Not Neurotypical w/ Laura Zdan
Not Neurotypical w/ Laura Zdan
Laura Zdan
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Perfect timing
I just stumbled on the word neurodivergent about five days ago and it has been life changing and discovering this podcast couldn’t come at a better time for me. It is so incredibly eye opening to know I’ve been masking for 47 years and to know I’m not the only one.
H i g h l y R e c c o m e n d e d ! !
My favorite podcast!! All of this is so fascinating and unique; especially on neurodiversity, autism and it’s related subjects. I’m hearing so much of me in this as well. Simultaneously educating, insightful, welcoming and outright impressive!! Laura, this affects me and my late diagnosed life in such positive ways, so deeply appreciated- Thank You So Much!!
Laura I want to thank you for being so brave and so honest. I have recently learned that I am most likely neurodiverse and listening to your lastest episode on unlearning neurotypical had me in tears because I was finally felt like I belonged somewhere and could relate to everything you said. You have a new lifelong subscriber and supported here. You are amazing and I wish you the best on your journey. 😊
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Thank you
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your journey. I’m 22 and just connected all the same dots within the last month and I’m so grateful to hear my perspective being shared so genuinely.
Powerful & informative podcast!
I’m so grateful that I found this podcast! I found it when my daughter’s psychologist informed me that she thought that my daughter had high-functioning autism. My son has high-functioning autism (what might have been Asperger’s not so long ago), however he presented so incredibly different from her that I didn’t even see it. Laura helped me truly see my daughter, and through her stories, myself.... much to my surprise! So many memories of my childhood and school clicked as I heard Laura talk about her experiences. Bullying? Yep! Unable to identify feelings? Mmm hmmm. Lots of special interests? Oh yeah. Difficulty establishing & maintaining friendships? Sigh, yes. Fear of dentists...uh huh. At times, I felt like our lives were variations of a basic prototype. Her show prompted me to pursue online set-diagnosis tools. It was a shock, and a relief honestly (because it explained so much) to see that I had elevated scores across the board. I’m most likely autistic, & Laura is the person who opened my eyes to this. I’m truly forever grateful for her honesty and openness about her journey. It made me feel like I would be okay no matter what because she’s so frickin awesome & evolved as a person. She really helped me through this shocker with these podcasts! Even if you don’t suspect you’re autistic, this podcast gives you glimpses into the neurodivergent mind. Laura is so good at putting words to feelings I’ve experienced but have not been able to clearly identify or articulate (or even notice until pointed out lol!). Her podcast helps you understand and empathize with neurodivergent people and their unique challenges. I also love that she created an app for those who would like to pursue the learning & community further, too. This has given me such hope, even in the middle of COVID. Thank you & keep up the amazing work Laura! I SO appreciate you! ❤️
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As someone with a late ASD Dx, I can very much relate!
I started suspecting I was autistic in my late 20s after some comments from a coworker about autism. My BFF is an occupational therapist, and she said she suspected it for years. My Dx isn’t “official” but I talked to a professional who does adult ASD screenings. She said she agrees that I’m on the spectrum. It’s not on paper but it’s been good enough for me so far. 5 years later I’m still trying to figure myself out and trying to learn how to take the mask off. When I was a kid, I was more outgoing and social. My quiet, introverted mask was beat into me in middle school. I’m still working through the mental scars from school bullying.
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I have spent much of my adult life working hard to make sure the people around me feel understood, because it is important. I know that I do this because I have spent most of my 42 years feeling misunderstood. Feeling overlooked. Feeling I accepted. Feeling weird and odd but never knowing why. Feeling frustrated and angry at things that don’t make sense. Getting in trouble because I can’t seem to manage to do things the “right way” or I ask too many goes on and on. Laura, this podcast is a godsend! Every episode I have listened to I’m like, “oh my god! This is me! I do this! I’ve done that! I’m not crazy!” I feel UNDERSTOOD! Now, this is a long road moving forward but to know that the things that I need or the way I do things...there IS a reason for it! I don’t know that I can say enough THANK YOUS!!!
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Just so good
As a later in life, not officially diagnosed autistic woman this podcast has been at times a literal lifesaver! It isn’t just an info dump... host Laura is very open and honest about her feelings and experiences as she processes her own later in life diagnosis as a woman, a wife, a mother, daughter, sister, friend and all that goes with it. We all get to explore, learn and grow as we listen. Just an excellent excellent show
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Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
This is the podcast I didn’t know I needed but I’m glad I do now <3
Laura is real , honest, blunt and beautiful. I just recently found out I have autism and am contemplating getting an official diagnosis. Laura is the friend we all need in this journey and we are so fortunate to have her on our team. Keep it up lovely one!
Laura’s podcast is incredibly honest and helpful for those who are on the Spectrum. Her compassion, encouragement and down to Earth advice is just what I needed as someone who is Neurodivergent.
Thank you
This podcast is changing my life!
Shocking to hear my life being accurately described
This podcast would have positively changed my life if it had existed decades ago.
Talking with a friend
I love these podcasts! They have really helped me be kinder to, and more accepting of myself. It feels like in listening to a friend and we are telling stories. I always have to urge to add real-time commentary to the podcasts because I relate so much, or have experienced similar things. I have to refrain from sending message with every little thought. Thank you Laura!
Spectacular Podcast
This podcast is so well done. Laura is well spoken and extremely articulate about educating and empowering autistic people. I have shared it with many people already. Thank you for your courage and willingness to put yourself out there for all to be inspired and create positive awareness this community. Love it !
Amazing and Talented Autistic Woman
Laura shares her perspective on being an autism mom with a late autism diagnosis, herself. She is so fresh and straightforward and unflinchingly honest. Somehow the podcast is also educational and uplifting!?! How does she do it? Not to mention Laura has an incredible voice and she could make anything sound interesting. Check her out!! Her new series about The Lost Girls is so cool.
This is a good one!
Such an amazing podcast. Laura is authentic and genuine as she shares her journey and it feels like I’m sitting with a good friend. I’m hooked! Looking forward to more content from this amazing creator!
Millennial Mother
I relate to everything on here TOO MUCH!
I love everything a lot this podcast. It’s so easy to listen to and enjoyable. It’s helped me deal with my own late diagnosis.
I love this podcast
I love this podcast because it is mine! It is my own personal journey and it was NOT EASY to put it all out there. If you like this podcast as well it would make me so happy if you would give it a review! Thanks in advance <3
Yes Laura!
This podcast is so important. Thank you for your vulnerability!