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Mysterious Circumstances
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***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE***-Crime/Mysteries/Paranormal/History-- A podcast that dives deep into the unsolved and interesting, with an unpolished and unscripted “pirate radio” style. If you like a conversational style podcast about mysterious stuff, you'll love this!!From 'PODCAST MAGAZINE' : Host Justin Rimmel does a solid job of making listeners feel like we are in the room with him while he shares particularly weird cases he comes across. If old-fashioned true-crime stories are your thing, you will certainly find them on Mysterious Circumstances, too. Justin also does a good job of being a bit skeptical when covering cases. While he doesn’t discount anything paranormal from the start, he does bring in reason and common sense. Whether you are looking for something a little different from the typical true-crime podcasts, or a little scarier, give Mysterious Circumstances a listen.- Cover Art by Lindsay Sklarek -- Instagram - Twitter - @podcastMC -- Email - -- To support the show go to -- Or you can buy me a beer through Venmo - @mcpodcast -Become a supporter of this podcast:
Alcatraz Ghost Story : Interview w/ Author Brian Stannard
In this episode I get to talk to Brian Stannard, author of the book 'Alcatraz Ghost Story', based on the life of Roy Gardner. Roy was an American criminal active during the 1920s. He stole a total of more than $350,000 in cash and securities and several times escaped from custody. He is said to have been the most hunted man in Pacific Coast history, having had a $5,000 reward for his head three times in less than a year. The newspapers in the West referred to him as the "Smiling Bandit", the "Mail Train Bandit", and the "King of the Escape Artists." He was one of the first inmates transfered to Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.For more info on Roy's crazy life. you can pick up Brian's book here..... Alcatraz Ghost Story: Roy Gardner's Amazing Train Robberies, Escapes, and Lifelong LoveBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Mar 13
1 hr 8 min
Alexander 'Superkiller' Solonik
Alexander Solonik was a Russian gangster, known for his reputation as a notorious hitman in the Russian criminal underworld. Also known as Sasha-Macedonian and Superkiller, Solonik admitted to committing 43 contract murders and was involved in Russian Mob activity for much of the 1990s until disappearing after his third escape from prison. Solonik was found dead in Athens, Greece, in 1997.Become a supporter of this podcast:
Feb 24
1 hr 33 min
The Death of Charles Walton
Charles Walton was found murdered on February 14th, 1945 in Warwickshire, England. The foremost police detective of the era, Chief Inspector Robert Fabian, led the investigation into Walton's death. The chief suspect for the murder was Alfred John Potter. However, there was insufficient evidence to convict Potter and the case is currently the oldest unsolved murder in the Warwickshire Constabulary records. The case has also earned notoriety due to its supposed connection with the local belief in witchcraft.Tickets for the live show on May 18th at the Boone County Jail Distillery in Indiana with Brohio Podcast --->>> a supporter of this podcast:
Jan 7
1 hr 22 min
Interview w/ Dale Julin
Dale Julin was the Evening News Anchor at WJCL TV-22, the Hearst Television Station in Savannah, Georgia, and the Sunrise news anchor at KSBW TV-8, the Hearst Television station in Salinas, California. He is a Peabody Award-winning investigative journalist who's spent 10 years investigating who the Zodiac Killer is. In his new book "Catching Zodiac : A True Crime Memoir with 'Poste' Script", Dale talks about his journey and the evidence he's collected.Become a supporter of this podcast:
Jan 6
1 hr 16 min
War Against the Mafia - Interview w/ Dan Dorsky and Mike Campi
War Against the Mafia: How a Prosecutor and an FBI Agent Devastated the New York Mob.The true story of two law enforcement figures—one an FBI agent, the other a federal prosecutor—who led some of the most relentless and successful attacks on organized crime in American history.A unique and unexpected set of circumstances caused former federal prosecutor Dan Dorsky and former FBI agent Mike Campi to finally step forward and reveal themselves. The result is this tour de force, which details their years operating deeply in the trenches to devastate the mafia. You will learn how they took down a staggering array of mob bosses, underbosses, consiglieri, capos, soldiers, and other legends from all five New York crime families.You can get more details and purchase the book at the link below: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Oct 4, 2023
