My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
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Billy Jensen
I’m extremely disappointed the workplace investigation and cancellation of Murder Squad hasn’t been addressed at all. The allegations against Billy are extremely concerning and for women protecting women I can’t believe this was just shushed up. I love MFM but this is a huge mistake.
The informative info I appreciate the religious opinions I don’t
Their constant input on religion kinda takes away from a great podcast. The host seems judgmental we can all have our own views and religion but it feels like they shame people. Hopefully they cut back on certain religious comments.
What happened? 😢
Best episode in quite awhile!!
This Satanic episode was one of the best I’ve heard in quite awhile. Love the pod love the ladies ❤️😬
Typical entitled garbage
A couple of one-percenters who have sold out to squeeze every last dollar out of their loyal listeners before they close shop. If you think this show deserves 5 stars, you are brainwashed.
Liberal elite hypocrites
Would LOVE to hear their take on the new peacock series about Casey Anthony’s latest cashgrab- uh I mean story. Somehow I don’t think they’ll cover it. Believe all women, right?
I am ok with one story episodes if that is best for both of you. You have to have other interests going on or you would become stagnant. Although I would LOVE two stories in each episode, you deserve the break. I am happy just to hear this podcast in whatever form you are willing to make it. Thanks - love you all❣️❣️❣️
Used to Love it
This used to be my #1 podcast am im so sad that it’s gone the way it has. Hardly any new episodes actually tell stories. The Ads in the mini-sodes are just as long as the content, and the full episodes are either an interview with someone I don’t care about, or only one of them telling a story someone else researched for them.
It’s peaked
The podcast used to be great. Now it’s just fine. The banter is still great but I miss the murders
Loving the 1 story episodes!
Great show, MFM team! Thank you ☺️
Will always be my favorite podcast
The podcast has changed over the years, however I will not stop listening. The banter is music to my ears, some of the stories are light hearted unrelated to murder and I love it. If you’re looking for an extremely serious podcast- they have others ON THEIR NETWORK! And they’re also amazing!
Losing the crowd
I’ve been with the Podcast since episode 4. It started off great- and stayed that way until last year or so. I love the minisodes. I still like the murders, but they are not well researched, and more and more episodes are cults, heists, kidnapping…..this is not ‘my favorite kidnapping’….bring back the MUR-DER!!
Rapidly spinning downhill
I’m a big podcast listener and regularly keep 10ish podcasts on rotation. No other podcast I’ve listened to puts in less effort than this one. This is frustrating considering they don’t even do their own research or editing. If they don’t want to podcast anymore they should stop. At some point it’s disrespectful to long time listeners to put forth so little care.
I used to devour this podcast - there was a dark period where these two woman where my only friends - I even stayed understanding when they took several months off - but they have finally succumbed to the usual corporate laziness/greed. Now that they have their million dollar houses they can water down their product with just one of them recounting a story - that someone else researches for them!! So sad!
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Stop making 1 story episodes.
ellum enopie
Used to be great…they sold out
Used to be my favorite podcast. I’ve since realized how little respect they have for victims. They sold out to Amazon and don’t even do their own research, or work anymore. The ad breaks are INSANELY long and it feels like they’re using actual tragedies as a money making scheme. Go listen to Cult Podcast or Criminals.
A modern classic
Thought I was going to hear a crime story … instead got 2 Liberal C!nts swearing & carrying on about THEIR personal opinions 🤮
Been here since 2018
These ladies have gotten me through and taught me a lot. Not sure where I’d be without the two of them or this pod.
Used to be great
I used to love this podcast, but now every other episode is just a long commercial for other podcasts on their networks.
Pitchin' Woo
Not what it used to be.
I miss their long form episodes where both Karen and Georgia tell a story. Ad breaks are ridiculously long. And I don’t understand some of the guests. I LOVE when Phoebe Judge joins because she actually tells a true crime story. Everyone else just chitchats.
