posse!
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I have learned so much from Jill Angie. I have subscribed to over 50 podcasts but Jill’s is one of the few I listen to every week - usually on the day it comes out! I always learn something!!
Om Nom 1234567
Life changing
I found this podcast when I was signed up for a 5K for my very first time. I figured might as well listen to some running information while I’m driving to work. From the podcast I found the Facebook group and then the rebel runner roadmap. Jill Angie has changed my life as one of many women that she has also changed. I am now a consistent runner. I am very frequent on the Facebook group. And I look forward to every Thursday when she updates her podcast. Prior to listening to this I never ran for a second in my life
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Best running plus podcast
Listening to the podcasts and it’s community of listeners got me into running and running consistently. I go back and listen to my favorites again and again
Reba Wall
Just. Love. Her.
Yes...I’ll admit I was looking for a podcast to listen to during my runs. I got so. Much. More!!! She’s refreshing, funny, real, and her thoughts about mental work are life altering. Thank you, Jill. I’m a better person having listened to your podcasts (and my running has improved, so there that...)
Love it!
Thanks Jill for making a podcast that’s sooo relatable!!! I only wish they were about 15 min longer 🤪 but I get it. Hugs 🤗
I love listening to Jill during my long runs. She is encouraging and keeps it real, and listening to her makes running more fun for me!
She's relatable and she's real. This is tangible, real training advice for all of us.
Drop the foul language!
I was excited to listen to this podcast but the frequent swearing was a huge turn off for me.
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