Not Another D&D Podcast
Not Another D&D Podcast
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So awesome!!!
Been interested in DND for a long time, I decided to listen to this podcast as my first dnd podcast and I absolutely love it!!! So comical!!
Naddpod is the best
This is the second dnd podcast I tried and I just didn’t think I was into it based on the first one I tried! But I am hooked 😂 hilarious, creative and so enthralling 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Favorite DnD Podcast
Eldermourne is FANTASTIC. Love this show along with the Patreon community.
Love it!
You are a great group! I enjoy the level humor. Keep it up!
Best Actual Play Pod. Period
Not Another D
Best D&D comedy show/podcast
I absolutely love the storytelling, comedy, and dnd learning opportunities! One of the best dnd shows out there imo. As a DM I get a lot of ideas for cool home brew items and mechanics. Can’t wait to see how they wrap up campaign 2 and what comes next! Much love from a day 1 fan xoxo
Fantastic DND Podcast
This podcast has been such a pleasure to listen to, it’s by far one of my favorite DND podcast. The guys always give me a ton lol of laughs, and are amazing to listen to during long drives.
Never experienced this before…
I’m almost done with the first campaign, and it is completely surreal how I feel like Emily, Caldwell, Jake and Murph are my real life old friends I get to hang out with every episode. Very weird to feel like I know and love complete strangers. That being said, no other media cheers me up like listening to this podcast. Thank you guy so much!
UVM Student
A part of my life for more than 2 years
I’ve finally made the journey to the end of the first campaign and I enjoyed the whole ride. Now on the second campaign I’m even more excited and I think I’m laughing harder, and I believe the story is just as good if not better. Thank you for being there during the rough days when we need you most, gang.
Jake Dota
Paw Paw Approved
Murph made my books real!
This is literally the best D&D podcast ever.
One Big Review
My favorite podcast of all time. As a beginner in DnD this podcast has taught me so much while also providing me so many laughs. Emily is my hero, and I feel like they’re all my friends. Whenever I’m having a bad day I put this on and I immediately feel better
Which Witch
I just got to the witch in the fey game and LOST MY MIND. Every episode has been great.
Extremely Funny
I just started and it is so much fun. Beverly
Best Podcast Ever!!!
This podcast is such a mix of laughs, drama, and friendship. Each week I find myself wrapped up in the adventure and fully invested in the characters and the people who play them. Never have I laughed or cheered so much at my own speakers. NADDPOD is simply THE BEST!
The Best!
So funny! Puts any other podcast to shame.
Emme Poe
I love them
There is nothing more wonderful than this show. I want Emily to be my mom
So good
Never have I ever been looking forward to Thursday this much
Not Another 5 Star Review
Hands down my favorite podcast. I’ve been listening since Galaderon and have enjoyed all of it. This crew just has the best chemistry and Brian’s DMing is top notch. Gotta say though I especially love Emily’s music. It’s so awesome!
Love them
Big fan of Jake and Amir and followed head gum since the beginning. Love everything they do❤️
Episodes are missing!!!
I don’t know what happened but I was re-listening and went in today to download the next episode and DOZENS of episodes are missing! guys! apple is hiding you!!!
Wonderful Podcast
The podcast is amazing and I want to be just like Emily when I grow up!!!! 🥰🥰🥰
I listened to the first episode and I am already 100% invested.😀😃😄😁😆😂🤣🥲☺️😊😇🙂🙃😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤨🤓😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😏😏😯🤤🥴🤠🤟🤘👌👍⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️
That first campaign has got me emotionally broken.
I can’t get over how fun this DnD podcast.
Willy the Blue Ranger
Amazing! And queer-friendly :)
This show got me across the entirety of Arizona and back in one drive and by the end, I still wanted more! And, as a trans woman who always looks for media I know is safe for me to listen to without feeling hurt, I can definitely say this is one of em! :)
Just a good show
It’s great actually, now that I think about it…
Max 215295
Great podcast I am halfway through the episode’s and they are super funny.
I just started listening and it’s really good 🙃
Got me from North Carolina to Texas!
I started listening to get me halfway across the country and have become obsessed! I love the campaigns and the dynamic of the party! Great Podcast!
Absolute Love
From 8bit book club through Bahumia to now this show never fails to disappoint me in the most beautiful and worth while way. Love the band of boobs with all my heart. ❤️
Brodo The Lazy
Best podcast ever!
From Bookbud to Naddpole it’s been a fantastic adventure and I cannot wait to see what else is in store
Just Fantastic
On my second listen and it’s just as amazing as the first time. You will absolutely love this chaotic, heartfelt, hilarious podcast, cannot recommend enough!!!!
