My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
Exactly Right
Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.
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Not as good as it used to be
Too many live shows and babbling about politics and other stuff. Not much about the murders anymore.
It’s good!
Pretty darn good!
Uugggh not a fan
Saw this and I started with episode 1 These two talk like they are just grabbing on the phone. All in all what I didn’t like was the noise and breathing in the microphone and hearing tapping and things moving around. The laughing was way too much and I felt like the third wheel who doesn’t know anyone. Overall a big miss My gosh I hate to give bad reviews but not a good one.
Something changed?
I've been listening for a hot minute, and I feel like in the past year (?) or so the actual cases have become much shorter and less researched. I enjoy hearing about your lives, but a 45 minute intro partially filled with other podcast and merch plugs is a lot. Let's please take a step back to the formula pre-Exactly Right network.
Too much side talking
Really enjoyed the mini episodes but they just talk too much and take forever to actually get into the story and then get sidetracked in the middle.
Getting worse
Really liked this show in the beginning until they got too chatty and all about politics. Try listening to Quite Unusual Podcast, they remind me of old school MFM.
I like true crime stories and comedy and have enjoyed their reading of true stories mostly. But I don’t tune podcasts in for political barbs. Maybe they should start a political comedy podcast if they wish
Love you guys
So many people are complaining about you guys talking about politics and what’s going on in the world but I honestly appreciate it so much and also to all the “Karen’s” using “lazy” content as an excuse to leave bad reviews and not listen to the podcast just because you don’t like what they’re saying is very immature for middle aged stay at home mom. Thanks for using your platforms Karen and Georgia 💜
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My Favorite Podcast Friends
(Long long time listener.) Karen and Georgia provide an escape, that allows us to laugh and feel comforted during scary and uncertain times... who knew a murder podcast could do that for ya. Xx
So done with their hypocrisy
I started listening to this podcast when the pandemic shutdown started in March and I absolutely loved it. Here we are 6 months later and I’ve listened to all of the episodes and it seems like in the last year worth of episodes all they do is spew their political opinions and try to appease their liberal listeners. I just can’t do it anymore. It’s fine if they want to express their liberal political opinions every once in a while, but to do it every episode and then demean anyone who is a Republican or a Trump supporter is just, well, sad and not inclusive at all which is what they “preach” the hell out of. This is expected of the left supporters but I didn't expect it from these two. I am a Trump supporter and I’m not a racist, I love people of any sexual orientation, i love people of all races and colors and I support our police and I am not the worst person in the world but listening to this podcast makes me feel like I am. For supporters of a political party that preaches inclusiveness, yet are the first to demean anyone who doesn’t agree, this is typical. Just know that I, as a Republican Trump supporter was more than willing to listen to Karen and Georgia’s opinions, until they started in on their hypocritical “inclusiveness” views and trashing the right. Enjoy your hateful, non inclusive views and followers. I’m out.
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Much more than a true crime podcast!
I was surprised to see so many negative reviews right off the bat, so I’m here to share my two cents! I’ve been a listener from the beginning, and while I agree that the show has changed quite a bit from the earlier stuff, I actually really enjoy the shift. I love that the girls chat more with each other! I love hearing their personal stories — their struggles with mental health, political opinions, anecdotes, etc. I find the girls to be endearing, and their conversations with each other have been really insightful and helpful to me at various times. As for the true crime aspect, I think they do a wonderful job! They’re really good at choosing less know, but equally important, cases highlighting social injustices. In addition, I can’t say enough about how beautiful their philanthropic work is. Like I said, I’ve been listening since day one and have fallen in love with these two humans. I’m rooting for them all the way, and wish them all the success in the world! Love you Karen and Georgia! Stay sexy!
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I like this show. I am a fan of true crime but it can be a bit heavy after a while - enter Karen and Georgia. Their banter and chit chat about completely unrelated things gives me a good laugh and reprieve from the seriousness of true crime. I also appreciate two middle class non-POC talking to their peers about issues affecting marginalized communities. Some want them to stay in their lane and speak only of crime but I disagree. Keep using your platform to share your voice about the impact of ignorance, bigotry, systemic inequality and fearmongering on this country. -Melissa
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Miss Johnson
Y’all are Silly
Seems like y’all are upset about two successful women basking in their glow up.
