Nicosia Uncut
Nicosia Uncut
Island Talks - Cyprus
Cold, hard, truth from the divided capital of Cyprus. Andromachi Sophocleous & Kemal Baykallı, two peace activists/political analysts from the island of Cyprus, provide a unique and informed perspective on Cyprus-related politics, undoing official narratives dominating the discussion when it comes to Cyprus.
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 34: Cyprus: The land of pipe dreams (14/1/2022)
Cyprus is the land of impossible fantasies. One side thinks that the international community is now ready to accept a “two-state solution” in Cyprus, the other tries to play a global chess-game with a non-feasible, unrealistic “East Med Pipeline Project”, something which was doomed to fail from the beginning. In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, […]
Jan 14
34 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 33: TCs hit by currency, RoC’s illusions on EU sanctions collapsed (20/12/2021)
The Turkish Cypriot economy is badly hit following the meltdown of the Turkish lira. Being an import oriented economy based on services, economy in the north was already fragile due to the pandemic. The depreciation of the Turkish lira affected northern part of the island even more than Turkey since the slider at the volume […]
Dec 16, 2021
34 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 32: Cyprus problem: What do the leaked UN minutes tell us? (3/12/2021)
In this special episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı discuss and analyse the content, context and the implications of the leaked UN minutes with the delegations on the last day (6 July 2017) of the Cyprus conference in Crans Montana which ended without any agreement. Also known as "Crash Montana", the failure effectively ended the efforts to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, leading to a blame game between the sides since then. The leaked UN minutes, as collected on this episode page - , demonstrated how the chapter on security and guarantees was the main source of disagreement in an environment heavily fortified with mistrust. The leaked documents also shed some light on the role of the UN and the EU in the latest talks.
Nov 30, 2021
37 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 31: Rivalries in UBP & DISY; Erdoğan’s deteriorating popularity (3/11/2021)
In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı explore the reconciliation initiatives in Cyprus - Home for Cooperation, Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in Cyprus, Cyprus Dialogue Forum, Famagusta Avenue Garage and The Base by Cyprusinno are few to name. In the local politics, Turkish Cypriot right wing UBP party had a leadership race, electing Dr.Faiz Sucuoğlu as the new leader of the party and the new PM until the early elections which is expected to take place in early 2022. 2023 presidential elections of RoC enhanced the rivalries within the Greek Cypriot right wing DISY party, some independents have already announced that they are running. Last but not least, the West is cautiously waiting for the 2023 elections in Turkey, and it seems that Erdoğan is finally losing steam according to the latest polls.
Nov 1, 2021
38 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 30: More elections, more tensions (14/10/2021)
Summer is over and all sides are now focused on upcoming elections on both parts of the divide in Cyprus and in Turkey. Turkish Cypriot minority coalition finally collapsed the day after this episode was recorded. Both Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus have presidential elections in 2023 and the tension around the waters of […]
Oct 11, 2021
31 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 29: Back to the 1960 constitutional order? Really? (2/9/2021)
Anastasiades invited the Turkish Cypriots back to the 1960 constitutional order as a response to Tatar’s statements in a never-ending tit-for-tat blame game. This caught everybody by surprise, including his own cabinet members. In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı discuss the latest in Cyprus politics with a particular focus on […]
Aug 30, 2021
40 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 28: Divided over vaccination registries and what’s going on in Turkey? (14/8/2021)
In the heat of August, Nicosia Uncut producers Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı explain how the Cyprus problem continues to pose problems in all walks of life: This time on the registry of vaccinated Turkish Cypriots and non-recognition of their documentation. To the north of the island, in Turkey, AKP government which has been in […]
Aug 11, 2021
38 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 27: ‘Two-state solution’ and opening of Varosha? What now? (22/7/2021)
On 19-20 July 2021, during his visit in Cyprus, Turkey’s President has reiterated their position that they now support a two-state solution for the solution of the Cyprus problem and announced partial opening of Varosha in violation of the UN Security Council resolutions. A wave of international reactions started to pour in. In this episode […]
Jul 19, 2021
42 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 26: Analysing Turkey’s motives and the Greek Cypriot response (5/7/2021)
In this episode of Nicosia Uncut; Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı discuss the internal and external political motives of Turkey when it comes to the Cyprus problem on the eve of Turkish President Erdoğan's visit to Varosha. They also elaborated on the rather ineffective response of the Greek Cypriot leadership to the developments; how Turkish Cypriots are now by-passed with the new Turkish Cypriot leadership and failing Turkish Cypriot minority coalition.
Jul 2, 2021
30 min
Nicosia Uncut – Episode 25: Election special episode (1/6/2021)
In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı analyse the outcome of Republic of Cyprus parliamentary election result. A total of 366,608 out of 557,836 registered voters or 65.72% have voted. The abstention amounted to 191,228 votes or 34.28%. The parties that entered 56 seated parliament are Democratic Rally (DISY) 27.77% - 17 seats; Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) 22.34% - 15 seats, Democratic Party (DIKO) 11.29% - 9 seats, National Popular Front (ELAM) 6.78% - 4 seats; Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK) 6.72% - 4 seats; Democratic Front (DIPA) 6.10% - 4 seats; and Cyprus Green Party 4.41% - 3 seats.
May 30, 2021
36 min
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