Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Vaya Pashos
114 - Dumpster Fire Elly (w/ Emily Taheny)
1 hour 14 minutes Posted May 5, 2019 at 10:38 pm.
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Show notes

Master of infinite characters, actor Emily Taheny answers the call to speak to Hot Mess Life with Kate and Vaya in the Pirate Net Studios. We try to untangle the newly-minted Dumpster Fire Elly's web of lies that caught up with her on Thursday 2nd May. Concealed paternity, ultrasound crafts, teenage blackmail, and all before midday shots at the Waterhole! We also have to deal with Toadie's reunion with the late Sonya under a humdrum bottle brush tree; and Dr Em steps into our dream role for her as Erinsborough's therapist.

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