My First Time Watching
My First Time Watching
Abby Sue
Do you remember watching your favorite movie for the first time? My First Time is a podcast talking about the memories and experiences we have felt while watching some of our favorite movies. Each episode will have a guest co-host who will accompany Host, Abby Sue, in talking about their first time watching their favorite movie as well as some of their favorite scenes and general overview of the films!
Episode 7: Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!  On this weeks episode we are talking about a favorite among the Tim Burton collection : Beetlejuice!  A quirky and funny movie with appropriate notes of horror, this film has been a favorite among general audiences. I am joined by some of my favorite people Sandi and Noelle Villalobos (and Vincent in some parts of the episode ). We talk about the unique style of this film as well as the performances , the costumes, the characters and so much more! 
Oct 11
1 hr 19 min
Episode 6: Scream
'Tis the season! Happy October everyone !  This month is going to be dedicated to some Halloween favorites as well as some underdogs of the horror genre. We are starting this month with a cult classic that revitalized the horror slasher genre. Scream (1996) , directed by Wes Craven became an instant classic to the hour genre. I am joined by my friend Anthony Moreno via Zoom ( sorry about the audio quality)! I hope you all enjoy myself forgetting how many things happened in during the 40 min (or so) party scene and our admiration for Wes Cravens Meta worlds!
Oct 1
1 hr 32 min
Episode 5: 13 Going on 30
Who doesn't love the 80's? This week we are talking about a classic 2000's movie: 13 Going on 30! I am joined again by our good friend Drew!  Special thanks to everyone who submitted their  choices for Augusts' listener pick ! I will be doing this every month so get your suggestions ready!  The season of HALLOWEEN is coming up and I have more content lining up for you all! Stay tuned for some news !
Sep 4
1 hr 31 min
Episode 4: New Moon
AND WE ARE BACK WITH THE TWILIGHT SAGA Our preteen years are resurfacing as the Twilight fandom rises from the ashes. To my Team Edward people, IM SORRY WE LOST THIS ONE. To my Team Jacob people - enjoy your episode. I am joined by my roommate Kat Lopez as we talk about New Moon, the plot, the ridiculous circumstances Bella finds herself in, and all the other expositional glory of this film. This episode is 1000% filled with spoilers so if you have not watched it, here is your warning in text.   Side Note: I am changing the format of this podcast starting next episode! I want to leave more room for conversation over plot and I think you guys will enjoy that! Thanks again for all your support ! #teamedward 
Aug 7
1 hr 36 min
Episode 3: Hamilton
What time is it? SHOWTIME.  Hamilton has been a phenomenon for years and now we finally have it at the palms of our hands. Disney + has streamed it and now thousands of people around the world get to witness this story on their screens at home. I am joined by this episode's guest Julia Kenney (expert Hamilton fan) and talk about the story of Alexander Hamilton and company, our favorite songs, and the cultural phenomenon that it continues to be! 
Jul 22
1 hr 17 min
Episode 2: The Phantom Menace
Yes! This is technically Episode 1 of the Skywalker Saga but it just so happens to be the second episode! I am joined by Ariana Lopez as we take a deep dive into the Star Wars Universe and talk about our most favorite and least favorite moments of the film as well as other installments of the  Star Wars film. (Major Spoilers AHEAD). 
Jul 1
1 hr 5 min
Episode 1: Twilight
Do you remember your first time watching Twilight? Well, WE DO! We are talking about the franchise phenomenon that changed our world and hearts forever. Join your host , Abby Sue with her guest host Andrew Diaz into an in depth conversation about the film and all the good and the bad that came with it!  Special thanks to Ariana Lopez who designed the cover art and the illustrations for this podcast! Check out her design page on Instagram @moonandrosedesigns and hire her for all your art and design needs!  Also one more special thanks to Dante Espinoza for creating the theme song for the podcast! Check out his music on soundcloud : Thank you all for listening and supporting! This is the first episode and can't wait for more to come! 
May 17
1 hr 5 min
My First Time: An Introduction
This is a short intro about what My First Time is all about and the heart I had behind the idea! I hope you guys can get a glimpse of what I think will be a cool new way to connect with people!
May 13
4 min