6 weeks,NO MURDER
Between lame crossovers, earthquakes and episodes about gift giving for rich people It’s been 6 weeks without an episode that actually covers a MURDER…I’ve been here since day 1 and I’m finally done waiting for it to get good again….I’ll go find a podcast that actually covers true crime.
Used to love
I used to look forward to your episodes. Now I leave them unplayed for days. I still enjoy your minis. I think you need to record in the same room again. The political stuff at times is too much.
Billy Jensen is a creep
Karen and Georgia your total lack of acknowledgment about the harassment and misconduct allegations against Billy Jensen is so disappointing and has made me wake up to other problematic aspects of the show. I’ve been a listener since the cracked crossover but I can’t anymore…if you can’t talk about it because it’s an ongoing case just say so? But say something. Also look out for, copaganda, white lady privilege, victim blaming…etc
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My Favorite Podcast
Karen and Georgia and their dynamic make me feel like I have friends in the car with me. Love these ladies and love all the hard work they’ve put into the show for almost 7 years!
The girls are still funny but the show’s kind of turned into an Oprah-esque talk show/media branding thing with an occasional true crime story thrown in as an after thought.
Cassius Braidel
My Favorite Review
This is my first review of a podcast even though I’ve been listening to podcasts for years. I have never related to two women more or felt like I found a community. Karen, Georgia and Steven have created the most awesome and beautiful podcast, tributing victims of crime and inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest. Love it so so much.
Don’t need divisive political banter
I listen to this to escape from politics. As someone who doesn’t affiliate with any party- I’m sick of hearing them bash the side they don’t agree with. The podcast isn’t good enough to justify unwarranted opinions. Unsubscribed.
Ann Pittman
Taking AWAY womens rights..
Really now. That statement alone about midterms & womens rights is explosive including waaaay over the top. I love you guys and that made me cringe. Trans have been encroaching womens rights and yet ppl stand behind trans bc it’s the “it” thing and no one wants to be cancelled. LGBT+ is such a grey area and yet they get top tier treatment only bc of cancel culture. Not right for anyone. Being Genuine is not a thing now a days. There is such thing of not agreeing w ppl& hating. “Do what you do, but leave me/others out of it” , is still a stance & ok.
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Long lost bffs
Karen and Georgia, you don’t know this but we’re long lost bffs. Thanks for saving me on countless road trips and the lulls of my PhD experiments (literally making cancer drugs and giggling along with you), it feels like I’m hanging out with my best friends when I tune in!
Maybe just stop?
First, I realize they don’t owe listeners anything… but they also earn their living from the ads that we listen to while expecting a certain quality of content (and the Fan Cult, merch, etc.). Maybe just stopping before fans were upset by the lack of consistency would be a good plan? Or put out episodes on a less frequent basis when you’re actually interested in making the content?
I’ve always thought I’ve left a review but at second glance that was a hard nope. LONG TIME listener, love this podcast with everything.
Still Got It
OG murderino here. This podcast hasn’t lost anything but it’s lamer followers. These ladies are funny, informative, and their banter still makes me chuckle every single week. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME JOY FOR THE LAST 6 YEARS LADIEZ
Leaky Shoes
One of my favorites
Hey Karen and Georgia I have been listening to your podcast for about a year and I’m in love with you guys not only for the true crime and historical aspects but how you guys are just real and natural and it’s comforting I get to laugh while I’m driving and walking and also learn. Thank you for doing what you do and helping us to stay sexy and not get murdered.
Jumped the shark
What a shame. They don’t even try anymore. There are more ads than content. They don’t even tell stories very often. I had to unsubscribe from their fan cult, they don’t need my money anymore, they apparently have plenty because they make no effort. So disappointing. Check out Small Town M…d..r with James and Jimmie if you still like to laugh and hear a great story.
Time to end
Like many others, I’m beginning to lose interest as there are fewer and fewer episodes with storytelling and more and more of promoting other podcasts on the network. I’ve been listening less and less. Maybe it’s time to call it quits. Nothing lasts forever.