I’ve been listening to this podcast since day 1 (Hi Karen, the Polly Class murder also shaped my entire childhood) and I think I love the show more now than I did when it started. And I LOVE that they’ve gotten more political over time. They have done such incredible, public work to evolve and grow their thinking, acknowledge their mistakes and share what they’re learned from their listeners, especially when it comes to racial justice issues. I looove that they mention folks like Tara Brach and David Richo and Brene Brown (honestly feel like we’re on the same personal growth journey). I’m excited every Monday and Thursday to wake up and listen. Karen and Georgia, thank you times a million, if I ever bump into you at Wildflour bakery, your bread is on me ;)
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Had to unsubscribe
I used to love this pod. I would look forward to tuning in on Thursdays (and Mondays). I could tune out what else was going on but now it’s consumed by this pod too. I get it, you want to use your platform; however, given the little time, research and effort you put in to do the job your getting paid $$$$ for, why should anyone believe your political opinion? Not to mention, the times you just decide not to do the podcast, aka your job. That’s like me just not going into work that day without any notice. I don’t know, it’s not enjoyable anymore. Hopefully one day I can tune back in. Until then, I’m looking for a good true crime podcast.
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These Queens are Awesome!
I can’t believe the hate in these recent reviews about two women discussing their lives! The world went kerflooey and Karen & Georgia had to shift their way of doing business, which is talking, and part of that is sometimes making us laugh or find consolation in inconsolable situations. They have a right to talk about their lives and their feelings; they’ve done it from the beginning but bc you don’t agree about the subject now you get mad?! I call BS. I hope Karen and Georgia keep it up! I love you ladies. When you discuss politics or social responsibility, you’re doing the same thing you do discussing other horrific murders & crimes - you give it a voice! The victims you discuss deserve to be known, to have their names said & their stories heard! I see no difference between talking about Sharon Tate or Breonna Taylor, except who killed them. Please come to Tucson when the Armageddon is over. #SSDGM 🤟🏻🤟🏼🤟🏽🤟🏾🤟🏿
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Bring back the old mfm
This used to be a great podcast! But now it's not even their own research, and too political. I need an escape and now I'll look elsewhere.
Used to love
Like many others I used to love MFM. I don’t mind the banter or politics. I struggle with listening to Karen. She comes across as arrogant and demeaning, I sadly just can’t take it anymore.
Meg Lindsay
How have I not left a review yet
Love MFM. If you like true crime and comedy, you’ll love it too.
We don’t want live shows. We don’t want one story per week. We don’t want interviews. Keep it simple murderino stupid.
Good Pod, better people
Lol at anyone asking them to keep politics out of it, like politics don’t have an affect on crime or victims of crime. Don’t be stupid. Karen and Georgia are entitled to share their opinions. I’m sure you wouldn’t be this but hurt about them inserting their politics if they were speaking from YOUR side of the aisle. Anyways, I have been listening to them for years. I love these ladies and am so grateful for their dedication and care for their show as well as real life issues and utilizing their platform for good. I’ve met them in person and they were so incredibly kind and took the time to speak to me. Thanks ladies! 💞
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I tried
I love true crime podcasts and really wanted to like this one because it’s so popular but it’s just not for me. Lots of talking and I’m not a huge fan of their personalities. Just not for me.
Kris to da 10
Used to like it, now I can’t listen to it.
I loved the podcast for the first couple of years they put it out, and then it felt like they got comfortable and lazy with what they were putting out. Now, I just get annoyed about their political views and opinions. I listen to podcasts to get away from politics and world news...I had to unsubscribe because they wouldn’t shut up about their opinions. It’s okay once and a while to throw in what you want here or there but it seemed like the entire show started to become just that. I’m out... If anyone has really good true crime podcast that tells the story, facts, and keeps politics out...let me know. I’m shopping around.
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Big E for Elvis
Brutal listening to these two banter back and forth. Reminds me of 2 13 year olds trying to be cool.
Jim Woodcock
I used to love this podcast and these ladies, but it seems they can’t get through an episode without pushing their politics. I don’t mind hearing opinions different from mine but that’s not what I came here for. If they want to do a political podcast, then they should start one. This used to be my favorite podcast to listen to, now I’m sad and disappointed.
