Not Skinny But Not Fat
Not Skinny But Not Fat
Amanda Hirsch, Dear Media
Your home for everything pop culture, celebrity gossip, and reality TV. Get your weekly recap on what's happening in this crazy world of entertainment, all with a perfect dose of sarcasm, wit, and lots of LOLZ. Hosted by Amanda Hirsch, creator of the Instagram "Not Skinny But Not Fat".
88. Bachelorette SZN w/ Dylan Barbour
It's Bachelorette SZN!  Dylan Barbour from Hannah B's season of the Bachelorette, but more memorably, from Bachelor in Paradise where he Twilight-style imprinted on Hannah G from Colton's season and got her in the end- is on the pod! Aside from being a GD gem of a human, he also tells us about his app, Vizer, how he got on The Bachelorette, how he knew he wanted Hannah G, how he feels about Blake, was he happy about him getting heat from Stagecoach Gate? Honestly I like this guy so much because he might be as cynical as we are about Bachelor Nation!   Produced by Dear Media
Dec 1
58 min
87. Two B’s on a Pod w/ Andrea Lavinthal
Style and Beauty director at People Magazine, and a whole vibe of a woman, Andrea Lavinthal, joins me in breaking down the last Bachelorette ep, where Clare and Dale stand now; and how I was threatened to take down that post incriminating dale! We talk about hashtag mom life, her interviews with several of the Kardashians and who was the best, our worthless husb’s and how we're not part of the empowered WAP generation. Produced by Dear Media  
Nov 24
1 hr 7 min
86. The King of Bachelor Nation Spoilers: Reality Steve
Can you guys believe we're only like 5 episodes in to this wild season of The Bachelorette? Clare and Dale are gone and breath of fresh air Tayshia has arrived! Of course, we're not totally done with Clare and Dale as we get to enjoy their cringey Instagram lives now that they're a free couple! The king of Bachelor Nation spoilers- Reality Steve is on and helps me understand this season at LA Quinta. Did Clare and Dale actually speak before the show? He even spoils Tayshia's season at minute 37 so fast forward to minute 46 if you want to avoid finding out who wins the thing! I ask Steve about other bachelor couples, what he thinks of Clare and Dale (you'd be surprised), other bachelor nation couples, how he gets his intel and more! Produced by Dear Media
Nov 17
58 min
85. Blowing Up the Bachelorette & The KarJenners F Up
Ok we just watched the last episode of The Bachelorette with crazy Clare (what? you mean falling in love with a dude through his instagram and deciding he's going to be your husband  before ever meeting him and the 20 something other guys who all came to meet you is crazy?? Noooo. Dudeeeeeeeeeeee. Clare's 3 episodes were exhausting. The name Dale has never been said so many times. Ever. Is Dale even into her at all? Well he did go down on one knee after Chris Harrison was like- NO ONE WILL OUT PSYCHO THE BACHELORETTE. Anyway, Arielle joins me in recapping Clare's last episode, and discussing the Kar-jenners recent f ups. Like, i don't know- a trip to a private island during corona times and a massive maskless indoor halloween party KENDALL. Join the rant!   Produced by Dear Media
Nov 10
51 min
84. Anon celeb gossip w/ Deuxmoi
Born during quarantine, the anon celeb gossip instagram account Deuxmoi is on the pod, and answers my pressing questions- how she started, her fave and least fave celebs, how is she connected to the entertainment industry? who is she? Where does she live? What does she do and what are her goals with the account? What's the deal with her celeb nicknames (i.e for Leo) -hint- it has to do with headphones and sex. Who is the thirstiest and which celebs follow her account? Why is she private? and Gigi and Zayn's baby's name. Produced by Dear Media
Nov 3
1 hr 9 min
83. The Cringiest Bachlorette Episode of all time w/ Kate Casey
Fellow sarcastic, cynical and reality TV loving podcastress, Kate Casey, joins me in recapping the second episode of the shit show that is this season of the bachelorette, and also the cringiest episode of all freaking time. Kate has an inside scoop about Clare and what the producers thought of her. Kate also shares she had stupid Max on her podcast when he was dating Demi, and gives us the creepy (Andrew Cunanan vibes) lowdown on what he was like.  Produced by Dear Media
Oct 27
1 hr 7 min
82. Bachelorette Recap and Maxgate
The most dramatic season yet of the bachelorette is here! Ok but really this time? A 39 year old bachelorette, leaving mid season, only to be replaced by a new bachelorette!? Damn. This should be good! Sistager joins me to recap the first episode as well as discuss Demi Lovato’s crazy ex fiancé, Max, whom I’m obviously spiraling about! We also talk about Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae’s bizarre friendship and trip to NYC which I’m obviously V jel of, as well as some new Hollywood couples. Produced by Dear Media
Oct 20
1 hr 3 min
81. New Beau Who Dis W/ Former Thot Hannah Berner
My fave thot and Summer House’s Hannah Berner joins me for the third time on NSBNF to dish about the new mans in her life! We also discuss filming Summer House (can’t wait for next season!), her gig on Bravo’s new show “Bravo's Chat Room,” her standup, quarantining with her parents and the accidental story she posted on Instagram. Produced by Dear Media
Oct 13
1 hr 9 min
80. First Name Amanza, Last Name Smith
Joining Selling Sunset on its second season, Amanza was the breath of down to earth fresh air we all needed! A single mom, a loyal af friend, and a 0 fucks given kinda gal who was not afraid to stand up to big B Christine, Amanza is a vibe and a half! She tells me all about her Ex husband who randomly disappeared, her goals and dreams, how she got on Selling Sunset, her relationship with Taye Diggs, and other "fancy people" she dated, and where she stands with all the girls on the show. Produced by Dear Media
Oct 6
59 min
79. We Stan Savage Ariana
Ariana Madix a la VPR comes back on the pod and even though season 7 of Vanderpump Rules feels like it was FOREVER AGO, I just had to talk to this angel about it! It was a rough season for both her, and her boyfriend, Sandy, AKA Tom Sandoval, and I wanted to know how she felt about it! From Tom's fight with Jax re the homophobic priest, to some of the cast insinuating Tom is jealous of...Stassi, and Ariana's depression being a big topic this season...Oh and the reunion! She also gives us a little behind the scenes and explains reality TV stuff like "reshoots" and how upsetting it is when a lot of stuff you filmed doesn't get into the show. We obvi also talk about our mutual obsession with Hailey Bieber, and what she thinks is going to happen with the show! Also Tom & Tom were playing the trumpet downstairs while we were recording and I CANNOT. Produced by Dear Media 
Sep 29
1 hr 8 min
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