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Nerd Poker
Nerd Poker
Each week, under dark of night, in a dining room in Encino, a group of warriors led by Brian Posehn plays Dungeons & Dragons and you’re invited to attend!
S4E11 Nine Nein-Canines
Our crew must confront the dog-related mystery they've gotten themselves into, as well as the wealthy old lady sobbing on Danny's monk-robed shoulder. No way things will get violent, knowing how nice everyone is. Right?
Nov 24
59 min
S4E10 Guild Trip
Our super-friendly band of heroes continue their quest to make a good impression on the gritty, coastal town of Blingbottom by cruising for side missions, and they may just make a name for themselves.
Nov 16
1 hr 6 min
S4E9 Blingbottom
The crew feels out the local culture of Blingbottom (which turns out to be a lot of misfortune and unsavory card games) as well as a name for themselves. And if you were hoping someone in the party would try to have a Batman-esque side adventure, you're in luck!
Nov 9
1 hr
S4E8 Marrow, Wanna?
Our heroes deal with the final obstacle between them and the beach of Davenglaven, and the unseemly field of bones at the cave's exit. Will the party have another charm-off competition? It's virtually guaranteed!
Nov 2
1 hr 8 min
S4E7 Uncorker
Our heroes have nearly reached the beaches of Davenglaven, but first there's treasure to unpack, and a mysterious impasse to uncork. Hopefully that total-party-kill you almost thought was going to happen in the first episode of the season isn't going to happen NOW.
Oct 26
58 min
S4E6 Labyrinthine Scene
The new crew is making their way to the end of this narrow, winding bottleneck, but there's a very interesting side passage beckoning them to explore. Surely there's no harm in testing some new spells out on some blind corners, right?
Oct 19
1 hr 6 min
S4E5 Lava Lunch
Our new Season 4 heroes have stumbled upon two firenewts engaged in some sort of lunchtime ritual, cooking a hapless creature over a small lava barbecue. They could sneak on by, but it wouldn't be Nerd Poker if everyone didn't dogpile into a small room and start swinging weapons. 
Oct 12
1 hr 1 min
S4E4 Newt in Town
Our new crew has a bottleneck ahead of them, and it's infested with deadly firenewts. Hopefully their morally suspect guide will lead them down the best path without too many surprises, and maybe they'll get a cool finishing move or two on these creepy, glowing jerks.
Oct 6
1 hr 3 min
S4E3 Verge Overkill
Our band of companions begins to consider their path to the mainland of Davenglaven, and it looks like they'll have to consider the trustworthiness of a snake-headed creep named Verge. Will they float or will they spelunk? Those are the questions any sea monster survivor must ponder.
Sep 28
1 hr 3 min
S4E2 Davenglaven
After a confrontation with a rude guard leads our new crew to an unfortunate boat situation with some rather unsavory roars happening just off deck. Will this be the fastest Total Party Kill in Nerd Poker history?
Sep 21
1 hr 5 min
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