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Nappy Hour Podcast
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The official home of Nappy Hour, an eclectic podcast by the world famous Nappy Roots
EP 42 W/ Ale Sharpton and Bitch Beer Radio
Nappy Hour Ep 42 recorded live at Nappy Root's Beer release at Hop City in Atlanta, GA. Featuring Beer Journalist Ale Sharpton and Bitch Beer Radio as they give there reviews of Nappy Roots's New Beers "Watermelon, Chicken, and Gritz", "The Humdinger", and discuss being a minority in the craft beer industry, A Beerfest survival Kit, and the worlds most underrated beer Zima. Enjoy
May 23, 2018
58 min
Nappy Hour Podcast  EP 41
Nappy Hour EP 41 features Legendary Jersey rapper YZ as he shares his journey into hip hop at age 17, as both a rapper and exec in the early 90s and reflects on the current state of hip hop.
Apr 4, 2018
55 min
EP 40 W/ Ali Kareem (@sneakermestupid)
Nappy Hour EP 40 features Atlanta Sneaker Designer Ali Kareem as describes the process from being a shoe collector to designer. And the inspiration behind creating his patented "HateFakeLove" Vans. Enjoy
Mar 8, 2018
35 min