Not By Accident
Not By Accident
Sophie Harper
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So worth the listen
I came upon this podcast by accident. Not having children myself I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay with it, however her journey was so fascinating and so beautifully told that I found myself binge listening. I hated it when it ended. I so wish she would pick up where she left off.
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I’ve been listening over the past few months. I have a toddler and loved hearing Astrid grow. Thank you for sharing your lives.
Great podcast, with some consecutive feedback about VO
Sophie— thank you for this honest and heartfelt podcast about your journey as a single mother by choice. I love the calls, recordings of meetings, Skype sessions, etc. What could be room for improvement is when you directly talk to the recorder. It’s as if you’re trying to be as quiet as possible. Why? Your story is worth hearing! Sometimes the vowels even drop off and I have to rewind because I simply can’t make out the words. In comparison, when you talk to someone else and record it, when you are on the phone, etc. your voice is clear and normal. Hurrah! More of that please. And thank you!
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Universal appeal —cheers from Chicago
Sophie’s exquisitely honest and celebratory journey is living proof of Eudora Welty’s claim that “all writers speak to and from emotions eternally the same in all of us—love, pity, fear don’t play favorites or leave anyone out.” (Hope I didn’t mangle quote!)
From a single mom to a 7-year-old little boy, I can’t believe I’m just now hearing this. Seven is a big change, struggling some days.
I love her storytelling. The only thing is her voice sounds unnaturally slow and kind of depressed when she is narrating the episodes. Like she is describing some great tragic story. In the real life recordings that she weaves in, she sounds fine! I wonder why the voice change. It would be better if she sounded more natural in the narration. Great podcast otherwise for anyone considering motherhood. Traditional or not.
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I couldn’t stop listening
I am a 30 y/o woman who has been putting off having a children for years. There’s always been a reason: improve my health, finishing education, getting financially stable, getting emotionally stable, having just a FEW more free spirited adventures... Now, I am looking into my future and finally see children...I am so excited...but it also terrifies me. Following Sophie and Astrid’s life together has made me feel so at ease about choosing to become a mother. Sophie has shown me that it is hard, but the love between mother and child supersedes everything and allows life to fall into place. Sophie is a special, gentle person and Astrid is such a lovely intelligent little girl. They are blessed to have each other. Thank you for making this podcast Sophie and Astrid!
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Just binged 19 episodes
Sophie does a great job of communicating her story. Astrid’s little voice on the intro is so cute, it gets me every time. Beautiful story of a beautiful family.
Just cried through ep 7 & 8
So emotional listening to the joy and excitement of the screaming friend on Skype when Sophie surprised her with her pregnant belly. Then when she plays the documentary clip from her students saying goodbye 😭 I didn’t expect to be so moved.
The whispering is so distracting...
I cannot follow this story because of the delivery...stop whispering. If you have a story to tell, tell it.
Lovely storytelling
Beautifully done. I've just listened to the first 11 episodes and it feels so open and genuine it feels like she's an old friend. I've just had my first baby at 35 (also with assisted reproduction) so I could relate to a lot of her experiences and wild emotions. I've just seen that other have complained about the soft voice in the narration, but I don't mind it at all. It makes it clear which part is narration, and I think it sounds... reflective? Anyway, lovely podcast, Astrid had the most adorable little voice, I will share it as I can!
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In love
I just discovered this podcast and I’ve been binging it for several days now. Such a beautiful story of love, motherhood, and family. A unique podcast with a lovely story. Would highly recommend!
So lovely
Thank you for sharing your story, Sophie! I am happy to have found it and be able to binge listen to it all.
Order of Christmas
Just a beautifully made podcast about love.
I love it!
Thank you, Ms Harper, for sharing your story and your beautiful family with the world. I loved your podcast!
The dramatic whisperer
The narration is not fantastic. She speaks in a dramatic whisper and it’s strange and hard to listen to at times. Also, I’m a single mom of 3 and her introduction indicating that being a single mom is something that must be “coped” with perpetuates fragility and pity on single moms, rather than recognizes the fact that single moms are amazing. But with this said, I’ve listened and enjoyed her story. Just not my favorite.