I just wanna talk....
Something needs to change
I love you guys but lately the show feels more like “My Favorite TV Shows This Week” than MFM. Obviously as Murderinos we don’t mind the 10-25 minute chat before getting to the stories, but I think after Anti-Hype Man we can all agree it’s gotten a little out of hand. 50 minutes? It comes off as very privileged because many of the tv shows they are talking about are spread out over cable, HBO, and many of streaming services; when the average murderino has one or two of those. It’s not very relatable listening through chats about TV shows you’ve never seen before and know you’ll never watch. It’s also disappointing that lately the actual stories themselves aren’t written by Karen and Georgia, they’ve mentioned several times over the past year that “Jay wrote that” or “Lily researched this”. We know you guys are busy and working hard running a podcast network, but if you need to take time off and not even post at all for a few months, that’s okay. We all get burnt out when we work hard for long periods of time. Please take care of yourselves ladies, and remember the fan base who supporting Exactly Right.
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Former MFM Lover
I have to say, I started listening to MFM about 9 months ago and was hooked from the beginning. I was so glad that I had just started listening because that meant that I had a lot of episodes to catch up on. Then I started noticing that more and more there would be a lot of time spent on political comments and less and less time about murder. Now I do realize that it is Karen and Georgia’s show and they absolutely can talk about whatever they want to talk about but I started listening because they made the stories so amazing and funny and I am missing that now. I feel like this whole COVID crap has screwed everything up. It just seems like when that started, that’s when the show started changing. I will probably be back, but I have to take a break from it for a while. When a lot of the comments start pissing you off, it’s not fun anymore and you have to get away. Thanks Karen and Georgia for all the entertainment and the excellent way you put the stories across. Love you guys but I got to go for a while Thanks Diana
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My Quarantine Escape!
I love this podcast! I know it’s not for everyone, but I just love it. I started from episode 1 when the quarantine happened in my area in March, and it’s been such an escape from this crazy pandemic. Give it a try!
Went from awesome to awful. Lazy, too much politics and senseless talking. I loved this show at the beginning. Just stop already
Love this podcast
Love listening!!
Oh gosh.
My favorite murder should be about murders. Obviously. It is definitely not, especially last couple months. I have been listening to this podcast since last year and I really liked it because both host have great energy and i love true crime. Obviously. But it’s been rough recently. It almost seems like they are to lazy to do research, most of the episodes are not so funny or interesting listeners stories, old live shows or 40 minut rants about irrelevant things. Peacing outta here ✌️
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A forever fan
Karen and Georgia are so popular now that they probably don’t even care about these reviews anymore BUT I’ve been listening for 2.5 years now and I will be a forever fan. I listen while I’m working alone in my studio and even with the extra banter and conversations I feel like I’m sitting there with friends. I like the realness of it. Sure there are other more in-depth true crime podcasts but they’ve never claimed to be anything but what they’ve always been. I think they’re two awesome ladies who do their best, have done a lot of good and connected a lot of people. I hope to see them live someday since I missed them the first time they came through my city. ❤️
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Ok if you don’t expect much
If you skip the first 20-ish minutes of useless chit chat, play it on 2x the speed (bc they talk so slow), and just want a quick, “murder of the day” kind of thing that’s built on Wikipedia, it’s fine. The attempts to sing are annoying and not funny. And so is the bit they do about Anglicizing names of cities, rivers, etc. “Say it how you spell it.” That’s funny, colonizers, do another one.
Used to be great til they stopped enjoying it themselves
This podcast used to be amazing but has turned into absolute trash. Karen and Georgia constantly complain about having to research cases and release new episodes, when I’m pretty sure a guy named Jay does most of their research for them. They (mostly Karen) are so self absorbed now it is painful to listen to their banter before they get into the cases. I used to enjoy listening to that part and was never a skipper but Karen is so pretentious and clearly thinks she is the greatest person on earth now, it is hard to stomach. She acts like she is too good for this job which is a bummer because she was very entertaining at one point until whatever happened to her ego. They clearly don’t want to be doing this podcast anymore and the listener can tell. I wish they would just end it instead of complaining so much.
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My Kweens!
I know this podcast isn’t for my right-leaning family. But Rush Limbaugh isn’t for me so I guess we’re even. KEEP THIS ISH UP K/G. Your 30-somethings love you.
