Nihongo con Teppei
Nihongo con Teppei
Teppei (Japanese intermediate,Nihongo con Teppei,Learn Japanese with me)
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Fantastic Listening for Japanese Learners
I have been trying to keep up my Japanese, and recently came upon this podcast. It is fantastic listening practice, with natural fluent speaking and lots of everyday topic converse. Thank you Teppei for investing so much time and effort into this podcast! I have used his beginner podcast with my kids as well to expose them to easy Japanese.
Congratulation for 500 podcast
Thank you so much. I listen your podcast everyday. I used to listen ‘beginner podcast’, now I started to listen this level. Sosososososo,,, much appreciated of your work. Ganbate ne! Watashi to Gambarimas!!!
Sedona Jay
このポッドキャストはとても便利だと思います。 一年ぐらい来ています。テッペイさんは楽しくて、面白いです。続けてください。ありがとうございます!
Cody Uhler
Thank you. Sensei. I found your podcast by accident. I found it very different from others. I really enjoy listening to you. Thank you very much.
Vick Chu
Best way to improve speaking and listening
I never realized until I started listening to Nihongo con Teppei that the reason my speaking skills weren't improving is because I wasn't listening to enough native, natural Japanese. Teppei's philosophy is that by listening to a lot of Japanese being spoken in a natural way, by a native speaker, is the fastest and most lasting method for improving your listening, vocabulary, and surprisingly, your speaking ability! As babies we hear our parents and others speaking around us all the time. That's how we learn to speak our native language(s). So if you never spend time listening to Japanese, how can you expect to speak it? The great thing about this podcast is that it never feels like studying, or a chore. It naturally becomes part of your daily routine. He encourages you to listen to it while you're tidying the house, cooking, going for a walk, etc. By hearing Japanese again and again your brain starts to soak up the commonly used words and phrases, and pitch accent too! Then, when you do start practicing your speech, it more naturally comes to mind. I studied Japanese for years at university, and it wasn't until ten years later when I started to listening to this podcast every day, usually for about an hour, that my speaking skills and listening comprehension started improving dramatically. Teppei is funny, light-hearted, and open-minded, so the flow of the podcast is very nice. Sometimes he covers more difficult topics, and sometimes he talks about only different types of desserts! But it all works towards improving your skills. I recommend this podcast to every single one of my friends who is studying Japanese, even the ones who have lived in Japan for years, and they all say the same thing I do--it helps improve your listening and speaking by leaps and bounds with minimal effort, and maximum fun. 10/10, 100/100, 5 stars, 700,000 gold points! Give it a shot!
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Fun way to improve your Japanese listening skills
There is a lot to like about the Nihongo con Teppei podcast: each episode is short (usually about four minutes), presented only in Japanese (with no distractions in English), and tailored for language learners (with words pronounced in a slow, clear way). The show is hosted by Teppei Sensei, a popular Japanese tutor on iTalki who has taught over 750 lessons to date [I just had my first tutoring session with him this morning and he is an EXCELLENT tutor!). Since he is learning English and Spanish himself, he knows exactly what it’s like to learn a language, and uses the same methods to teach his native language that he employs to learn foreign tongues.
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Love it
Great podcast to improve Japanese listening skills in a fun way. おおきに‼︎
Fun intermediate listening comprehension
I enjoy this podcast so much every day during commute to work and back. Its charm is in the freewheeling unscripted format, and wandering off topic is never an issue because it’s somehow never boring. I sometimes pause an episode to look up a new word (yes, the podcast certainly helps the vocabulary grow) but for the most part it’s easy to understand. I wouldn’t want to change a thing, and hope these random quirky rants in perfectly natural Japanese will keep coming. Thank you very much.
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I wish there were more podcasts like this
Very good for Japanese listening practice. One thing I would prefer is that if Teppei would just talk naturally instead of stopping to repeat and define so many words. We can look up the words ourselves if we don't know. It takes a long time for him to say anything because he says a phrase and then repeats a few times, asks if we understand, and then defines it, sometimes using the English word. But it is a good podcast and I wish there were more like this.
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Best Japanese Language Podcast
I listen to Teppei everyday in my commute to and from work to better my Japanese listening skills. I like the way he says possible new vocabulary words repeatedly to allow us to hear and remember. Even the most simple topic is fun to listen to and contains much needed words and expressions. Keep going! I love your show!
Gifu Lover
Great intermediate level podcast! 毎朝朝ご飯を作りながら、このポッドキャストを聞きます。本当にいい練習だと思います。 ポッドキャストを作ってくれていつもありがとうございます!
Fantastic listening practice for students of Japanese
このポッドキャストを作ってくれて、本当にありがとうございます。友達と一緒に会話してって感じですね。Podcastを聞くと、私の日本語のレベルはコツコツと向上しています。 I am so glad I found this podcast! It’s fun to listen to and excellent practice. I hope more episodes keep coming out, I look forward to listening to more!
Absolute delight!
Teppei Sensei just pick a random topic each day and talk about it for about 10-20 minutes. I found this podcast by accident when I was looking for something else to listen to other than the same old NHK news. He comes across as natural, sincere, knowledgeable, and very casual. Just as he keeps stressing, listening to the same pattern of speech over and over again will make you feel like you can imitate the speaker in how he/she annunciate the words and sentences in natural speech. I can go on and on about how effective his technique is, but saying it is nothing compare to actually listening to at least two full episodes of this podcast. I really hope that I can find him on italki or some other "one to one" type of Skype language lesson media. I will definitely retain Teppei Sensei to be my teacher. I love this so much that I became the very first person to support him on his Patreon page. Tho it's not much, but I locked in a minimum of six months continuous pledge; the maximum available when I signed up. I hope he keeps on doing this for a long time to come. 鉄平先生、心から感謝しています。そのまま続けてなさってください! 先生のポットキャストをいつも応援しております!有難うございます。Muchisima Gracias! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
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