My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
Exactly Right
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Has Lost It’s Way
This podcast used to be great. It is now filled with the first 21 minutes of chit chat and very often an erroneous discussion of lobotomies, Miranda history. Please decrease the beginning talk and get back to discussing actual crimes in the way you did at the start. The filler episodes are unnecessary.
JR Bones
I <3 abortion
Love this podcast! I’ve been listening for about 3 years. The trump guzzlers and pro lifers can find themselves a different podcast instead of leaving bad reviews.
Please Stop
Can you just tell the stories and leave your political and religious views out of it!
Bradlees cool mom
Writing this review so your show passes Shapiro
You are way better than Ben Shapiro. I love your show and right now you rank 12. You should be one, but Shapiro’s garbage podcast is 10. It shouldn’t be on the top charts but it definitely should be ranked higher than your show. Come on murderinos! Let’s rally so that we can put Ben Shapiro in his place.
Hope this improves
Love the content but it takes too long to get to the actual story. You loose me at like 7 minutes of nonsense. I would love to stay and listen but it’s too much talking about nonsense.
My Favorite Murder
I love listening to Karen and Georgia while driving home from work. The murders are interesting and they mix famous stories in with stories I would have never heard ever. I feel like we are girlfriends hanging out at a sleepover and it is so entertaining and comforting.
Better true crime podcasts out there…
I like these ladies and what they stand for, but I got sick of their banter before they got into the crime stories. I guess when I listen to true crime I prefer to get right to the story.. just me. I found I gradually stopped listening. I like Crime Junkie better!
liz meany
Too politically correct
I used to love this podcast, but the constant ranting about radical left wing ideology has gotten out of hand. Every other show has become increasingly too cringy to listen to. I would listen to the show if they had time stamps of when the actual story starts so I could skip the most disturbing content in the show. Such as talking about " birthing people" and how beautiful abortions are.
My absolute favorite!! I live for Thursday mornings
Great show
I’m a long term Murderino. I have loved this show from the beginning. Not only are their stories great, Karen and Georgia are not afraid to provide real life experiences. I wish there was less talk in the beginning these days, but I still listen to the banter regardless. Truly in love with this podcast.
Love it!
Love that the ladies are back and better than ever. Thank you for the life advice, the advocacy you do, and the podcast.
Politics! Ughh
Sick and Tired of You
Finally writing this!
I started listening to this podcast when the pandemic hit and I am OBSESSED! I’m sorry it took me so long to say I love this podcast and thank you for sharing these stories in such a great way!!
Get your groove back
I’ve been a fan from the start… but I’m finding it harder to stay into. Georgia clearly needs a new microphone or room or something but the echoey sound is really annoying especially in contrast to Karen’s higher quality sound. Also… do your own research, I miss the excitement you would get about your discoveries.
The girls needed a break
Loved the beginning few years of the pod- could tell the girls were loosing steam and enthusiasm as the years wore on. Hoping it picks back up now that they’re back from break, but I do re-listen to old episodes and laugh along with you ladies!
My favorite podcast
I’ve been listening for YEARS! And I love it just as much as I did that very first day I listened. Can’t wait for live shows to come back. If they ever come to SF Ca I'm there!!!
That’s Exactly Right! MFM is best in the business!
Karen are Georgia are beautiful and down right legends! The fury Ones are the best in the west (All the cookies to Elvis) and Mustache man is gorgeous! Just listen! You’ll either love it or hate it! You should have been listening already anyways ! If you’re new start at the beginning and binge with the new episodes! Love One Another and SSDGM Mutha F@?&$rs!
TK Kuehn
Love you Ladies!!
Ok so you are the best truly!!! To many things to say so I’ll just skip it all but you rock. Have to tell you though, I was doing yard work while listening to this weeks mini and somehow my Apple Watch turned the speed to 1/2 time. Ummm I was dyyyying!!! It started during Georgia talking about about the the three drunk- a-teers. Seriously you sounded sooooo wasted I couldn’t change it back it had my literally laughing out loud to myself in my yard. I’m sure my neighbors loved it. I HIGH-ly recommend listening this way sometime one if you need a good gut laugh!!
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Want two instant best friends? Listen to MFM. I used to care very little about true crime and started listening because I love Karen and Georgia. Two years later, I am kinda invested in true crime and love Karen and Georgia even more! Also it’s the very best weather podcast.
Totes good.
It isn’t getting better
I used to love this podcast. I loved the witty banter, the awareness to mental health, and the advocacy for those that have no voice. But over time that has seemed to fade away. Instead of being funny and relatable, they have become pompous and belittling to their own fans.
If I hear another “like”…
I will 🤢
Poor sound quality
Georgia’s sound quality is very poor since recording from home.
Curse police
I normally don’t care if people share political beliefs that are different than mine since we’re all entitled to our opinions and free speech (even when they raged against all the Trump voters), but I draw the line at championing the doctor that made late term abortions a thing. You know, the actual murder of babies up until minutes before they’re born, violating their right to life. They’re actively promoting killing babies during a period of time of pregnancy when the vast majority of Americans actually want to ban abortions, not just us pro-lifers. These babies aren’t just a “cluster of cells” and can feel pain. They deserve to be protected and so I will no longer be listening.
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So happy for your return!!
