Not Another D&D Podcast
Not Another D&D Podcast
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Almost Caught Up!
My cousin recommended this podcast in August, and now about four months later I am all caught up on the first campaign just in time for the second! This show provides endless laughs and I love listening to the world you all build together. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!
Maribeth G.
I started listening last year, I was very behind but I caught up very quickly. I absolutely love listening and hope you never stop posting new ones. You are all so amazing at role playing games and make it so immersive and addictive honestly. I love y’all! Never stop.
Best thing I listen to
I started watching NADDPOD after finishing Dimension 20 on Dropout and fiending for more D&D content from these folks. Little did I know this phenomenal show is available for free, not to knock Dimension 20 but both are of superb quality. This podcast just makes me feel good deep down inside, every character and guest feels special and so sincere. There’s a great balance between combat and role play and all of the above is funny and at times rather thought provoking. These folks are really inclusive and I kind of feel like Murph, Emily, Caldwell and Jake are my friends IRL. Anyway listen to this podcast it’s really good. Edit: noticed that there’s like nothing but 5 star reviews for this, I’d give this 4 stars if it deserved it, but it doesn’t deserve 4 stars it deserves 6.
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Great dnd Podcast
I cam for the DnD but I stayed for the goofs
Hilarious, no-holds-barred D&D-ing.
This actual play podcast has made me laugh out loud SO OFTEN, and it's all the better for my sense of humor because they don't hold back on taboo and adult topics. The characters they play are easy to like because they're all very flawed in funny but touching ways, from the insecure Hardwon Surefoot to the self-absorbed Jens Lyndelle. I absolutely love this show and would recommend it to anyone (...who is at least eighteen years old, that is).
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Moist Drippings
Very good(for zebras)
Bum bozo
I love this.
I’m a new listener and I’m almost done with the first campaign and I cannot get enough of it. I hope that there’s more episodes coming up soon because this is the funniest stuff I have ever heard.
Genuine happiness
I wake up every morning and listen to this podcast because it is so fun and awesome, and it just keeps getting better and better!! Update: I’ve been listening for it’s funny to say but YEARS now! I have never stopped loving this show and the joy that this show had brought me in dark times is incomparable!
Donkey Kong 2 please murph
Random H.H
An Epic and Hilarious Adventure
I just finished the first campaign and wow... what an adventure! Just an epic and very funny dnd podcast that was great until the end. My coworker recommended it to me and I was hooked from episode 1. The story and world was nicely detailed and lore wise explained. This podcast is funny as hell. They hold nothing back. The role playing had me crying of laughter every episode. Can’t wait to start listening to Campaign 2.
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Why are you reading reviews instead of just listening???
Look, this podcast is super funny. It’s got great stories. Great character development. Fart jokes. You like improv? It’s here. Wanna learn how to play DnD? This will help. Pop this on when you’re walking your quarantine puppy or doing chores. If you haven’t started listening yet, honestly I’m excited for you because you are in for such a treat. Do it!!
A good and cool pod
Not another D&D podcast... *THE* D&D podcast
Fun, Creative, and Endlessly Entertaining
The cast is great at both playing the game and building the world. The GM keeps things moving and applies the rules with fun at the forefront but also keeps the tension on when needed. The episode length is also perfect. A little more than bite-sized, but not wearing out its welcom.
Love the first season and each new setting has been great so far!
To me this podcast started out as a way to learn D&d without listening to critical role because critical is WAY to long for me, but it’s turned into something that I find myself thinking about a lot and waiting less than patiently. About a year ago me and three of my friends created characters that aren’t at all like Beverly moonshine and hardwon but as the dm of the group I tried to recreate the campaign with some small changes which I would totally recommend it’s the ultimate fanboy experience to me. If you’re just starting the podcast I can assure you that it’s the best D&d podcast ever!!
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numero one fan
My favorite Podcast ever
These guys are the funniest people I have ever listened too, and the campaigns are so enjoyable and even has emotional moments, murph is a genius DM and I think Caldwell can do something even better than the amazing Trinyvale 🙌🏻
Tis good
I said it’s good, man.
Greatest podcast of all time
This was my first dnd podcast I Accidentally listened to the first episode and have been hooked ever since. I have since tried about 20 other dnd podcasts and have only been able to stick to one other. This one is definitely in a league of their own, amazing work, You guys blow my mind every episode.
A Riot
I love these folks. One of my dnd staples.
Best show ever
This is the best show ever hardwons the best!!!
Great show
Love the pacing and goofs
Tim's Throbbing Ego
Comedic Genius
Easily the best DnD podcast out there. The personalities of the cast, their creativity, their senses of humor, everything just fits together to make something truly entertaining, hilarious, and heart warming.
Great podcast
By far one of the best podcasts ever!!
Fantastical Twist for D&D Legends - Epically Hilarious!
