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Nice work, keep it up!
More people & podcasts are talking these days about the things Jesus taught (in the 4 gospels), but there are a few of his teachings that almost never get serious coverage. Several references (EXCLUDING the “rich young ruler”) are made in Luke about selling all of one’s possessions & giving to the poor and then this teaching is shown to be taken seriously by the time we get to the book of Acts (end of chapters 2 & 4). Another powerful & often neglected paradigm-changing (IF taken at face value) teaching of Jesus is found in Mt. 6:24; Lk. 16:13-14). This has been called the “Two Masters teaching”, one being God/Love and the other/opposite one being money. What would Christianity look like, both inside its confines and to the world at large, if these teachings were given much more serious consideration and application? Take a leap of faith and dive deep into these teachings! ✌🏼
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Feels like you’re having a pint with the lads and lasses
Very thoughtful podcast that I have enjoyed listening to throughout the years. It is one of the very few, maybe the only, podcast where I think the preamble is stronger than the guests
My favorite podcast
This really is my favorite podcast. I’ve been listening for at least 3 years. I love the rich content, chill attitude and hilarious banter. They explore topics similar to The Liturgists but with a bit more goofiness and… je ne sais quoi. I always feel like my mind has expanded after listening AND I feel more cheerful.
Excellent podcast providing a respectful, open discussion.
ive been listening to nomad for 6 years now. i support them on patreon. their work is a sign of hope.
riley from chattanooga
Really Amazing
I just discovered Nomad podcast a week or so ago and have been binge listening to multiple episodes every day (all out of order, whatever looks interesting). It has been so inspiring and helpful to me as I'm figuring out my own faith. Thanks so much for all the time and effort and vulnerability you put into making this!
Nomad podcast has been a beloved companion with me on the faith journey I have been on. Listening for many years now has enriched, guided, encouraged and even entertained me through the topics and discussions that reassure me I haven’t gone totally mad. Thanks Tim and all who make this podcast possible.
This podcast has been a welcome lifeline for me. I love the variety of guests, both in beliefs and geographic homes. The Karris interview in prayer was a perfect example of how you all encourage me and help me to grow. Love all the hosts too. Thank you, brothers and sisters.
It’s great even in this side of the pond. Imagine hanging out with a couple of blokes at the pub talking about life, God, and religion. That’s this podcast except they just happen to have people like Tom Wright and Alexander Shaia drop by for a bit.
Really enjoy the wide variety of speakers and the honest attempt to understand
Listening in from texas, USA! I’m a Baha’i and enjoy the insights I’m getting from your journey. Cheers!
Please get to the content quicker
Great content...once they get there. 11 minutes in and it has been superfluous chatter with quirky music underneath. The content should arrive much quicker.
Great content, auditorily intolerable intros
These guys have a lovely, relaxed conversational style of interview and the content is always thought-provoking. The high-pitched background whistling during the (very long) intros is extremely distracting and annoying - like listening to a mosquito buzzing in your ear while you’re trying to have a conversation. I would listen more often and not skip the intros if it weren’t for that.
Thinking Allowed
Tim and the entire Nomad crew, along with their wide variety of knowledgeable guests have done an excellent job at building a platform on which everyone is equally entitled to their own take on spirituality and religious culture. If you’re looking for a place to learn and grow intellectually without judgement then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for putting out such a superb show guys - keep up the great work!
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Much Love
As an avid(borderline obsessive) consumer of theological/spiritual podcasts, this podcast is my absolute favorite! I just love all these guys. Tim, David, Jemimah, Nick, and all of those involved. The content and quality is top notch and it really feels like an ongoing conversation with good friends. A major plus for this Alabama man: the British accents are wonderful. Tim, you have one of my favorite voices in the podcast world. Keep up the good work. I recommend this to everyone I know who's interested in communal Christianity and breaking away from the dogmatics of institutional church, but still in love with Jesus.
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I LOVE this podcast!
Such a beautiful ministry. I especially love the episodes with Brad Jersak/those on Orthodox Christianity. Thank you!!
