My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
Exactly Right
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I tried so hard to get into this show. It is so confusing to listen to and half the time I do not even know what they’re talking about-or what story they’re attempting to tell. The episodes are just set up weird, the descriptions tell you nothing about the show, and I would not recommend this show to anyone.
Laurel Beckett
It used to be good
I used to love this show but now they just rerelease the same episodes over and over again. Tired of it - had to unsubscribe
Most awesomeness
The best true crime comedy podcast on the ENTIRE planet!
Amanda J in Tx
Was great
This podcast was amazing up until everything became a stitched together mess of old live shows and hometown stories that sound like YA fanfic. My suggestion would be listen up to 2019. After that the quality noticeably dips. Also - for those comments whining about feeling alienated - go listen to Alex Jones.
Going from fun to dumb! RIP
Used to be fun but now awful. Put it out of its misery already. I unsubscribed.
Best Podcast Out There
Long time listener, just came over here to see if this podcast had a 5 star rating. And WTH it doesn’t! So had to leave some love. FIVE STARS. Also wow what… some of these reviews here are just pure bullying. Holy crap. Stay strong, Georgia and Karen. You’re my best friends. Oh I mean, you’re the best.
going downhill
I really used to love my favorite murder, I love Karen and Georgia. However I miss the old style. For the past few months it has only been guest picks and old live shows. I love you guys! Please do some of the old style shows!
My favorite podcast!
I’ve been an avid listener for over 3 years. Love both Karen and Georgia!
PLEASE figure out what MFM should be!
I’m so sad to leave a 1 star review but I hope it contributes to the wake up call so many other reviews are begging for. I’m a long time listener, coming in around episode 20, but the recent episodes (before the break) are just so bad. Listening to old episodes during this break has only made me nostalgic for the good old days of MFM. I know podcasts grow and change, but you gotta figure this out. I hope this well deserved break does the hosts some good but if we end up with more of the same (quilt episodes, barely a murder story,) I’ll sadly unsubscribe.
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love love love this podcast. Always interesting topics and I feel like I'm with my best friends. Funny women with a gift for story telling and relating to their audience.
So bummed.
Sounds a smidge redundant when everyone seems to be saying the same thing but MFM just isn’t what it used to be. I was a huge fan and it was so amazing to watch them grow and support their new endeavors but I think their quick growth caused them to let their flagship project fall by the wayside. I wish they would have just ended it on a good note instead of letting it turn into whatever this is.
Still support these two great ladies but…
I don’t really want to hear guest hosts or even a lot of home town stories and unfortunately both seem to be increasing since quarantine. I went from jonesing for the next episode to almost forgetting about this podcast because I barely get to hear these sharp, funny and compassionate ladies do what they do best, which is host a true crime comedy podcast. I’m defense of people criticizing them for joking, you people are probably incredibly dull and don’t understand that humor is a coping mechanism for many people. You can joke about terrible things and actually have a huge amount of empathy and compassion which Karen and Georgia do and have shown. Although I’m fairly liberal myself I do understand some people being a little put off by all the political statements. I totally agree with using your platform for your personal beliefs but sometimes it’s just a tad too much about politics as personally I use podcasts as an escape. I truly hope somehow Karen and Georgia will return to doing shows like they did in the beginning and do it themselves. Please stop trying to promote Exactly Right so often. I’m sorry I totally support the company but absolutely loved and miss the original MFM that these amazingly fabulous talented ladies created!
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Awesome Possum
Two wonderful ladies with big hearts who are doing good work! Love you guys! SSDGM!
May maybes
Still here for it
I’ve been around for a long while. Things have changed with the times. I’m sad to see the bad reviews about things “going downhill” so I’m finally writing a review. I don’t know how anyone could expect a podcast to be totally the same over the course of 5+ years. I’m sure they have other priorities now than when they started. Of course things will change as people evolve. We don’t know them or what’s going on in their lives. I’m still supportive and I’m giving my 5 stars based on the podcast overall, not recent changes; although I still love the quilt episodes and guest hosts because they bring back the greatest stories that I’ve mostly forgotten the details of anyway. Karen and Georgia, thank you for getting me through the stresses of starting a new career. This podcast has been therapeutic and I’m grateful for that.
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How is this podcast popular?
I’m shocked that anyone likes this. I just hear two women that think they’re funny but are not. Anyone can be sarcastic or act silly, it doesn’t make you a comedian. By the way, I am not looking for comedy mixed with crime, especially murder.
D.C. Sports Fanatic
How is this not a 5 star podcast.
Love you guys, but worried
I love this podcast more than I can say. I love true crime, and K&G have found a way to do it that’s still fascinating but doesn’t give me nightmares lol. But after reading the other reviews, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt like their relationship seemed strained recently. It seems like the pandemic has hit them harder than most, so I’m hopeful that this long vacation will be the refresher they need. You ladies are awesome and hilarious and I will always enjoy listening.
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Alli Barnett
Trump Haters
I loved the show until the Trump bashing ensued. Im out.
backup probs
Cannot stop listening!!!
This podcast has seen me through years of long drives, showers, and house cleaning sessions. Keep it coming with the real ness I love you both like you were in my inner friend circle.
Can't listen anymore. Sad to unsubscribe, but it's just not the same show.
Killing it!!
The banter at the beginning of the episodes alone is priceless. I love you ladies! Thank you for being real!
Sadly have to agree with others
This podcast (and Serial) introduced me to the world of podcasts and true crime and for that I will be forever grateful…but what happened here? I used to look forward to episodes every week and thought Georgia and Karen were just hysterical and stories always well researched. Like others here have said, I feel like they have a lot going on and at this point are trying to keep their original pod going, but don’t have time for it and therefore it’s gone downhill. While I love minisodes, it seems those and old live show recordings make up the weekly uploads or it’s compilations of previously aired minisodes…not nearly enough new content. Sadly I only listen in now when I’m caught up on all my other podcasts. Morbid and Crime Junkie are my go tos now.
