My Walking Life
My Walking Life
Tom Griffen
Tom Griffen, artist and modern-day explorer, journeys afoot and lighthearted, 4000-miles across the length of the United States. In this podcast, Tom tells his own stories and those of random strangers he meets along the way. He also describes both the mundane and exciting details of his 3 m.p.h. life windblown on the American roadside.
DAY 205 - Toms Final Day Walking Across America
DAY 205 - Toms Final Day Walking across America   (*Note from Joel the Editor/Producer of MWL podcast. Tom and I have decided to jump the podcast to the final day to tie a bow on this leg of the podcast. Due to my crazy day job of being a tv/film editor which has it's own demanding schedule, the additional time necessary to keep up on it is difficult and Tom is ready for the podcast to continue on albeit with more updated content. I agree with this and am very excited to see what Tom does next with the platform of My Walking Life.    This being said it, I've enjoyed my time working with Tom on this podcast and am extremely proud of the 25 episodes I got to edit. It brought us closer as brothers and gave me a front row seat to the adventure. Additionally I always look forward to seeing what Tom does next, as I am sure you are as well. Thanks for following along.    One more time, Take listen to Tom as he completes his journey across America. 
Oct 22, 2018
35 min
EP 25 - Déjà vu Yawns
Days 69-72. Coincidences or Convergences? Day light savings. Rain gear coming out. Two motorcyclists. Regretting saying no to a beer. Gotta work on changing the no default. Hand warmers. Mid life crisis? Left foot injuries and coffee with new friends. Naked hot springs and memories of Alaskan Bears & Police.
Jul 28, 2018
52 min
EP 24 - Drunk Monkey on a Hot Plate
Days 67-68. Tom is dealing with the stillness of days off and discusses the miles ahead. Will Tom be able to go the next 120 miles without the police hassling him? Tom discusses managing personal relationships, loneliness, social media, and being present while on the road. Also, license plates.   *Additional Message from Joel (Tom's brother/MWL editor) - As you may or may not know Tom finished his Walk Across America yesterday!  I am aware of how behind I am on this podcast but I am committed to completing it. I have piles of recordings queued up and ready to build into episodes for you all.  So keep following along as I digitally catch up with my brother and his 205 days of walking from LA to NYC!  Thanks for your patience!
Jul 26, 2018
28 min
EP 23 - Lucidity and that AWW YEAHH Moment
Day 66. Senior discounts, trash on the side of the road, and lucid thoughts are discussed as Tom continues on through to Lordsburg, New Mexico.
Jun 22, 2018
35 min
EP 22 - History Book Pizza
Days 62-65. Tom walks faster and farther when he is in a funk but fortunately as he heads towards the New Mexico border good things are happening. Tom encounters crowing morning roosters, barking dogs in backyards, and pizza toting bicyclists full of conversation of all sorts. 
Jun 14, 2018
27 min
EP 21 - Apache Generosity
Day 61. Tom is walking through the Apache Native Reservation. He first meets Mike and Yasmina who buy Tom lunch and discuss the presence of the Mexican cartel. Next, Tom meets Eldot who offers some advice. Later, Tom comes across Curtis, former professional Bull Rider, who provides some supplies, stories of his family, and tells Tom he will be included in his prayers. After a long day of meeting very generous folks, Tom camps near a trash dump and falls asleep to the sound of the Pima River.
May 21, 2018
21 min
EP 20 - Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night
Day 58. It's raining and Little Buddy is frozen solid. Tom "collects" safety equipment to decorate LB and make himself more visible on the road.  Tom discusses about how luxurious items make him stay up too late before getting pulled over by Police for allegedly "walking in the middle of the road" right before the weather turns from bad to worse.   
May 21, 2018
19 min
EP 19 - Uncle Yogi
Days 55-57. Tom approaches a daunting part of the trail and asks the road for guidance. Tom talks about meeting up with his sister Kim and her husband Chris at their SCA event called Estrella War in Queen Creek, AZ. After the event, Tom gets to spend some time with his nephews and explains the origin of their nickname for him, "Uncle Yogi". 
May 2, 2018
19 min
EP 18 - The Generous Lion
Days 53-54. We meet the bantering bicyclists Tom (age 71) and Dennis (age 77) at The Crosscut Canal. Tom learns a lesson about generosity from Lion the Rastafarian.  Tom Wishes David farewell as he leaves Mesa, AZ. Tom meets up with his Sister Kim and her Husband Chris to join them for WAR. Tom is listening to some tunes on the trail and discusses his music choices. 
Apr 16, 2018
16 min
EP 17 - Chapter One, Done
Days 49-52. Tom meets some excited locals in Wickenburg, AZ before being mistaken as a "shopping cart guy" by Anthony and his dog 'Troubles', the ambassador of the park. Later on Tom recalls when a truck played chicken with him.  Tom meets Chad while hiking a Canal Trail that brings him into Phoenix, AZ, thus concluding Chapter 1 of his journey. 
Apr 13, 2018
29 min
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