Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Vaya Pashos
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Welcome to Neighbuzz! The Neighbours recap podcast, hashing over the events on Ramsay Street each week. Hosted by CJ, Kate and Vaya plus guests in the PirateNet studios.
Caramilk | 187 | Oct 12 - 16 AU | Episodes 8470 - 8474
Pip pipi pipi... we are eating it up like a bar of Caramilk! CJ and Vaya tuck into Pierce and Dipi's laundry list of excuses, and leave a bit of time to eye-roll at the legal pickle Ned's landed himself in. Head over to for Patreon- only chat about the Shlive BBQ Aftermath
Oct 19
51 min
Pierce of Shit | 186 | Oct 5 - Oct 9 AU | Episodes 8465 - 8469
Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for another accused murder charge for one of our residents! But that’s nothing compared to the actual main event this week: THE PIPI AFFAIR!!
Oct 12
44 min
The Best New Sharehouse on Ramsay Street | 185 | Sep 28 - Oct 2 AU | Episodes 8460 - 8464
Two of the greatest scenes in Neighbours history! Go off, Number 32!! The Hoarders clash with the Ravers, and Ned has a hard launch for his art show.
Oct 6
1 hr 1 min
Art Attack | 184 | Sep 21 - 25 AU | Episodes 8455 - 8459
It's an Art Attack! ScarBra is back in Erinsborough and Ned is being a right Willis about it really. The big climax (or not so) of the Pipi storyline comes to fruition in a Lassiters suit. Join Vaya and Kate to hash over the week's happenings on Ramsay Street.
Sep 28
42 min
Up the Creek without a Cheese Knife | 183 | Sep 14 - 18 AU | Episodes 8450 - 8454
Just like Ned, Yashvi, and Koxy, CJ and Vaya head out on location to chat Neighbours Episodes 8450 - 8454. Pierce boots Nicolette out of Castle Greyson, Toadie feels bad for booting Rose out of Rebecchi Law, Sheila meddles to get her nephew booted back on to the force, and ScarBra is back, and she's got a Fandangle account!
Sep 21
46 min
Humble Pie | 182 | Sep 7 - Sep 11 AU | Episodes 8445 - 8449'
CJ, Kate and Vaya recap Neighbours Episodes 8445 - 8449. Join us as we discuss what Ned has done to satisfy the latest request in his fandangle account. We talk about a sad event in Neighbours and hash over why Dipi is involving herself in everyone's business. Oh and there was a siege that didn't go for as long as it should of... Head over to our for Patreon- only chat about the goings-on about the return of Shane.
Sep 14
49 min
Hive Mind | 181 | Aug 31 - Sep 4 AU | Episodes 8440 - 8444
CJ, Kate and Vaya recap Neighbours Episodes 8440 - 8444. Ned launches the Erinsborough Hive with a hot new podcasting studio! But he's more pre-occupied with his Fandangle. Plus Rose punks Toadie, baby news at Castle Greyson, Erinsborough PD's bent cop bends even further, and thankfully a siege interrupts the student election!
Sep 7
50 min
Hard Gear | 180 | Aug 24 - 28 AU | Episodes 8435 - 8439
CJ, Kate and Vaya recap Neighbours Episodes 8435 - 8439. Puffy's dark secret is out and there's only one place for him - not Everything's Anonymous, but Rehab. Plus we meet Toadie's sweet-as-pie new assistant Rose, and Des pops over from Perth to make amends with Jane, while Hendrix snoops around hoping to catch Chicolette up to no good. Head over to our for patreon only chat about the goings-on at the Erinsborough Police drug squad.
Aug 30
40 min
Puffy the Magic Dragon | 179 | August 17 - 21 AU | Episodes 8430 - 8434
CJ, Kate and Vaya recap Neighbours Episodes 8430 - 8434. We cover the Puffys visit to out the back o' Bourke, Ned's latest in his journey as the jack of all arts and McKenzie's inability to read the room. Bonus footage of reactions to late breaking Neighbours adjacent news.
Aug 23
46 min
Puffy's Little Gremlin | 178 | Aug 10 - 14 AU | Episodes 8425 - 8429
CJ, Kate and Vaya recap Neighbours Episodes 8425 - 8429. We cover the Live Streaming Eco-Warrior Teens; Toadie entering the dating scene; Ned's phantom derriere; and Shane Rebecchi's lowest ebb, which we thought was last week, but he keeps sinking.
Aug 16
49 min
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