Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Vaya Pashos
Welcome to Neighbuzz! The Neighbours recap podcast, hashing over the events on Ramsay Street each week. Hosted by CJ, Kate and Vaya plus guests in the PirateNet studios.
Sucked In w/ Lawrence Leung | 197 | Jan 4 - 8 AU
Comedian/writer/card mechanic Lawrence Leung joins Kate and Vaya to analyse Hendrix and Jay's blackjam scam, plus the Neighbours '80s takeover continues with Melanie Pearson dropping in to weigh in on Jive...
Jan 11
1 hr
Ethical Pleather | 196 | Dec 28 - 31 AU
CJ and Vaya kick off 2021 with The Diamond Necklace getting a new owner, the Shamy kiss, and new year - new ticker for Sheila! Head over to for a snippet about Eat Paul Love.
Jan 4
49 min
Sweater Weather (w/ Olivia Sharpe) | 195 | Dec 21 - 24 AU | Episodes 8520 - 8523
Actor, neurodiversity advocate, and current Mayor of the Neighbuzz Council, Olivia Sharpe, joins CJ, Kate and Vaya to see Hendrix in th red, the Rebecchi clan in green and red knits, and to name Citizen and Shitizen of 2020! Support Olivia's work by checking out Options Theatre Company in New South Wales.
Dec 29, 2020
48 min
Get Out of My Kitchen | 194 | Dec 14 - 18  AU | Episodes 8515 - 8519
Vaya and Kate puzzle over the hiring situation at Harold's, assess the truth behind Amy's uniform 'designs', lament Hendrix being in over his head mathematically, and get stuck into some more Jive talkin'...
Dec 20, 2020
34 min
Underneath the Durian | 193 | Dec 7 - 11 | Episodes 8510 - 8514
Vaya and Kate are back to discuss Snoredrey ruining Karl and Susan's Christmas party, Roxy improving the party with a little JIVE, and the demise of our favourite sharehouse over at the Branaka place. Plus Amy Greenwood's stylin' return!
Dec 14, 2020
41 min
Glassy-Ass Island | 192 | Nov 14 - 18 AU | Episodes 8495 - 8499
Vaya and Kate share equal dismay in respect to the Nicolette shaped hole in the Daaron parenting plans, surprise enthusiasm for the IMD episode, and likely excitement over an incident that involved bums.
Nov 22, 2020
50 min
Beyond Good Manners | 191 | Nov 7 - 11 AU | Episodes 8450 - 8454
CJ and Vaya care about nothing except for the PIPI FALLOUT! Dipi can't let go of either of her two boyfriends, Shane's really attached to his deck, and suddenly Fierce thinks being at home is a good idea, while Chloe camps out at the Branaka party house where it's cake and Chlohitos for breakky any time you like! We also welcome the BARRACUDA...
Nov 16, 2020
34 min
Sad State Of Affairs | 190 | Nov 2 - 6 AU | Episodes 8485 - 8489
CJ, Kate and Vaya reunite to record the Neighbuzz Podcast in person! An enviable 80% of this podcast is dedicated to the delicious PIPI reveal, with particular attention to the fast fast checker Nicollette. The pod squad are torn on if Nicollette has done Chloe a favor or not. We remise about Shane's sad sunroom and chatter about how the Neighbours writers might make Audrey more interesting.
Nov 9, 2020
44 min
Brunch at Stephanie's | 189 | Oct 26 - 30 AU | Episodes 8480 - 8484
CJ and Vaya can't look away from the Pipi wreck and don their finest Stephanie's bling for the occasion. Paul is the cat that got the cream when he finds out the sordid details and uses it as Lassiters leverage, but nothing is more stressful than Hendrix trying to cheat for Harlow on the Year 12 Biology exam...
Nov 2, 2020
46 min
Fierce | 188 | Oct 19 - 23 AU | Episodes 8475 - 8479
Vaya and Kate are joined by former Neighbours trainee storyliner Brett Bowman! We cover ScarBra's peeping tommery, Nicolette's alleged murderous London secret, and we herald the arrival of Fake Pierce and bid OG Pierce farewell. Head over to for Patreon- only chat about the Kurse of Koyle.
Oct 27, 2020
1 hr 7 min
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