Not (Blank) Enough
Not (Blank) Enough
Grasie Mercedes
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Podcast that keeps you coming back for more
Introspective podcast that focuses on lots of different topics. It is both serious and funny it is awesome to be able to listen on these intimate living room conversation.
Mayra Acevedo
Look forward to each episode
This podcast is often a highlight of my day. I look forward to the in depth conversations Grasie has with each guest. I laugh, I cry, and I am often inspired. Loved the episode with Damien. I remember those MTV days. I was right there with you all on how big MTV was. I knew all those hosts and spent so much time watching MTV programming. It was great to hear Damien’s story and how it brought you two together.
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Sad Yoga Studio Customer
Thoughtful and provoking
Exactly the type of vulnerable and meaningful yet joyful conversations we should all be having. Love this pod!
PK Savitala
Love to listen to this great podcast!
Love this podcast!
Such great discussion topics and love hearing different life experiences.
Love it!
My new favorite, and so in tune with what’s going on right now in our country! A must listen!
My new favorite!!!
Thank you!
Loved Marie’s interview
Anika Huq
Love it!
Such a wonderful idea for a show!
Important conversations
Imposter syndrome is legit rampant. I enjoyed the candid conversation about bringing the reasoning behind imposter syndrome and naming it helps me know I’m not alone Creatively Exposed Pod
Can't wait for more!
This podcast is what we need right now. Grasie Mercedes hosts wonderful and meaningful conversations with diverse individuals with unique histories and progressive futures. These are voices that we need and should be heard. If you want to hear stories and discussions that will make everyone from any background grow, this is the podcast for you.
Excited to hear more!
Big fan of Grasie and all of her endeavors. Lived the ease of this conversation and can’t wait to hear more! Subscribed!
So Insightful
This should be required listening for human beings.
So relatable
Grasie is such a charming host! Such relatable guests/topics. Can’t wait for more episodes.