Not Another D&D Podcast
Not Another D&D Podcast
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Conflicted review
Any of the campaigns that Murph is the DM are AMAZINGLY FUNNY. The two that he’s done thus far are great. If it was only campaigns with him being the DM it would be 5 stars. The other ones are crap and every stereotypical thing that can make DND annoying and not worth dealing with. I especially dislike The Rotating Hero’s episodes.
Aaron The Red
If Only. . . .
You guys make me so jealous, our one and only story teller had to stop *sad wimper*. Thankfully you guys are here keeping my addiction, mostly, in check. Love the work you do, long live the band of boobs!!!
Red Devil Law
Occasionally funny but they try too hard.
Everyone is constantly trying to get the best one liner of the episode and it’s really annoying. I listened to the first three sagas and the story is okay, but being from South Georgia the whole concept of the crick and Moonshine’s character is pretty offensive. They also regularly forget and screw up pretty basic rules of the game, so often that there just isn’t enough time to list them all.
Too Goof or Not Too Goof?
Jake, Emily, and Caldwell make a plucky band of adventurers spring to life as Murph leads them through an epic and striking narrative adventure in Bahumia. Caldwell and Emily both perform equally well in their turn behind the screen while we get to experience Brian on the other side of the rolls. Overall I thoroughly enjoy NADD Pod, but I am sometimes compelled to fast forward through some of the more goof-laden moments when they let their antics run wild and stray far from the story they’re trying to tell. It’s these groan inducing moments that take away the 5th star, but the rest keeps me coming back for more.
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One of the funniest podcasts ever. I literally drive around with a perpetual smile on my face while listening.
Such a great podcast!!
My Favorite D&D Podcast
Love these guys. This is the gold standard of table top rpg podcasts for me. If you like to be entertained while you nerd out on fantasy ttrpg stuff then this is the place for you!
Amazing and hilarious
I love this podcast. The crew is hilarious and it’s great to listen to good friends having fun and being genuinely funny while also doing some incredible audio storytelling.
Hilarious and immersive
This show, in all of the arcs and sub arcs and everything else that they have to offer, gives me a seemingly endless stream of laughs. The DM is wonderful and you feel like you are part of the story. The players are hilarious and play wonderfully off of each other. I cannot get enough!!! Great job!! You have created something truly incredible.
My absolute favorite
This is my all-time favorite podcast. I’m on my third listen through.
This is the one
Yes have listened to many many D&D podcasts. Tried all the "best." This is the only one I’m sticking with with. Pure entertainment. As a Louisiana boy who has actually killed alligators and have eaten raccoon, I want a shoutout from Moonshine and paw paw! Haha
Eddie Harrington
Great Podcast
This is such a great podcast. You all are awesome at this and I will listen to whatever you make. Thank you!
It’s amazing
I love to listen this. it’s so funny.
Alexander James orange
I look forward to it every week
I stumbled across this podcast through some kind of shout out by Murph on some other College Humor property. I have never played dungeon and dragons and probably never will, but I will without fail continue to listen to this podcast solely due to how entertaining it is. It normally drops on Thursday’s and I listen to it on my long runs on the following weekend. I love the main campaigns and all of the side tracks as well. Keep up the great work guys!
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LFC fan999
Just great
I loved the first campaign , but the Hex Bloods are quickly becoming my new favorite band of boobs. Thank for all the content you guys do. It is a it is a great distraction to my 45min long commute.
My favorite people to listen too
To be honest this podcast has just been so much fun to listen to I am just starting on the first campaign and I’m having so much fun watching these characters and players develop you guys are always having fun and the live show in Seattle made me feel like you guys really care keep it up you guys are all great.
The perfect D&D Podcast for me!
It’s comedy level is high. The game mechanics and rules are accurate. The story is top notch. The cast and DM have great chemistry. Fun, hysterical, and fantastical podcast.
Possum Worthy
This podcast is hilarious, heart wrenching, and just a goddamn good story made by lovable pals being genius jokesters. You guys are such great storytellers, I hope you make a scripted series at some point!
