Not Just the Tudors
Not Just the Tudors
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Please stop using Asian slurs
An excellent podcast except for its repeated use of the racist phrase “Chinese whispers”.
Great podcast
I really enjoyed the one with Craig Shreve. So interesting I can’t wait to get the book. This would be a great movie as well.
Actual trained historian, unlike some people…
Far, far superior to BBC, and the many rando white men with no expertise but fathomless arrogance
Great podcast
Informative podcast. Loved the episodes featuring Alec Ryrie on the Protestant Reformation and the first English Bible.
Great podcast
Have been listening for a while. Very interesting, well thought through, insightful and full of great topics. Love this podcast. The host is a pleasure to listen to, is fun and extremely intelligent. Highly recommend.
Ken L.
Groundbreaking episode
Fascinated by the reveal of the hidden drafts can skew our understanding of Elizabethan/ early Jacobean history. Thank you for this!
An essential history podcast. And Fun!
Fascinating. For those of us who don’t fear history. Soon to banned in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Arizona, and West Virginia. Especially, if you know who, gets you know what. History repeats when a society doesn’t learn the lessons of the past.
The reformation reale politic
Your reformation podcast was great. Along the same lines - I would like to hear about the political environment in Germany that made Luther’s revolt possible without him being martyred. This crucial dynamic gave fertile ground for Protestant communities to take root and expand.
Way above average
Excellent content! Smart people. Please make everyone speak just a little bit more slowly.
Anita - R
Getting too “Woke”
This podcast was great, Suzannah is my favorite historian ever and she’s so eloquent and beautiful and carefree. But she’s become so openly political. Heavily leftist and very outspoken on twitter and online about her personal beliefs. It’s unfortunately spilling into her gorgeous podcast, where she’s starting to really ruin a good thing. You hear time and time again in history you can’t and shouldn’t use historical events & judge then by modern day lenses/culture & standards & she’s really forgetting that. Instead what is starting to bleed into her podcast are her personal leftist (I’m leftist too, but the left can be very aggressive and cultish politically and they throw their beliefs in your face sometimes) and you sort of get this ultra feminist vibe of angry and wokeness at the bad white man patriarchy, as she applies her personal ideologies to history from a 2023 cultural and especially political standpoint. She’s also doing a lot of activism with LGBTQIA2S stuff (and I am in this group of people as well btw) and and I find it ruins just being swept to history. She’s a great historian but she wants you to believe her truth and what she believes.
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Absolutely love this podcast!
Fantastic podcast for English history fans. It’s great to here they discussion from the hostess and other hosts; I will say the panel discussing Thomas More was exceptionally biased. Clearly the guests, particularly the one heavily criticizing Wolf Hall, never actually read Wold Hall. It was great to see all the panelists actively excuse More’s treatment of those he deemed heretics. Did they hear themselves excusing the torture and execution of people by their beloved More?
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ss waffle
Ladies, we all know…
The best on screen depiction of Thomas More (and sexiest) is easily Jeremy Northam!!! No question! Ps. Love the history on screen eps :)
Interviews as fascinating as her documentaries
I should have known: Dr Lipscomb finds scholars who discuss their areas of expertise with the same thoughtfulness, intelligence, and empathy that she has always shown in her documentaries. She's a great interviewer, coming to each conversation well-prepared in so it can *be* a conversation, asking careful questions to set out context for the audience before inviting her guests to go into more depth, sharing their research and insights. She doesn't shy away from the ugliness of the past (or present) either. But Dr. Lipscomb's respect for her guests, listeners, and human beings— not to mention her wonderful voice — make it easier to ponder distressing and infuriating topics.
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Transgender fairies
If anyone say this perverse stuff isn’t being pushed by the media this episode is proof their wrong. Pure evil.
This is a fantastic podcast! I just stumbled on it a couple days ago and I’ve already listen to probably 10 episodes. And as a sidenote, Suzanne, the host should hook up with the app Calm, because her voice is so lovely and soothing.
History Lover’s Delight!
Wow! What an amazing podcast! I grew up reading 16th century European history. This podcast is a dream come true. I have learned SO much from the podcast.
Bringing History to Life
I really enjoyed the Lady Jane Grey episode, thank you!
Thank you for your excellent podcast—-informative, entertaining and a great pleasure to listen to.
Picture painted
Listening to your description of the hall allowed me to visualize somewhat all your narrative. Thank you I’d love to see it sometime.
Wonderful Podcast!
I have learned a lot more history from listening to these historians and authors. Entertaining and very well done!
Wonderful production
The interviews are so well produced and enjoyable to listen to. I’ve picked up quite a few books written by the guest historians.
General listening
Dr. Lipscomb’s deep knowledge informs incisive and thoughtful questions. Her guests are very well chosen, inside and outside her wheelhouse. All make for edifying and entertaining listening.
Weekly listening
Fantastic informative podcast. Dr. Lipscomb does a fantastic job with her knowledge of 16th century history. The people she has on are fun to listen to.
Don’t Miss Out!!
This is my favorite 16th century podcast, hands down. Dr Lipscomb is not only an expert herself, but a profoundly gifted interviewer. So often you hear a podcast host try to redirect focus to their own interest- not so on NJTT. Lipscomb has a knack for asking the right questions to help the interviewee shine and the audience is all the richer for it. If you want to dive deep into a fascinating and tumultuous century, Not Just the Tudors is absolutely for you.
