Not Just Dogs with Russ
Not Just Dogs with Russ
Nochum Russell
The life of dog trainers is often hidden from the public view. We often just see them as "just dog trainers". Join us in an in depth discussion with trainer from around the world as we get to know them on a deeper level. Find out your trainers "why" behind what they do and learn about their background and passion that got them into this field. This is a great opportunity for dog owners to learn about dog training from a brand new angle and to hopefully help you all find the best trainers for you and your dog in your local area.
Not Just Dogs #30-Josh Hurlburt
Josh Hurlburt is a balanced dog trainer based out of West Virginia. He is the head trainer and co-owner of Julie's K9 Academy with locations in Falling Waters, West Virginia and Fredrick, Maryland. His unique understanding of dog behavior is a true breath of fresh air. He has a background in the human service industry that allows him to have a deep understanding of behavioral psychology which helps him connect with dogs, train their owners and educate dog trainers. This podcast was unique as it was recorded in person while I was here doing a shadow week here to learn from Josh.
Nov 3
1 hr 40 min
Not Just Dogs #29- Menachem Poznanski
Nochum Russell (Russ) is joined by Menachem Poznanski, a dog owner who went through the training process and is part of the Kalm K9 family. Menachem is a psychotherapist, lecturer, and host of the podcast Consciously. His unique perspective into the training process and raising a dog brings a deep spiritual meaning into it that most owners don't think about. During our conversation he describes how Lucy, his French Bulldog has led him down a personal development journey that he never thought would come about through dog ownership. He spoke a lot about the parallels between dog training and human development and how this has helped him become a better person, husband, father and therapist. These ideas really mean a lot to me and definitely hit home. On Menachem's podcast which is available on all podcast platforms he has two episodes dedicated to diving deep into the lessons he's learned through having Lucy in his life.
Oct 19
1 hr 17 min
Not Just Dogs #28-Becca Woods
Becca Woods is a mom, dog owner and dog trainer. She runs a highly successful balanced dog training business out of her home in West Virginia called Almost heaven K9 Training. She was inspired to start training dogs after struggling extensively with her own dog, Max. After stumbling upon some online dog training videos she found hope for her dog and now brings that same hope to countless struggling owners through her training and free online content.
Oct 13
1 hr 18 min
Not Just Dogs #27-Julie Starns
Julie Starns is a balanced dog trainer and owner of Good Decisions Dog Training based out of Ashland, Nebraska. She works with dogs of any breed, age and behavioral issue. She has a great no bs attitude and is as real as it gets. We had a great conversation about dog training, her journey into training, the state of balanced training and more.
Sep 30
1 hr 40 min
Not Just DOgs #26-Katie Breslin
Katie is a balanced trainer and co-owner of Last Journey K9 in Nashville, Michigan. She specializes in behavioral cases such as aggression, anxiety and fear. Her perspective and approach to treating dogs like dogs while still being their friends is beautiful and a breath of fresh air to hear. Through her background with horses she has a great understanding of animals and proper communication that allows her to truly connect and rehabilitate the really tough cases.
Sep 21
1 hr 20 min
Not Just Dogs #25-Bre Charity
Bre is a dog trainer and owner of BC Canine in Victoria, BC. She has a beautifully inspiring story of going from struggling, helpless and hopeless owner to a trainer that now works with dogs and empowers owners who are struggling similarly to how she once struggled. Her story and journey with her Siberian husky, Maverick brings hope to owners who think there is none. She is a true testament to the power of change in the dog-human relationship. I had a great time chatting with her and we definitely could've kept going forever.
Sep 7
1 hr 47 min
Not Just Dogs #24-Peter Ciancarelli
Peter Ciancarelli is a dog trainer and expert on dog's health, nutrition, holistic/alternative healing and the use of cannabis oil to improve the lives of dogs. He has an absolute wealth of fascinating information that can benefit the lives of dogs all around the world. Peter has a Facebook group called Allie's Canine Cancer Crew that he uses to share, teach and educate dog owners on a host of different subject pertaining to their dog's health. As a dog owner and trainer, Peter's approach to truly looking at the whole dog not just one or two aspects of it's life really resonates with me and I'm extremely intrigued by all he had to share.
Aug 31
1 hr 42 min
Not Just Dogs #23-Sarah Quelhurst
Sara Quelhurst is a balanced dog trainer in Western Australia. She is one of the few balanced trainers in her area. Along with training she also does structured dog walking during which dogs get both physical and mentally exercised. This was a fantastic conversation covering so many topics. We chatted about dog training and personal development and how the two are so intrinsically connected. This was a really fun conversation that could've gone on forever!
Aug 25
1 hr 55 min
Not Just Dogs #22-Raquel Petersen
Raquel is a dog trainer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She hosts her own podcast , talking to trainers all around the world, runs workshops and seminars along with her very active dog training bussiness. Raquel is the leading dog trainer in Brazil and is one of the first people to bring balanced training and pet training in general to the country. She built a huge fan base by being extremely transparent with her training style, answering tons of questions on her weekly q&a and putting out a ton of free content. Raquel has changed the dog training industry in that part of the world and it was an honor to have her on the show.
Aug 17
1 hr 23 min
Not Just Dogs #21-Hillary Ratcliff
Nachum Russell aka Russ is joined by Hillary Ratcliff for a fun, engaging and insightful conversation. Hillary is the owner and trainer at Good Wellesley Dogs in Wellesley, Massachusetts. For over 25 years she was a preschool teacher and is now training dogs full time. We spoke about how being a teacher has helped her as a professional trainer and given her better  skills for communicating with the owners she works with. Hillary kind of specializes in little and fluffy dogs. Her training and her cute little pack are breaking the stigma and stereotype of small dogs being not trainable.
Aug 10
57 min
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