Thought provoking, fascinating interviews and some serious hilarity
Update:11/6/18 Still loving the Podcast, thank you for the fresh nuisance of perspectives, and keep the dopamine hits coming! ************************************* Thanks to Tim Nash, Dave Ward (Wardo), and David Benjamin Blower and all of their amazing guests and the beloved listeners. This has been an amazing journey of exploring the foundations of faith, and getting to the roots of how the Creator is communicating love to the world. I’ve had so many amazing moments of renewal and life changing experiences when listening and contemplating along with the podcast. Thanks for helping me in my search for community, hope and what the future could look like if we dream big enough and trust in the love that transcends our understanding. What an inspiring resource, I can’t help but share this with friends! Some of my favorites so far are Pete Rollins, Malcolm Guite, Tom Wright, Rob Bell, Richard Beck, Phyllis Tickle, and Sharon Baker....and all the rest!
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Honest, humble, and integrious.
This podcast is evidence that Jesus is not failing to build his church. So grateful for these honest, humorous and humble conversations laced with the grace only available through the Spirit. Keep up the good work!
Ralph McCoy
Love the insights!!
Love what these guys do and how thought through their interviews are. One always gets to the end of the episodes with valuable insights and new perspectives to think about. Also love the community that is being built around these conversations.
Great exploration- Brit style!
These guys are great- in the same genre as The Bible for Normal People, The Liturgists, The Deconstructionists, etc. I'm American, so while I love their dry senses of humor, the interviews themselves can sometimes seem very low energy. The content and fantastic guests make it totally worthwhile! I enjoy listening- thank you both!
Miss Becki
Always Great!!
I’ve been listening for the last couple of years and I love being challenged and inspired! This podcast has been an important part of my spiritual journey...keep up the great work!
That’s for daring to not just say but too go where we Know Him and don’t have to be perfect to sit together
Great voices, thoughtful discussion
I’ve been listening for over a year...great interviews (loved that Walter Brugeden was interviewed twice, but didn’t realize) very topical and because the guys are English there is almost none of the strident whinging of religion in the US.
Love it
I love you these guys! They are so funny and I so enjoy the great people that they have on their show. They give me a lot of hope for the church as it rebuilt itself and helps me be reminded that Jesus is the center of everything.
Thank You from the America
Thank you, God, for Nomad that we may know there are others like us. We get where we're going by asking where we're at ... or something like that.
So good!
This is a thoroughly enjoyable and often eye opening podcast. I have not listened to one that disappointed. Thanks guys for your hard work!!
LeaderTrekVet is wrong.
Unlike the 2 star review, I actually agree with almost everything Greg Boyd says. Also, you guys do a fantastic job integrating different perspectives. Keep up the great work!
Romanian Dan
I like thinkers! I like people who believe this faith journey should be taken not only in the heart but also in the head, reasoning out this faith-life. That's what these guys do and that's what they help me do. They help me process my thoughts on difficult topics through the lens of belief and reason. Doubt shouldn't be a bad word in church. These guys helped me not be ashamed of my doubt, but rather see that doubt as a road-way to reasoned-faith.
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The guests are top notch and the hosts are a pleasure to listen to. Even though the episodes are long, the conversations are rich and it is time well spent. This is one of my top five (possibly top three) favorite podcasts.
Such sweet guys
I really enjoy this podcast. They interview many interesting guests and always seems so genuine in their reflections of the discussion. Listening to them feels like sitting on the porch talking to close friends about God and stuff over a cold beer as the sun sets, wearing a RompHim. I really appreciate their charitable tone and their desire to help their listeners learn from each of their guests. There are times when I wish the more critical questions they ask each other in the post-interview would have been asked of the guest directly.
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Episode 128
I respect Greg Boyd. I respect his 10 years of research on this topic and the view that he came away with from that experience. However, from my perspective, the gymnastics that were happening in this podcast to make the theology & doctrine work wer at an Olympic level.
One of my favorite podcasts
I spend a lot of time helping my wife with her cleaning business and literally listen to podcasts everyday. After three years Nomad is in my top three of all time favorites. You get well thought out reflection and a little bit of humor.....I catch myself literally laughing while I'm cleaning. Love these guys! Thank you for making my time cleaning more enjoyable!
Garret Nichols
Great podcast
Love listening to these guys. They're humorous, thoughtful, and intriguing. Great guests.
Progressive Conservative7
Love this podcast. Very interesting guests and compelling conversation. Always enjoy every new episode. Well done to the hosts, and keep up the good work!