Never stop playing
I have listened to every every other episode but 5-however much there are
Absolutely worth your time!
NADDPOD is charming and addictive. Wonderful cast, engaging story. Give it a chance and you’ll listen to all of it.
Legitimately my favorite podcast
I’ve listened to Naddpod several times through because I can always come back to it. It is so incredibly funny, the cast has amazing chemistry with each other and it has an amazing story to push it all forward. Murph is an amazing DM, Emily is the best DnD player, Caldwell brings so much life and joy to the table, and Jake is just amazing at going with the flow of comedy and putting forward some great jokes. Love them all to death, loved Bahumia, loved Trinyvale, loved Hot Boy Summer, and now I’m in love with Eldermourne. Never change ❤️
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Wonderful 🤩🤩🤩
To those who made this podcast: Thank you for taking the time to make this podcast! I’m only on episode 25, but I listen constantly. All who are a part of this have made a very hard time in my life so much lighter. I laugh all the time. Also, I’ve always wanted to play D&D but never had friends interested in it. You have made me feel as though I am playing with all of you. Thank you again! To those interested: Incredibly entertaining, fun, engaging, and just plain wonderful! Well produced. Action filled.
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for making my books real Murph
Band of Wet Spots
May your Breeches ever be clean and your sword lacking rust. - JJ
JJ of the Spotted Breeches
Best podcast ever
I love this podcast it’s a 10 out of 10 best dnd podcast I have heard ever love it love it love it
Strait up the best podcast
I love this podcast. Im always looking for an excuse to put headphones in my ear and get lost in a new adventure. Murph is an amazing story teller and has created such exciting and fun twists. While Emily Jake and Caldwell are hilarious and very very true to their characters. Sometimes I forget that they aren’t their characters! I’ve laughed, I’ve gasped, I’ve been shocked and bewildered as the choices and decisions made in this first campaign get shaped into an awesome tale. (I’m only on the first campaign and cannot wait to finish and go to the next). Hope anyone who reads this will join the Band of Boobs to Bahumia!
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Boring, frustrating, and disappointing
(TL;DR at the bottom) Now, I’ve only listened to the first two episodes, but I shouldn’t need to have to listen to a boring beginning for the possibility of interesting things to come. The situation, setting, and roleplaying are all interesting! I love how the town has more problems than just the ‘main quest’ conflict, and I love the player’s characters. But the combat. So first they fight some threatening guys in the bar. Alright, coolio. Then, started on their quest in full, they fail a stealth check against a scouting party behind enemy lines. Two frog-men attack the group of three players. Why would they?? It’s obvious they would die. And then one frog-man is killed and the other doesn’t run away, instead choosing to stay and fight suicidally. Alright, so both of those combats made sense to exist. And then they fight a big SNAKE that they came across in the quicksand!! WHY! We don’t need more combat just for the sake of combat! Especially when everyone is bad at it: -) the DM roleplays enemy decisions poorly, e.g., being suicidal and not taking advantage of things. -) the barbarian of the group not using Rage. This is just ridiculous. -) the DM and players alike have a mindset of combat always having to end with one side dying. Which makes for very boring and repetitive combat. TL;DR (Read the above bullet list about combat) The roleplaying and situations are interesting, but the combat is too often and has felt like it was there just for the sake of combat. It’s disappointing because it has so much promise but the combat ruins it for me. Listen to TAZ or Dungeons and Daddies instead… and if you want a realer Dnd game rather than Dnd podcast, listen to Just Roll With It or Critical Role.
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rywilson, lover of Dnd
My favorite band of boobs
I have been listening to the since episode 30 of first campaign. I absolutely love you guys, I listen to old episodes to fall asleep and I’ve relistened from the beginning twice
crickateer for life
My favorite dnd on podcast! Fantastic storytelling and a hilarious crew.
Don’t like it but pheas accent is mha
I’m obsessed
I never thought I would enjoy listening to people play D&D BUT I WAS WRONG! After friends recommended this podcast, I have been binging episodes from the beginning. The players are pretty talented and I laugh out loud a lot. Highly recommend!
I love you, eat a rat, f you.
Kaloo Kalay!
Like hearing a story from your friends, about your friends
Strange level of relatability with the story telling and character development. Everything is flawed in the perfect way.
Crimmy Sun
Love their storytelling!
Been listening to all of eldermourne, and enjoying every minute of it. I enjoy their antics and I feel like they’d be an absolute joy to play with. Thanks for the entertainment and laughs!
Last Friday Knight
So… I haven’t listened it yet.
I’m righting this before I listen to it, so I’ll probably make another review talking about what I like about it. Others say it’s good, so I hope I enjoy this.
Crypto the Protogen
One big review
Great podcast, but needs more scoops.
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