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NVC 613 – When Is a Game an Homage and When Is It a Clone?
Welcome to another exciting episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, the only Nintendo podcast on Earth that we're aware of at this moment. This week Seth Macy and Peer Schneider are joined by the amazing Casey DeFreitas and Samuel Claiborn to talk about Rogue Jam's audience choice award winner, Mysplaced, and how it plays to its inspirations maybe a little too much. Is that bad thing? What games have perfected the homage and are there any notable games that have taken it too far? 00:00:00 - Intro 00:04:15 - No Man’s Sky Coming Soon! 00:14:05 - E3 Returns 2023 00:31:25 - When Does a Game Stop Being an Homage? 00:49:05 - Reasons We Love The Nintendo GameCube 00:55:24 - What We’re Playing 01:07:10 - Question Block & Outro
May 26
1 hr 14 min
NVC 612 – Top Nintendo Rumors Heading Into Event Season
We're about to hit Event Season, which used to mean E3, but we all know how that's going this year (spoiler: it isn't). What it does mean is plenty of exciting rumors and speculation about what Nintendo has up its sleeve for June and beyond. When will we get that next Nintendo Direct? Is there really a new Fire Emblem? It's all the schoolyard Nintendo gossip of your youth, but with 4 adults sitting in their houses across the country from one another. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:04:58 - Our Wii U and 3DS eShop Recommendations! 00:16:41 - Let's Talk About Nintendo Rumors 00:41:55 - Seth’s Soapbox 00:47:44 - Reasons We Love The Nintendo GameCube 00:55:42 - What We’re Playing 01:10:50 - Question Block & Outro
May 19
1 hr 15 min
NVC 611 – Was Metroid Dread a Flop?
This week we go over Nintendo's recently reported sales numbers and ask what everyone wants to know: Is Metroid Dread a big ol' flop? Well… 2.9 million copies sure seems like a success, but in the pantheon of Nintendo Switch tentpole releases, kind of a bummer. Join Kat Bailey, Jada Griffin, Seth Macy and special guest Imran Khan as we talk about all the Nintendos.
May 12
1 hr 12 min
NVC 610 – 5 Things We Learned From Reggie's Book
Reggie Fils-Aime's book Disrupting the Game is available everywhere and we learned some pretty cool stuff from it. On the flip side, Kat put together a report about what it's like to be a contractor working for Nintendo, and it isn't quite the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory we might have imagined. Join hosts Kat Bailey, Peer Schneider and Seth Macy for another exciting episode of NVC.
May 5
1 hr 14 min
Our Bodies Are Ready: The NVC Interview With Reggie Fils-Aimé
In this very special episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, Seth Macy, Kat Bailey, and Peer Schneider sit down with Reggie Fils-Aimé, former President of Nintendo of America. We talk about his new book “Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo”, Reggie’s fondest memories at Nintendo, thoughts about the latest workplace news at Nintendo, and MUCH more!
May 3
47 min
NVC 609 – Is Square Enix "No Good?"
Balan Wonderworld was a famously bad game, but did you ever … wonder… why? Well, former director Yuji Naka took to Twitter to tell us his side of the story. We also talk about Nintendo Switch Sports and how it might get your mom and dad to play video games again. Join hosts Seth Macy, Kat Bailey, Peer Schneider and special guest Mitchell Saltzman for another Nintacular episode of Nintendo Voice Chat. 00:00:00 - Intro & Housekeeping 00:01:08 - Balan Wonderworld Lawsuit 00:12:25 - Nintendo Switch Sports Review! 00:27:28 - NSO Gets 3 New (Great) Genesis Games 00:33:21 - Kirby Turns 30! 00:41:26 - Seth’s Soapbox 00:48:18 - What We’re Playing 01:03:06 - Question Block & Outro
Apr 28
1 hr 11 min
NVC 608 – Just Give Us Game Boy Advance Games on Switch, Please
It's a pre-PAX East episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, just in time to completely gloss over the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 release date announcement. Just kidding! We're talking about it, as well as deliciously tantalizing new rumors about Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Are the dataminers to be believed? Only time will tell. Timecodes: 00:00:00 - Intro & Housekeeping 00:01:20 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Coming Sooner! 00:16:35 - Rumors & GBA on the Switch 00:31:30 - GBA Games We Want on the Switch 00:40:43 - Kat Takes! 00:44:46- New Game Announcements 00:56:08 - What We’re Playing 00:57:29 - What We've Been Playing & Outro
Apr 21
1 hr 11 min
NVC 607 – Which is Better: Link to the Past vs. Breath of the Wild?
This week we talk about the best Zelda game of all time: A Link to the Past… or is it Breath of the Wild? That's kind of what we're getting at here, pitting the two against each other in a winner-take-all bloodbath. We also talk about Switch Sports and how Kat almost destroyed a TV with a powerful kick. Join Kat Bailey, Jada Griffin and Sam Claiborn for another awesome NVC. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:56 - Rogue Jam! 00:01:50 - Switch Sports 00:17:09 - Link to the Past vs. Breath of the Wild 00:46:57 - Nintendo Switch Quarterly Review 00:52:00- Bandai Namco Working on a 3D Remaster for Nintendo 00:55:42 - Preview NVC at PAX East Wii U 00:57:29 - What We've Been Playing 01:05:07 - Question Block! 01:11:38 - Outro
Apr 14
1 hr 12 min
NVC 606 – A Mario on the Streets, Sonic in the Sheets
Come on, step it up with another blazing fast episode of Nintendo Voice Chat. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 opens in theaters and we take a look back at a time when video game movies were bad and Sonic and Mario were bitter enemies. Who could forget the console wars of the 1990s, other than those of us for whom the memories of that war are too horrible to revisit (which are memories of most of the Sonic games post-Genesis). 00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:37 - Sonic Talk! 00:31:45 - Nintendo Japan Quietly Added New Splatoon 3 Screenshots 00:40:12 - Out this Week 00:49:20: - Mario Golf Hitting N64 Expansion Next Week 00:51:38 - Kat Take 00:57:36 - What We've Been Playing 01:04:58 - Question Block! 01:10:51 - Outro
Apr 7
1 hr 11 min
Nintendo Holding Its Breath… of the Wild Sequel - NVC 605
Tom Petty once sang "The waiting is the hardest part," and little did he know at the time he was singing about the still-unnamed Breath of the Wild sequel, officially delayed to Spring 2023. No one is even mad, Nintendo. Take your time! Join Kat Bailey, Peer Schneider, Brian Altano and Seth Macy as we talk about what this delay could mean for the future of the franchise and the future of the Nintendo Switch.
Mar 31
1 hr 14 min
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