A rare pearl, with no swine in sight
I have to say that I eagerly await the release of each new Nomad episode. Since discovering them last year, I've plowed like a millennial Elisha through their archive. Absolutely engaging, thoughtful, insightful and authentic content. No needless theologizing, no frilly philosophical diatribes, but plenty of well-asked questions directed at some of the most engaging guests in progressive Christianity. And along the way, you'll get a dash of British humor, some equine knowledge and a new appreciation for the podcast genre. Thanks guys!
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Great, in depth interviews. Very thought provoking. A must listen-to weekly. THANK YOU!
Started listening to Nomad about 6 months ago and I can’t get enough - I look forward to every episode as the guys search, enquire and re-evaluate their long-held, ‘normative’ Christian views and values, looking for glimmers of hope within culture and spirituality. It’s also really, really funny. Great job guys!
Absolutely love it.
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, if not my favorite. I tend to have an affinity with "seekers" and it is a pleasure to listen to these guys walk along their journey of faith and life, exploring new ideas and thoughts and growing deeper in their own. I am indeed a beneficiary of their travels.
Great Ideas and Insights
This is the best podcast series I am aware of for those who want to be challenged to think in new directions about theology, the church, mission, and the future of Christianity. I love the diversity of reflections, brought by academics and “feet-on-the-ground” pioneers and even dreamers. And every bit as important are the reflections Dave and Tim offer in the “debriefing” section at the end of each interview. And yes, they have a terrific, dry sense of humor that makes me smile or laugh out loud. Most of all, though, I come away with something to wrestle with that keeps me on my toes in Christian ministry and day to day living.
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As a Brit now living in the states its great to hear Tim and Daves British banter and dry humour while they reflect on their interviews with a broad selection of spiritually progressive folk. Their questions are always really thoughtful and get the best insights from their guests. It's a real privilege to be able to share their spiritual journey as they talk through what they've heard. Thanks Tim and Dave!!
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I recommend this to friends all the time!
I listen to a lot of podcasts; most of my time is spent in solitary pursuits like gardening and quilting, so being able to learn something while I do my thing is wonderful. But this podcast has become my most recommended - a lot of my friends and acquaintances are struggling with what the church means in the modern world, and Nomad's interviews help me refine my thoughts on Christianity, spirituality, mission, and community.
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Theology school gradutate
Insightful, smart, real, funny
I love everything about this podcast, even when they talk about horses! The guests are all brilliant. The hosts are clearly deeply committed to Christianity, but they are also critical of it. I appreciate that they do not accept easy answers. Yesterday, I got a papercut. It may be coincidence, but the moment I clicked to rate this podcast with 5 stars, the papercut stopped hurting. It's a Nomad miracle!
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Asking the Right Questions!
I’ve been listening for several months now and this podcast has quickly become on of my favorite to listen to. These guys have an incredibly selection of guests with fresh and new perspectives. Tim and Dave are great at asking questions to their guests, usually the same questions I’m thinking of. When I finish listening to an episode, I rarely have any questions left to ask of the guest, but only questions to ask myself about how to respond to what I’ve just heard.
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Doug-E Fresh23
Great insight
Ever want to listen to some of the worlds greatest thinkers on the forefront of Christianity? Listen to nomad Ever wonder if there is more to life then singing bad songs, listening to some dude yell at you, and drinking bad coffee? Listen to nomad Ever feel like your on the outside of church? Listen to nomad Ever need advice on how to shoe a horse? Listen to nomad
Love the interviews
Love the interview and the humor. I cannot wait for Nottingham to be known for the Nomad podcast instead of for Robin Hood!
JD Myers at
Great interviews and questions. VERY funny and witty commentary before and after. Not to miss
Great Interviews
i enjoy this podcast very much. God has opened my heart to ask questions I never thought about before. I have listened to some of them multiple times and always catch another nugget causing me to think. The interview with Brad Jersak was the most recent one, I had to dig into again. Thank you Dave and Tim, I highly recommend The Nomad.
Dal Ford
Excellent podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. Tim and Dave have interesting guests and ask them very deep and insightful questions. Highly recommended.
Honest, Lively, Thought-provoking
As a product of the Right-wing Conservative Christian homeschool movement in America, this podcast has supported me through a reawakening and spiritual quest of my own to find my true self and to live an authentic life with Jesus. Thank you gentlemen for the podcast!
Engaging, Interesting, Entertaining
I recently started listening to Nomad and it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. The guests are varied and always interesting. The hosts ask great questions and I enjoy the reflections after each interview. I am so glad I started listening!
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