I would love to be able to follow just the minisodes and skip the regular episodes, which have evolved away from the original premise and into mostly touting and showcasing all the other podcasts on the network. Still love the minis!
Not what it used to be
Hey, it’s their podcast to do as they want with. Most things have a lifespan. I don’t mind the social/political commentary, especially since I’m a member of the proverbial choir to which they preach. But that’s exactly what it has become… lengthy preaching. By all means use your influence to try to make the world better, but the delivery probably isn’t helping. I’m guessing the stats on the guest episodes speak for themselves. I’ll continue to listen when the episodes are the storytelling we are here for, fingers near the scrub button, until they decide to move on to the next thing.
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All around amazing
The ladies delivered laughing, genuine care for humanity, all while telling gruesome stories! It’s a must!!
Love it, keep being you.
I found this podcast about 4-5 months ago and love it. I enjoy the stories and these two women as unique and kind humans
nr fjanehcls d
OG murderino here. The ladies have been losing their zest. I’m struggling to continue listening, they don’t sound like they’re having fun anymore and have drastically decreased the number of stories they tell. I don’t come to MFM to hear a whole episode about a new movie or gifts, I’m here for murder, dang it. Disappointed.
What happened! Do you two even like each other? I have a feeling you don’t read any reviews and that is disappointing because we are your loyal and long time fans who want better content or for you to rebrand this show, it’s changed into something else! I’ll keep an eye and ear out for something new but for the mean time I can tell all you care about is the money. Unsubscribed!
Please watch the movie “Bad Axe”!
The movie completely fits with your discussion of political oppression, fairness to all. It’s fantastic.
JR Bones
Best podcast ever; please stick with your classic style of storytelling
This is by far my favorite podcast ever. I am a long time listener of many types of podcasts. Karen and Georgia consistently deliver funny, interesting, engaging content across the board, and I am so grateful that they started this podcast. I must say, however, that I enjoy the “classic” style episodes (i.e. when Karen and Georgia (or even one of them) tell a story), much more than the hometown format episodes and guest episodes. You gals are great! Please don’t stop producing content in your unique style. I would much prefer you rotate weeks then dilute your content and brand with episodes that are still good, but do not live up to the standard I have come to know and love from you two . And please more live shows! I’ve never been able to get tickets before they sell out and would love the opportunity to see you in person.
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katie 12346
What happened ???
As many loyal fans have noted in the reviews…this podcast is a complete disappointment at this point. I used to be excited for each weeks episode years ago. I felt like I was really learning how to be safer, about historical events and cases. Love Karen’s sense of humor. Every year I downgraded it to maybe listen once in a while or while multi tasking but now? Unsubscribe. It started with the guest episodes where nothing really important or impactful was discussed, but this last gift giving episode was the last straw for me. As Georgia would say…byeeee
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I used to look forward to every Monday and Thursday when we’d get a new MFM. Since COVID and the creation of the Exactly Right network, this podcast has really gone downhill. The banter is forced. Based on their interactions, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that Karen and Georgia aren’t friends anymore (and the fact they live not too far from one another and still record via Zoom). Producers, writers, researchers have ruined the charm of this show. Karen will try to engage Georgia in stories, ask questions, which fall flat when Georgia responds in a way that makes you feel like she’d be anywhere but podcasting. It’s really sad that MFM has become something they have to do to keep the Exactly Right network going, vs actually wanting to do it. MFM meant so much to the Murderinos and fans and it feels like it’s become a shell of itself.
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aaron (barteringlines)
Going downhill
Used to be a favorite when the hosts did their stories and provided a consistent podcast. Now they used writers and researchers and they still can’t seem to have a consistent show. I’m sad to see it go, but it’s clear they are done with this podcast.
At first I wasn’t so keen on the changes but I’m getting used to it. I still love the first few years when they were more silly? Scary stories and all that. But I think they had to change like everything. They are good company.
This show
Love it
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