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Monique, Lara and Tyler
Non-Rev Lounge is an airline employee travel and aviation podcast. Monique, Lara and Tyler work as Gate Agent, Flight Attendant, and Ramper they discusses our non-rev travels as well as having guests on to share their trips and tips. Stay in touch with us on Twitter @NonRevLoungePod and
#186  Day & First Non Rev Trips & Tech Tips for Non-Revs
This weeks episode Eric and Catherine join us to talk about their first non-Rev trips as well as share some tips on some new technology that may help your travels. Catherine tags along on a business trip to Japan as her first non rev trip! Sakai City directly south of Osaka makes the best knivesFirst mistake she makes as a non rev….Eric’s first non rev trip is to Hartford…. In the Continental United States 🤪They rent their cars from Enterprise 🚗They’re Team Look-Back! (Not Lara)Fun ...
Jul 23
48 min
#185 Morocco Part Two and an Extra Long Layover in Paris
Lara tells us about the rest of her trip and how she decided to Stay in Paris for a few extra days and take the nonstop rather than stopping three times on the return. Check back for Show notes.StaffTraveler Is offering a 10% code for any of our listeners who buy their eSIM.Use the Promo code ST10NONREVLOUNGE✈StaffTraveler is a great app that can assist your non-rev travels! Use it to find the loads for your non-rev travel!...
Jul 16
38 min
#184 Lara Gets Brutally Cleansed in Morocco!
This week we get to hear about Lara's recent trip to Morocco.StaffTraveler Is offering a 10% code for any of our listeners who buy their eSIM.Use the Promo code ST10NONREVLOUNGE in the Hot Tube4th of July Non-Rev StrugglesLara takes Air France and sits by a real A-holeHammam Spa gets 1 of 5 starsCooking ClassMovie studioOur predictions of good and bad places for Data✈StaffTraveler is a great app that can assist your non...
Jul 9
40 min
#183 Hong Kong, Cape Town and the Big  eSIM Giveaway
The StaffTraveler eSIM card giveaways are happening now! Respond to our post on Instagram, and X (Twitter) or email us and tell us which countries have had the WORST and BEST data. You can also send us stories about your issues with not having data when traveling. You have until July 8th to respond. There will be multiple winners and remember you have a great chance of winning so get online and submit something. Prizes: 1 x 50 GB (worth $119)2 x 20 GB ...
Jul 2
45 min
#182 Seb and Nicole Talk Points Moon to Oman
Friends of the Show Seb and Nicole return to catch up and share some fun travel stories and helpful information. Points MoonFirst on Your Own MetalHappy CRJ 200 Day / Nicole's BirthdayPoints Moon RecapSeb Short Shorts DramaCar Rental ResearchSeb getting Globlist threw Hyatt ChallangeNicole ID DMV and Walking Dead PhotosIf Nicole gets an Airline Job Tyler wants on the sort list **StaffTraveler is offering a FREE GIVEAWAY FOR NON REV LOUNGE LISTENERS!! StaffTraveler has reac...
Jun 25
46 min
#181 Tyler Got What He Paid for In the DR and it was not Good
Hello everyone!! We three get together and talk! Jobs, co-workers, spouses! Dan the listener sent us a letter!What’s going on at Frontier Airlines?Allegiant Airlines Who BOUGHT tickets on Frontier? What’s the difference between buying a ticket at the ticket counter?**StaffTraveler is offering a FREE GIVEAWAY FOR NON REV LOUNGE LISTENERS!! StaffTraveler has reached 800,000 people strong!! To celebrate, one lucky Non Rev Lounge listener will win 🏆 80 free credits!! 🙌&n...
Jun 18
44 min
#180 Caden Is the Zed King
Caden can teach us all a thing or two about flying on a zed fare, but don't be shocked if you think you are friends!! Just have him leave you to catch a first class seat! Hasta La Vista Baby!Getting caught up on our work!What would Lara do? Diana Ross can do anything she wants!Passengers have to be compliant. Please allow Monique to finish her sentences!Who is a member of The Mile High Club? ☝️Caden is from Austin and remembers being in the back seat with Brittany!Cade...
Jun 11
49 min
#179 "Marissa on The Manifest" the Non-Rev Globalist
This week Marissa joins us to talk about her Non-rev travels including cruises and working the points game. Phoenix is the Friendliest Airport! Meh!Where the heck is Phoenix’ Sapphire Lounge? Answer me that!!Marissa is Tyler’s Spirit Animal!Marissa is NOT an airline employee 🤔She is a flight attendant groupie 😆The points game!!Hotel points is where it’s at!What’s the Hyatt Globalist Challenge?Tyler brags about Breeze Airways yet again!Marissa is a cruiser! Chef’s Making Waves! ...
Jun 4
43 min
#178 Kelly has Non-Rev Benefits on Alaska, American, Delta, and United
This week Kelly joined the non rev lounge crew to talk about her trip to Germany and her family trips to Cancun. Speaking of Cancun Lara talks about her seccond trip to the colothing optional resort this year. Kelly came to our Dallas meet up!Kelly works in payroll for a major regional airline Kelly non revs on FOUR major carriers!Germany trip with the siblings European carriers give non rev seats 24 hrs in advance 🏆Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle“You’re not connected at...
May 28
49 min
#177 Shannon Talks DC, Non-Reving With Kids and Body Rest
After 10 years without flight benefits, Shannon has them back and is excited to use them! Podcast weekend Wyldebyrd Art warehouse tour! Make a keychain with metal from your own airline!!Follow him on IG: Wildebyrdart Shannon has 35 yrs of Non Reving experience Husband is a pilot for Continental Express Shannon usually travels with her 3 girlsAdvice: Slow down when traveling with little children!TIP: TSA will allow you to carry FROZEN Capri...
May 21
39 min
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