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Thoughtful and beautiful
This reflection of a life lived fully is slow and methodical and beautiful. Anyone who has experienced hardship and persevered can relate, even if the hardship itself is not the same.
Congratu-la-lations on an Amazing Story!
I absolutely love this podcast and love hearing Astrid’s voice develop. Isn’t it amazing how both her newborn coos and toddler voice have the same tone?
Her whispering ...
What I heard was amazing! Unfortunately, her whispering drove me insane. 3 episodes before quitting.
I love it
That's really all I have to say. The story telling is fantastic and etremely heartfelt. I love it; thank you so much for making this.
I can imagine. Can you?
“Can you imagine becoming a single mother by choice, not by accident?” — Sure. Can you imagine sharing your story without insulting women who didn’t do it “your way?” First sentence was such a turnoff I refuse to listen.
K's Thoughts
Appealing story, confusing structure
The way that time moves in this podcast is truly confusing. Everything is happening with at least a two year time delay, which makes the conflicts of the story — should she move home, will she find a job — feel less urgent. It’s frankly confusing to have a narrator speaking in the present tense about events so long in the past.
Thank you for sharing to the world!
This podcast has been my happy place to go to while working is a fresh and beautiful bubble to listen to. I recently had a baby and I can relate so much with Sophie in a lot of the circumstances and feeling you go through while being a new mom. I just love this podcast! So human and relatable!! Thank you for being so brave and having the courage to share this with the world.
Thank you for your great storytelling !
I’m a senior citizen living in NYC with a grown child and I find this podcast charming, engaging, heartwarming and profoundly moving. Because of it’s honesty and authentic tone, it has a deeply universal appeal. Thank you for sharing your life and your wonderful daughter with the world — so life affirming. A joy.
Love, love, love
I first hear this podcast on Strangers and subscribed. I finally binged all episodes in about two weeks. Astrid and her blossoming personality are a joy. Thank you for sharing your (and her) story with us. I am saddened after listening to today’s episode. I feel like I am losing two close friends, but your decision is completely understandable. I look forward to reading your book and hearing updates. All the best from Indiana.
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Beautiful in every way.
Beautiful in every way.
I love this podcast.
I cannot stop listening. You make my 3 hour daily commute bearable.
I Adore This Podcast!!
Everything about this podcast is just perfection - Sophie's honesty, unique perspective, the occasional "guest appearance" of Astrid's voice, even Sophie's voice is soothing and melodic. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I find myself laughing and noddling along to her descriptions of early pregnancy.
So good
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A brilliantly communicated story about parenting, love, and life. It’s an honor to get to know Sophie and Astrid and their friends and family. I hope the show continues far into the future.
Thank you for sharing your story with us. I smile when I’m at the bus stop and people must wonder what I’m listening to, I feel like telling them all about it but that would be nuts. Appreciate you!!
Beautiful 🧡
Endearing podcast
Simply LOVED listening to Not By Accident so much that I’m binge-listening to it again!! Sophie has such a calming way of sharing her story, and I absolutely adore hearing sweet Astrid!! Love from America
Just discovered this heartwarming podcast
This podcast is lovely. Keep your tissues handy, Sophie is honest and endearing. Love the story telling.
This is an extraordinary podcast. A realistic slice of life. A kind and gentle podcast that allows the listener to share in their lives. It is real joy to follow this parent/ child love story . Thank you!
Thank you for your beautiful story
I am only on episode four and I’m so thankful for your honesty, beauty and kindness. I am a mother to a seven month old son via donor egg and I can relate to your story. Although I’m married and I’m grateful for my husband, I often feel alone being a mother and listening to your podcast helps me. Thank you!
Weeping. Just weeping.