Portia JHW
I listened to campaign 1 x2
You guys make my commute/work so much fun!
justice for dobbins and litman
Jan ‘21 - Ep. 10 “Nemesis”
I’m 38 years old and played my first ever game of DnD in March 2020. That campaign is still going strong, but the point is, I learned the most about the game by listening to hundreds of hours of live play podcasts. Recently I found this podcast and now am obsessed. In fact, because of this show, I’ve now made it canon that my Druid lost his virginity, not as a Halfling, but as a snake. Anyway, this makes me laugh during every episode and I can’t wait to get entirely caught up.
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Happy as a crick bullywug in a mud pit
Epic show, guys! I can’t wait for the next one!
I am new to dnd and some things I don’t understand but I still love this podcast and it’s great. Beverly
Best way to spend time
Hey sweeties, If you wanna really laugh your butt off and kill some hours of the day this is a great option. But be warned you will eventually just have to get the talk back on Patreon there is no avoiding the temptation for more of the 2 Crew!!
Bee movie
Not sure if they did the bee movie one shot yet but I’m voting for that
Gil B. Abadio
Shout out to the two crew!!!!
Made a character for my first ever game of D&D, and then we never played 😭. Then I found this podcast and after a week looked up the cast and saw it was some of my fave college humor crew. I’ve cackled, cried and gotten goosebumps in fear listening to these beautiful worlds unfold. Even if you don’t play D&D, you’ll love this. ROLL THEM HIT DICE!!!!!
Best Pod Experience Lifetime
This show has crit on me with a 9th level bardic inspiration!!! I know that’s not mechanically accurate, but this is one of the greatest entertainment experiences I’ve ever consumed. I was referred to the show by a friend telling me this would be the best way to gather accurate information about how D&D is played. I spread the word about how RADD NADDpod is! Can’t wait to start my own collective storytelling journey
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Very funny
Emily is the most very funny
Br1ck Squ4d tr4pp1n
Lots of fun!
I began listening because of a recommendation from a friend with whom I play DND. I’m relatively new to the game and listening to this podcast has been a blast! In addition to receiving strange looks due to my outbursts of laughter, I have been learning a lot! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who plays DND, especially people new to the game or those interested in trying it out. Every time I listen I am more excited for my next DND session!
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To me this podcast started out as a way to learn D&d without listening to critical role because critical is WAY to long for me, but it’s turned into something that I find myself thinking about a lot and waiting less than patiently. About a year ago me and three of my friends created characters that aren’t at all like Beverly moonshine and hardwon but as the dm of the group I tried to recreate the campaign with some small changes which I would totally recommend it’s the ultimate fanboy experience to me. If you’re just starting the podcast I can assure you that it’s the best D&d podcast ever!! Side note: i wrote this just after I got caught up on about episode 90 in the chosen saga and I gotta say (not a spoiler) that was honestly such an amazing way to end an amazing campaign. Great job you guys have made me cry hi hi everyone tears of happiness when hardwon decided what he wanted to do after the end.
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numero one fan
The Absolute Best
I’ve cried actual tears, from both deep sadness and violent laughter. Also, BECOME A PATRON. If at all possible, do it. Short rests after every ep, a couple one shots, hilarious reviews, and DND court - all extremely worth it. I relisten all the time.
Gabi Moriah H
Sure to make you laugh
Started listening to this after seeing several recommendations and hearing Caldwell shout it out on Drawfee, and became a fast fan (and even roped my sisters into listening). Everyone on the cast is fantastic, but Hardwon is becoming a fast favorite
Can’t Praise It Enough
This party is all fun and laughs and everything good about storytelling. Support all of these hilarious artists as much as possible! You won’t be disappointed with this story.
Great fantasy, great laughs!
I love it
I will show my children this
You need this show in your life.
This is absolutely one of the best Actual Play D&D podcasts out there. The first campaign is long compared to Dimension 20’s campaigns, but FAR more reasonable than some shows’ attitude of “Guess we’ll just go on forever.” Listen to the first episode. Just make it past the awful bit about the dragon anatomy and the rest is pure excellence. Strongest possible recommendation.
Best DnD campaign
Not only is it hours upon hours of a spectacular DnD campaign, Emily, Jake, Caldwell and Murph are a truly amazing cast. NADDPOD has brought me so much joy, especially during quarantine. Keep up the great work, guys!!!