The hiatus gave us the “best of” from past episodes however the real best of is what’s yet to come. That was a solid return to form. Can’t wait for more! Edit: the work you did for Indigenous People Day of remembrance meant a lot and I needed to put it out there.
Awkwardly Social Podcast
Too much talking before story
They literally talked about nonsense the first 15-20 minutes before the story. It was quite boring. Unsubscribed!! When I want to listen to a podcast, I want to hear true crime stories, not what the weather is in their state, what they ate for supper, or watched on Netflix!!
Keep being “woke”
I love listening to this podcast! My poor husband has also been kind of listening to your podcast recently, because I tell him basically everything you say. Our nightly conversations now consist of badly retold stories. Thank you for a great relief in an odd time.
Ugh. Why the politics?
I was so in love with this show for a long time. Then the political crap started being brought in and I was out. I listen to podcasts to hear something other than what is all over the news. Stick to the true crime, honesty I don’t think anyone cares what you think about politically.
So glad to have you back
I am also glad I procrastinated years to leave this review. Missing Elvis, but loving the dog cameos. Loving the weather reports and sounds. Loving your up front discussions. You all are like a warm blanket on a cold day for me. Thank you.
NM Nerdist
What happened
Thought it might have been a pandemic slip but it’s still garbage
Love it!!!
There is no other podcast that I must listen too. I have read their book, listen to the podcast for a couple years now. I am hooked and don’t want to imagine podcast w/ out them.
I appreciate your opinions on politics& religion
I saw some comments where people feel like they can tell you what to do. And I just want to say I enjoy your chitchat before the story. Hearing what y’all are watching/reading … what you think politically :) and I think the Christian banter is funny. So I’d say most of us love your content no need to pay attention to the Christian conservative haters. With peace and love! Keep it up ladies! Hope to see you live one day
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Ugh now they think they are “woke” but also couldn’t care less
Their lack of genuine interest in real people but total need to tell everyone how “virtuous” they are is BORING. I appreciate that they created the true crime comedy genre but as a result there are so many better podcasts with less self righteous and disinterested hosts. GoodByeee!
Moester OC
Gimmie allllll the LA wind and rain asmr
By far the best weather podcast out there today. Also Karen hopped up on evening coffee is my fave. Keep bringing her back please and thank you.
Loooking for a new podcast, this one is not it. So much random crap before you actually get the the actual story.
Karen and Georgia have totally checked out lol
Lone reed Conservative listener 🙋🏼‍♀️
I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw that Karen and Georgia were back! I look forward to my Mondays and Thursdays with you gals. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to hear both of your familiar voices through the speaker of my phone. Kudos to taking the time you needed to decompress. Love the pod, love you ladies. So very happy you’re both back! ❤️
Mostly great, too political
This was my favorite podcast for a long, but it’s gotten so political. I wish they could keep the politics out. It’s a shame.
Love it
Always very interesting & topical
Columbus Day
Oct 11
Come on!!! Update…
I don’t want to hear your book tour! Make as much money as you can, you sold out. Glad you took a break. Update: I do not want to hear your fam-fans repeat your stories. We all struggled through the pandemic. MFM became a labor to listen to. At least the live episodes are good. The magic is gone. I hope you can find your wands ladies, if not just admit it when belly up and move on. Update: Moved on to your fan girls Morbid. Update: Is the magic back?!?!
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Stupid now
Huge fan
Absolutely love this podcast! I’ve been listening since the very beginning but I think today’s episode was one of the best (October 14). Excellent Banter.
Best podcast hands down!!!!
Missing Elvis ❤️
It’s so good to have you back.
I now get my MFM fix twice a week again and so happy about that!
Every once in a while
I like to come back and re-rate and post another review. I’m not sure how effective it really is, but I hope it makes a tiny difference. You guys deserve ongoing support. You have evolved from the start and change as needed based on you and your business needs. Keep it up. I effin love you guys.
Garbage bell
Dang. Where did the chemistry go, ladies? Such a shame. Should’ve quit while they were ahead instead of letting it go SO far downhill. I used to legitimately obsess over throw podcast and now it makes me cringe. It’s not cute to not know the story if you don’t even do your own research. Had to say goodbye!
Just checking back
This was my original TCP! I check back on the girls about every 6 months to see if they have stopped their hate of religions, but alas not yet. Super intelligent, funny and want to create a platform of change. Unfortunately they can’t get out of their own way.
Why does everything have to be political?
I really loved this podcast and the chemistry between Georgia and Karen. But I got to the Bella in the witch elm story and it got very political very fast and for way too long. And then to be told that they don’t care if they upset people and lose followers was rude and just down right hateful. I don’t care what you’re political stance is and I can agree to disagree and move on. But I can’t support people who can’t let people have differing opinions. I’m here to listen about true crime. If I wanted politics I would find a podcast for it.
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A favorite that’s slipping
My all time favorite podcast, but they’ve been slipping! They don’t do the research themselves, they don’t care about audio- I think they should either just have a gossipy podcast or go back all in to true crime. Love them though, honestly, just miss the old stuff 💔
The Office HD
Edit: Misjudged you ladies😱
I initially wasn’t a fan but the friend who introduced me to the show told me to listen to 4-5 more episodes because she just couldn’t believe I didn’t like this show. However after listening to 4 shows, I’m hooked😂 I love the show so much now that I had to change my review😊 Georgia and Karen, you two are awesome ❤️❤️
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