1 hr 33 min
Interview w/ Dr. Gary Simonds - Neurosurgeon and Author
Dr. Gary Simonds is a highly experienced neurosurgeon, former head of an academic neurosurgery program at Virginia Tech/Carilion Clinic. He is a Professor, and teaches regularly at, the Virginia Tech School of Neuroscience and the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.He was a biochemistry major at Dartmouth College. He went on to medical school at Rutgers and Neurosurgery residency and medical research fellowship at Walter Reed. He also holds a master’s degree in Health Care Delivery Science from Dartmouth. Gary has written and spoken widely on the subjects of neuroscience, medical school admissions, humanism, medical socioeconomics, medical ethics, burnout, personal wellness, spirituality, death and dying, and the interface between science and religion. He's also the author of the book 'Death's Pale Flag', which combines neurosurgery and the paranormal. In this episode we discuss his book and also talk about the paranormal, sleep paralysis, near death expierences, and so much more.You can pick up a copy of his book 'Death's Pale Flag' anywhere. -- a supporter of this podcast:
Jun 27, 2023
1 hr 9 min
The 1929 Detroit Occult Murders
On July 3, 1929, police officers walked into the house located at 3587 Saint Aubin Street in Detroit. Inside, they found a man named Benny Evangelista dead, seated behind his desk. His hands were neatly folded in his lap as though in prayer. Upstairs they found Mrs. Santina Evangelista and their four children dead as well. Benny was known as a mystical healer and many people in the community sought his help. So why would someone want to kill the entire family with an axe?Live Shows coming up. Come out and see us. It's always a good time!! --- July 15th - Buffalo, NY - Me, Brohio, and Hillbilly Horror Stories. With special guest Tyler Allen from Minds of Madness.Tickets August 19th - Detroit, Michigan - Me, Brohio, and Hillbilly Horror Stories. Tickets September 2nd - Fort Wayne, Indiana - Me and Hillbilly Horror Stories at the Haunted Bell Mansion. Only 50 tickets available! You get a tour of the mansion, two life podcasts, and a four hour long paranormal investigation after the show.Tickets a supporter of this podcast:
Jun 14, 2023
36 min
1996 Varginha UFO Incident - Interview w/ Bryan Bowden
The Varginha UFO Incident involves a series of events in 1996 when residents of Varginha, Brazil claimed seeing one or more strange creatures and at least one unidentified flying object (UFO). Other associated claims include the capture of one or more extraterrestrial beings by the Brazilian authorities, animal fatalities at a zoo, and a woman impregnated by an extraterrestrial.September 2nd - Bell Mansion in Fort Wayne, IN for a full day of events.Start the day off with a tour of the historic mansion from 4pm to 6pm. 6pm to 7pm - A meet & greet with Justin Rimmel from Mysterious Circumstances & Jerry & Tracy Paulley from Hillbilly Horror Stories.7pm to 10pm - Mysterious Circumstances & Hillbilly Horror Stories do a live version of their podcasts.10pm to 2am - Participate in a paranormal investigation of the very haunted Bell Mansion.ONLY 50 TICKETS AVAILABLE!!! All ticket buyers will be entered into a drawing for one lucky winner & a guest to spend the night at the mansion with Justin, Tracy & Jerry! a supporter of this podcast:
Jun 6, 2023
1 hr 7 min
Zodiac Killer News Update w/ Jen Bucholtz
I'm sure we've all seen the news update on the Zodiac Killer. Here's some of the inside info on what's going on, that you won't read in the news. I'm joined by Jen Bucholtz to break down, and add to the recent information.Become a supporter of this podcast:
May 17, 2023
50 min
Haunted : The Heidi Wyrick Story
The young Wyrick family had moved to the small town of Ellerslie, Georgia after buying their first house in 1989. Heidi's parents, Andrew and Lisa, wanted to move to the town to have a fresh start and to be in a safe place to raise a family. Shortly after moving in, Heidi had a new imaginary friend.Become a supporter of this podcast:
Apr 18, 2023
34 min
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