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Thorough, solid historical research
I love this podcast because it’s not only fascinating, but brings new perspectives and fresh insight to the Tudor era. The guests are always so knowledgeable and the host interacts with them congenially and naturally.
Excellent content
This is my go-to podcast. It’s a 5- star rating from me.
Long time fan
Long time fan of Dr. Lipscomb. She is inquisitive and inspiring (I have even applied to grad school myself to be like her!). I would listen to her explain taxes though so many I am biased!!!
Not Just the History
The program has now elevated Marxist, revisionist story telling the an equal footing with history. Wokeness is one issue but this is simply peddling a fictionalization of events as truth. Just sending this as I stop following what was a very good history podcast. I have other good sources for fiction and need room for one on history.
Great history!!
Dr. Lipscomb is so interesting and informative- I love every episode!!
Inspired Teaching
Absolutely the Best!
Professor Lipscomb is my favorite historian!! Love the way she presents and her guests are top notch. So many fascinating topics. One of my favorite episodes is about the German Executioner. I’ve learned alot.
Mary Queen of Scots letters
A spectacular podcast. Groundbreaking, informative, and well produced. Exactly what one expects from this podcast.
Early Modern
Makes me wish I’d earned a degree in Early Modern History
As a scholar of literature, I often draw on the work of historians in my research and teaching, so I have a special appreciation for the field. This podcast has not only deepened my appreciation, but has also (occasionally) made me wish I had chosen both a different field and period as the focus of my professional career. I’ve learned so much about the period from the podcast, and I appreciate the delicate balance that Dr. Lipscomb strikes between the scholarly and the popular, making the podcast accessible to a wide audience. I also appreciate the attention to diversity; the podcast does an excellent job of exploring the people, perspectives, and topics that have, until fairly recently, been marginalized by mainstream historiographies. Thank you to the team who makes this wonderful podcast possible!
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Stella PhD
Really well-done. Relevant takes on historic topics. Thank you for this!
History Lovers Rejoice!
An interview style podcast, Professor Lipscomb brings us detailed discussions from werewolves to Michelangelo’s broken nose-and definitely still some Tudors- the information is gripping and thoughtfully delivered. A big thank you to Professor Lipscomb and friends for this podcast.
I love this podcast so much. It’s so interesting and easy to listen to! You want to listen to one right after another!
Well done ! Interesting topics,authentic researchers …Love it !
I am enjoying this immensely. Accessible history.
proper wick
Must listen!
Happened on this podcast by accident, now happily obsessed. A podcast about history that goes way beyond the “facts” of history you were taught in school? That doesn’t even come close to explaining the depth of these podcasts. Experts in the field of art, literature, military history, religion—the list goes on and on—explain events in the past as if they are vital to our lives today, which, of course, they are. Listen, you will be entertained and engaged!!
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Ms. Sissinghurst
Horrible liars!
Do you like bashing white men? By ugly white women? This is for you! No facts, all crap!
Love This Podcast
Equal parts fun, informative, intriguing, and engaging Not Just The Tudors never disappoints. Professor Lipscomb has a unique ability to pique my interest in topics I never would have thought would truly intrigue me.
An absolute joy!
This has become one of my favourite podcasts. I can always rely on it being amusing, witty and informative. Thanks to all involved!
The best.
Love this show! I was so excited to learn that one of my favorite historians, Susannah Lipscomb, has a podcast. She is a perfect host and every episode is so interesting if you’re into the Tudors (and not just the Tudors, of course). This show is smart, accessible, engaging, and Susannah is a delight.
Like opening an encyclopaedia and immersing myself in learning
I have begun from the earliest chapters and have diligently listened through the entire playlist without cavil and absolute glee!I wear EarPods on errands and debating sometimes with your guests being watched by passer-by as I reply or laugh, I have a wonderful time listening to your programme!
A Bit of Podcast Joy with A Lot of Intellect
Such a wonderful podcast. Thank you to everyone that works so hard to create it. It brings joy to many dull commutes.
Very Informative!
So great to listen to versions of History we don’t have in History Books! Well done!
His & Herstory
The best history podcast ever
Fantastic history podcast
Best early modern history podcast. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It does have a heavy English focus—I’d love to see more episodes about other places in the early modern world. The blend of scholarship and public history is perfect.
Fascinating and refreshing!
I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this podcast, I enjoy history but I’m not a Tudor fangirl or anything like that. However, this podcast caught my attention right away. It stands out for the scholarly yet digestible way it presents. It is informative yet pithy, humorous yet serious. Also impressive is the huge range of topics it addresses! I’m always amazed. I want to mention that I also really appreciate the editing! So many podcasts treat us to over-long periods of side banter and extended bouts of a certain type of “signaling” laughter (“Aren’t we cool!? Aren’t we fun!?”) Which I find distracting and annoying. This podcast never does that, they handle the social conviviality of the discussion absolutely perfectly. Just the right level. May seem like a small thing but it’s important. It’s an impressive and enjoyable podcast all round, many thanks!
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Interesting topics poor productio
These could be a 5 out of 5 sadly, the recording quality is a bit muddled and compressed. The speaker’s voice has too much noticeable modulation.
Terrific! Fave!
I absolutely love this podcast! Suzannah is one of my favorite historians! She is super knowledgeable and always interesting. If she in/on a show I watch or listen to it. She always presents material and asks questions in a straightforward way - no fluffery or pretense.
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