The title “Not Another D&D Podcast”, speaks for itself! This podcast is a hidden gem among a plethora of D&D pods. It includes just the right twist to bring a fresh look into the world of fantasy role playing that amps up the story for epic encounters and hilarious undertones. This is by far one of the greater podcasts in circulation. From tweaking a nipple for Melora, to breaking out the band for Pelor, this is an adventure you will never forget. I’ve been playing D&D since I was a kid. I started with original Gary Gygax Advanced D&D with my best friend Stefan, whom told me about this podcast. Back then there were only two of us playing. Now we have a huge crew: The Table Top Thespians! Shout out to the STEFAN, TABLE TOP THESPIANS, and the 2 CREW!!!
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Reminded me to vote!
Thanks! Keep America great everyone!
New Saga? Epically good!
Love the setting, the characters and the history. The accents are perfect. I hope to see how they decide to go on a journey together and how they bond. Can’t wait for next ep.
You’re other podcast is better.
Great DND podcast!
I have been looking for a new DnD podcast after my favorite had started to fall off in quality and this is it! Great balance of solid play and goofs! Fantastic DMing and engaged and interesting characters. I love it.
Pugnacious Pugilist
It’s Great!
One of the most fun actual play D&D podcasts around!
So good.
As a huge fan of TAZ, I’m always looking for another great story and laughs. I’ve been belly laughing since episode one. Pure gold.
Tayler Joe
I wish I could give it more stars. I cried and laughed along with the cast. Just beautiful.
Light hearts, heavy hearts, epic quests, pranks, and farts
The perfect blend of tomfoolery and tension. These wonderful humans are a gift!
Rowyn D
Good stuff
I take a knee to Balnor
Stumbled across this podcast after binge watching Drawfee, and it has no doubt earned a 5 star rating. Such an amazing story and the way the band of boobs interacts with the created world is so satisfying.
Wonderful show, can’t get enough.
Best D&D Podcast
This podcast is story driven, super funny, and great for both seasoned and new D&D players. Every arc has been great and I’m extremely excited for the next one!
Great podcast
Pawpaw is the best character pls do more pawpaw I’d like if he said “reeeeee” a little more pls have him say “reeee” more that is only complaint other wise it’s a perfect podcast Entertaining funny and interesting I’ve never been so invested in any characters I’m in love dk episode is too good. oohooh ahah
It’s amazing I’m not good at righting (0 . 0) (つ▀¯▀)つ. (@ - @) (u - u) (- _ -) ( >•<) ($-$) (•.•) (^•^) m(@益@m)~ I dunno I just wanted to wright a review sorry sorry sorry sorry !0.0! J. ! ‘ ‘! G. | l | O. = =
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Best Podcast
This is the best podcasts I have ever heard, love it better than most TV Shows! Murph, Emily, Caldwell, and Jake are such an amazing team and never cease to amaze me. I have been listening to them since 2018 on episode 9 and listening to the new episodes is the best part of my week. Thank you all for the laughs, the happiness, the sadness, and the adventures.
The 501 Trooper
you'll love this even if you don't know what d&d is!
i've never played d&d before but i got into naddpod mid 2018 and have been obsessed ever since ☺️ the boobs make me ugly laugh in public and i scare my roommate when i shriek at their crazy rolls. i got this same roommate (who has also never played d&d) into the pod too! truly the best podcast i listen to 💕
Thank you NADDPod
This podcast gives me sanity and solace and has from the beginning (I never got around to reviewing). It’s funny, well developed, and the added stories that happen later are equally well crafted. I genuinely can’t explain how invested in the story lines I have been. Can’t wait for what is to come!
This is literally the best podcast in existence!
I love this podcast more then words can express. I have so much fun listening and laugh out loud almost every episode. If you like D&D you will love this podcast and I can’t recommend it enough!
So good
Made me laugh, made me cry.
John C L
Literally my favorite podcast. Pro tip: when a bard casts thunder wave or a paladin casts a thunderous smite, play Thunderstruck by AcDc.
ganmurphy scottsdake
Start A New Campaign
The first and second campaigns were great, but this new one is awful. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of dudes play DND, I’d listen to literally any other dnd podcast. Have female characters again!
Talented bunch of people
I stumbled on this podcast recently and I am on episode 40. Best dungeons and dragons podcast I have ever found, and I listen to D&D is for nerds, so that is saying something! While listening to the promos I found out that Murph and Emily have a show on Netflix called Hot Date. Of course I had to watch that. It is extremely funny! These people are actual comedic actors! No wonder their DND podcast is so great. I just wish that there was a second season for their Netflix series. 😔
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Pretty dope
Ugly cried for an hour after campaign one. I’d say it’s decent.
OMG Gold!!
I found this podcast through Dimension 20 Adventuring Academy. So good! I have only listened to the first episode, but it’s enough to know that this will be my greatest podcast love for the next long while. I can’t believe how funny this first episode was and I cannot wait to hear more. Pure Gold!!!
Like Reading your favorite book
Naddpod is such a great D&D podcast. Has you feeling like you’re sitting in a room with your friends as you laugh along, cheer and hold your breathe to the magical misadventures of the Band of Boobs. Recently became a Patreon after listening to almost 100 episodes twice. Now I’ve got their after show podcast to enjoy again
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