I started this podcast yesterday to just binge through. I usually leave my reviews when I'm all caught up but I'm leaving a review today because in episode fifteen I utterly broke down into tears at the sound of a lullaby music box, playing the generic "go to sleep" music that everyone hums to a child but the lyrics change regionally. It sounded like a tinny wind up box, the ones with the metal chamber that spins against a bunch of metal tines, and bumps along the chamber make the notes play off the tines. I know because I had this music box as a child. And listening today as I cleaned with my own mom, me, age 22, and she, age mostly redacted but over 50, both just burst into sobs and she held me and I held her. I just graduated college, and am seeking the so called real world, and she's the mother of two very grown adults now, and we had been talking about memories lost to time, when this music started. We both knew it. We'd both forgotten that music box ever existed. But we ended up sobbing about this nostalgia and the beautiful thing you are doing for your daughter. Your daughter will never, ever forget the little details because of this beautiful project, she'll never miss a moment. You are giving your daughter a gift, and the world a gift to be privy to this gift to Astrid. If I could rate this higher, I would.
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Refreshing and addicting!
I was hooked after the first few episodes. Brilliant storytelling and love how the characters to binge on and you can pick up wherever you left off. Only wish there was more and more episodes...
Lisa Terra
Right to the heart
Thank you very much for this. I can feel your passion and love for everything you do. Listening to you is so relaxing but yet exciting. Excellent production. Bravo!
Lovely podcast
I love the podcast! I love that you are sharing your own story and letting us be part of it! All the emotions, the happy and sad moments! Astrid is a great kid, she always makes me smile with her words and laughs. Thank you!
Thank you
Comforting, lovely, and honest. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!
Thank you for sharing your journey
This is my first review I’ve ever written. I am 33 and a single mom to a two year. She was a surprise, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly hoping for it. This podcast is beautiful and makes me cry almost every episode. Thank you for your sharing your story with people. Reminding us that being a mom is the greatest gift- planned or unplanned.
Always warms my heart
The content, the presentation, the accents, the honesty, and Astrid’s little’s all great!
Happiness from all parts of the earth, pure love
I’m not a mum, I don’t aspire to be a mum anytime soon (although I’m in my early 30s), however, Sophie’s podcast takes me on the wildest (through true character) and most heartfelt journey of being a daughter. I cry in every episode because she is so interesting, intelligent and real with how she shares her experience- one that every mother, I imagine, one way or another, feels. I feel as a daughter. It’s connected me with my mother, who I already have a great relationship with, and inspired me to be a mother in every way I can. It also gives me an inner voice to being myself, a woman, a fighter, a career person, and everything in between. Most of all, I leave here inspired to to love stronger. I love your voice, message and story, Sophie. Your daughter, like I, am lucky to have a mother like you. Thank you for your insight and inspiration.
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Encapsulates the magic of pregnancy
Thank for you for sharing your story! Listening to your phone calls w friends in the early weeks of pregnancy reminds me of all the feelings that flood your mind and entire being while pregnant. So quickly those feelings are forgotten once you enter the next stage of being a mom, it was so refreshing to remember those feelings while listening to your story!
Binging as Fast As I Can
We love this podcast! I listen while going to bed, while running, while driving. It's fantastic. And Sophie, please tell Astrid that I can now immitate her introduction (almost) perfectly.
This heartfelt story Sophie is telling Astrid is so moving. It’s raw, honest and doesn’t hide away from anything: the good, the bad, the ugly it’s all in there. I think Astrid will appreciate this.
Duchess See
Sophie's storytelling is so relatable, human, and beautiful all at the same time. I've been listening on my commute during a tough period in my life and this podcast is a bright spot in my day. Sophie's stories remind me of what really matters in life, and to accept the weirdness and impefection and unknowns. Also I find her voice so incredibly calming to listen to!!
I stumbled upon this looking for a new Podcast and I’m hooked! There is so much love in this!
So connected!!
Sophie! This podcast is amazing. I’m still working my way through because I was late to the game - but it’s amazing how connected I feel to you and Astrid’s journey. It is so well organized and out together. Thank you so much for your tome and effort you’ve put into this incredible story!
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