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Nightly Pop
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Love everything
Love this show. Love this podcast. Love hunter. Love Morgan. Love Nina. Love nina’s laugh. Love Morgan’s outfits. Love hunter’s dad. Love. It. All.
Kim c 123
I only listen to you guys, so I’m gonna play that clip of Chris Evans breathing over and over tonight. Thank you!
I’m HERE for Nina okkurt
She’s intelligent, sharp as hell, so gorgeous and dedicated. She’s consistent in her opinions and insight she shares. She makes the show! Nina Morgan and hunter have such phenomenal chemistry. Really need the old recorded episodes availed to buy!
Nina is amazing
Nina is so intelligent and quick witted and has interesting commentary on pop culture stories... I tune in because of her talent!
Sooo negative geez!
I can’t stand the hosts but apparently the majority of people are fine with 3 grown adults hating, not being funny and making fun of people. Good job guys you’re so cool. Ugh
katherine vass
Nightly Pop
The best way to end my night! Love the their chemistry. Hunter is a treasure. And I love and watch Morgan every morning on Daily Pop too. Nina is a smart and engaging co-host. Nightly Pop is sharp, sarcastic and so much fun! Just love it!
Love them
They crack me up!!! 😂 I discovered them because Nina was on a guest host on a podcast that I listen too and she said she did this show/podcast called “Nighty Pop” so I looked it up because I listen to podcasts a lot. I loved it from the moment I started listening. All three of them together are hilarious! I don’t even care that much about all the celebrity updates, but they make me come back and listen every day! I even started watching the episodes on my Hulu live. You won’t be disappointed.
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Aye Pea
The three of them are perfect! No one leave, please.
Love it....
Great content. Look forward to new eps!
Sugar's Mama in NC
Love the show
Happy to have this as a podcast but I wish I could see it! You guys need a Hulu deal YESTERDAY! Get on it! I love nightly pop it’s my favorite show I wish it was on Hulu so I could always have it on in the background
10/10 Would Recommend
Great show/podcast! Such a funny and light show for pop culture junkies. Great chemistry between the hosts.
Love nightly pop!! Watch it daily and when I’m traveling I’ll listen to the podcast. Love all the cast. I prefer watching it to see Morgan’s cute outfits.