Just the best.
Couldn't say enough about how wonderful this podcast is. Fun gameplay, hilarious comedy, wholesome banter, compelling characters. Has kept me company through the good times and the bad times. Murph, Emily, Jake, and Caldwell are constant delights.
Initially thought I’d struck a gold mine
Then I realized, wait. NADDPOD is just a VERY cheap rip-off of critical role campaign 2, down to phrases like “Shillelagh” and perfectly copied characters, just the silly and vulgarity knobs have been turned way up.. those things would be great. If anything were original. But after listening to critical role, (which is also pretty darn scripted) NADDPOD is so scripted and unoriginal and a blatant copy that it made me angry. I legit feel like they should owe some sort of royalty to critical role.. anyway. Yeah, it’s incredible funny. I’ll give it that. But, originality still counts for something.
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What’s not to love!
Came from dimension 20 and fell in love! Makes me feel better when I’m down. A wonderful podcast!
It's absolutely incredible!
Good podcast
great!!!!! :D
my and wife and i’s fav pass-time! check this out if you’re a fan of dnd✌🏼
Boloney Mohoney
Late to the Party
I just started listening at the beginning of December but I’m already up to episode 27. This group is really good at using their exceptional comedy chops to make something as niche as D&D accessible to people that aren’t interested in it. Cannot rate it high enough.
The happiest podcast in the world
I could not recommend this show more to anyone. Whether you like D&D or not, these four make you happy to be alive. Every episode leaves you smiling. It’s the best podcast out there.
Short and Sweet
I’m a new listener and starting from their beginning shows back in 2018 and find it very good and funny of course, however the thing that makes me like to listen to this the most is the reason that they are much shorter than that of other popular D&D shows like critical role, so there is much less slower parts in each of the episodes if any at all. And I really like to listen to the new guy reminding me of my beginning days and I’m going through the same thing with my friends as we have recently started a new campaign with them and they’ve never played before. Thanks guys awesome work!
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Jared Loos
Everything good about storytelling and friendship
Not just for D&D nerds! Caldwell, Jake, Emily, and Brian are outstanding improv comedians who bring you into their friendship and the world to create an amazing experience. I just finished the first arc and I laughed every episode, cried often, and enjoyed every minute. Brian builds an incredible world and is such a wonderful storyteller, but they’re also just frickin hilarious and creative. The characters are outstanding and have their own individual arcs, but the band of boobs also grows together in an incredible way. I’m clearly not very eloquent but just listen to the frickin podcast y’all. You absolutely do not have to know about dnd to love this podcast. @players do a live show in Scotland bc my bf promised he’d take me :)
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Totally Bon Frere behavior
One of my friends was playing an episode of Campaign one and it made me laugh so much I looked the podcast up and listened to every single episode. I loved the Hot Boy Summer campaign so much, I even got some Bon Frere merch. Can’t wait to see what this new campaign has in store!
Almost Caught Up!
My cousin recommended this podcast in August, and now about four months later I am all caught up on the first campaign just in time for the second! This show provides endless laughs and I love listening to the world you all build together. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!
Maribeth G.
I started listening last year, I was very behind but I caught up very quickly. I absolutely love listening and hope you never stop posting new ones. You are all so amazing at role playing games and make it so immersive and addictive honestly. I love y’all! Never stop.
Best thing I listen to
I started watching NADDPOD after finishing Dimension 20 on Dropout and fiending for more D&D content from these folks. Little did I know this phenomenal show is available for free, not to knock Dimension 20 but both are of superb quality. This podcast just makes me feel good deep down inside, every character and guest feels special and so sincere. There’s a great balance between combat and role play and all of the above is funny and at times rather thought provoking. These folks are really inclusive and I kind of feel like Murph, Emily, Caldwell and Jake are my friends IRL. Anyway listen to this podcast it’s really good. Edit: noticed that there’s like nothing but 5 star reviews for this, I’d give this 4 stars if it deserved it, but it doesn’t deserve 4 stars it deserves 6.
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Great dnd Podcast
I cam for the DnD but I stayed for the goofs
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