My OG true crime podcast. Thanks ladies!
Best friend’s are the best
Just like the title says! She turned me on to this podcast last year and I’ve been invested since first listen. So much of your life can change from a true crime comedy PC. Who would’ve thought!!
I LOVE YOU LADIES! That is all! ❤️
Used to love this pod
Now it’s my ‘last resort’ podcast. I have to fast forward though their inane, self congratulating banter and even then, their cases are short and not well rounded or researched. They really crack each other up, but man they aren’t funny or even remotely...intelligent.
Banter, open opinions, and murder
I lOVE their banter, and find it refreshing they are not afraid to be themselves and open about their life journeys, their political beliefs and the thing they share a love of true crime. If you don’t want to connect with the hosts or don’t want a liberal or different opinion then you, sure this might not be your podcast but I love it and it gets me through work and bad days.
The most perfect road trip entertainment!
My brother turned my own to MFM. We drove from Portland, OR to Brian Head, UT and back. 90% of the time was listening to MFM. This podcast is hilarious, informative, fascinating, it is EVERYTHING. Who knew murder would take this family road trip to the next level?! Thank you!
It’s like having friends in my ears
You guys. The first part of this podcast is banter and chatting like casual friends. Then they share their stories. There’s a reason episodes are like an hour and a half. They don’t claim to do the best research or to be experts even. It’s a comedy podcast! Everyone calm down. If you like funny conversations related to current events, and true crime, then this is a really great podcast for you. Georgia and Karen are hilarious, honest, and have been in my ears for 3 years and I’ll let them keep being in my ears. It feels like i have my good weird friends with me.
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Banter is a good thing
I have seen the other reviews pertaining to the banter. The whole point of the show is the banter, and the comedy. There are plenty of pure true crime documentary podcasts that I listen to, but I truly love this concept as well. When I listen to a news based podcast hosted by average Joes, I don’t complain that it’s not funny enough.
Is this a political podcast or a murder podcast?
Can we get through one episode without talking about politics?!? I used to really like the show before the hour long intro, exactly right plugs, and the CONSTANT pushing of their political views. Unsubscribing before we get too close to the election, I can’t even imagine how much they are going to be talking about politics then.
we don’t want tr*mp supporters here anyway!
love these ladies and their conversations, ramble or not.
Why, why can’t they just stick to the content?? I was hoping to have at least one refuge from all of the bs of daily life in 2020, but now I’ll have to look elsewhere. I don’t mind some light chit chat, but please keep your political options to yourselves.
Mixed feelings
I used to love this show when I first began listening 3 years ago. I bought the book right when it came out, have tried to see them live, etc. but it seems like they’ve drifted really far away from the actual murder stories. Often times the stories are 1. Not very entertaining or not a murder? Or 2. Conversations/interviews to help support the stuff coming out. I will continue to listen to the episodes where they actually cover murder, but it’s just disappointing that the podcast has drifted so far from what it originally was. It seems like they’ve had less time to work on it (or see less of a need to spend as much time on it) since the book and podcast network came out. It feels like this pod was left in the wayside. Check out This is Why We Drink! It’s another true crime/comedy/supernatural one.
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If you get it, you get it
Maybe not for everyone, but one of my favorite podcasts. Karen and Georgia are endearing and hilarious. I love when they make each other laugh, their chemistry is so great.
My favorite podcast
These women have gotten us through some dark times. They are the best storytellers in this genre. I love when they talk about their personal lives and beliefs. I’m impressed they’ve shared their political views, as it’s clearly lost them some fans (if you read some other reviews), but I think they see the current administration as enough of a threat that they have to speak out. Not everyone uses their platform as well as these two.
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Loyal listener
I love this podcast and K&G. Their comedy and banter is my favorite part with the true crime/murder sprinkled in. I’ve listened for years now and hope they never stop! If you’re here ranting about how it isn’t well researched or not enough time is spent on the crimes themselves, go somewhere else. This isn’t Crime Junkie or Up & Vanished, etc and never was formatted that way. Honestly, this was the first podcast I listened to and when I went to others I thought, “Wow this is boring. I want conversation like MFM!” I honestly love that it’s more like a radio show with a true crime segment.
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