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I wish COVID ever happened. My selfish side wishes we could still be enjoying the live shows and un-quileted episodes. But my mature understanding human side understands you and your team are humans and you do need to have time off for mental health so good on you. Miss you ladies. ❤️ And forever a fan. Stay Sexy, and don’t forget to take a vacation when you need it (and when you don’t!)
No Trump Supporters? bye bye
Wanted to find a cool podcast, not cool to alienate more than half country.
Once a fan can’t stand to listen any longer
Morbid is so much better research and less uninteresting talk!
Not the same
The show has really taken a downward turn. If you’re just starting this pod, don’t bother with anything after 2019 it’s all recycled live episodes or replayed episodes. It’s a shame because it used to be the first one I listened to weekly and the first on my recommended list.
Not funny
It is hard to understand why two ladies try to make light of tragic events. Murder is not funny and the stories affect the people closely tied to them. I like true crime but I consider it a more serious affair. Sword and Scale and Case Files give a more direct look at the stories without a few characters trying to make jokes.
Simply not good
I’ve heard many people suggest this podcast as a great source for TC, but I’m appalled. The lack of effort put into telling the stories is abysmal. There have been several instances where I’d have to skip 10-30+ minutes of chatter only to give up because there’s already no structure to the story so I can’t tell if they started or not. Even if you can ignore the poorly executed jokes, this isn’t a podcast that provides any sort of information for you. As a large podcast with an extensive following, you’re handling the cases of people who have been victims of tragedies and often leave behind loved ones, so to be so disrespectful and blatantly wrong about information is just irresponsible. I can’t understand why two grown women can sit there and laugh or joke about the death of an innocent child or person. In light of the numerous scandals following their actions, do better or step down.
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Came for the murder
Stayed for the way you shooed off the Trump supporters. Hopefully I’ve replaced an angry fascist. 😘
Sorry I’m a trump supporter and apparently you don’t want us listening to your podcast. (That’s incredibly busy and horrible to listen too anyway). Goodbye!
Just call it already
It breaks my heart to write this but it’s time to end MFM. I have listened from the beginning- MFM was my gateway pod and I fell hard. Bought all the merch, saw them live twice, read the book. I HAVE A SSDGM TATTOO FGS. But the bloom is off the rose. K&G clearly aren’t into it anymore and you can feel it. They no longer have the same banter and spark that they used to. I don’t know if it was quarantine, being overworked after starting Exactly Right, a falling out between the two, mental health issues or what. But it’s lost the magic and it’s time to put us out of our quilted misery. Thanks for everything you’ve done and it was a great ride. SSDGM ladies. xo
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Best Podcast Ever!!!
Love listening so much. Will be a long time fan!
Used to be great, not all recycled materials
Seems like the hosts are now into bigger and greater things and now too busy to sit down and record an new episode…
Helped me kick the “baby blues”
Hi beautiful ladies! You probably won’t read this review but I want to thank you for your amazing podcast and your incredible humor! I have loved true crime since I was a little girl (I would fake being sick as a kid to stay home from school to watch unsolved mysteries). I stumbled upon your podcast while home on maternity leave with my first little one this past month and it was your gut busting comedy that helped me get through so many lonely night feedings and exhausted days. Anytime I felt anxiety or tears tugging at my heart I would grab my AirPods and put on one of your stories. You have helped me get through a difficult, and also amazing, time as I stumble through motherhood. Thank you for sharing your passion for true crime and comedy with the rest of us. You are amaze-balls! Stay sexy and don’t get murdered!!
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Things have gone downhill
I’ve been appreciative of the guest pick episodes because I miss the old mfm!! Feels like they’ve lost interest in the pod. Tired of them uploading live shows more than reg. Episodes!
Was Great, Still Great
I strongly disagree with the reviews that Karen and Georgia have given up. They’re working on their second book and consistently put out two episodes a week. It’s a true gift that they were able help us through the pandemic while living their own pandemic experiences. They’re taking a break right now, which is why the shows are rereleases. The break is not only deserved but necessary for their health. Hosts setting boundaries and taking breaks is not giving up, it’s healthy. Some aspects of the podcast have changed over the years, just like people do, just like relationships do. I don’t understand why we would be upset they “admitted” to having researchers. When they tried to do it on their own, people came at them for not being prepared. When they hired people to help them, people came at them for not doing it themselves. They’re not journalists, they’re not investigators. Anyone who’s into true crime knows where to get that kind of information if they want it. Karen and Georgia have always been transparent in setting expectations.
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Lurk & Listen
Like hanging out with your good friends!
Loved from the beginning
And I still do! I’ve been loving the Guest Host Picks to revisit some of the classics. I’ve never re-listened to the episodes but I’ve been a loyal listener from the beginning. Georgia and Karen are so funny, smart and just really great at what they do. SSDGM!
I’ve listened to this podcast for 3 years! This podcast got me through college and gets me through slow days at work. My fave podcast & fave podcast network!
After being a long time listener, I’ve unsubscribed. The other reviews will tell you why.
Used to be great
This podcast used to be fabulous. Then they got their own network and the work to upkeep that seems to have diminished their interest in the podcast. They lost me when they admitted to having researchers, and when you listen to old episodes vs new (well…whenever there WAS an actual new episode), you can tell their “friendship” isn’t all that great anymore. I wish they’d just wrap things up instead of letting what used to be such a great thing devolve. :(
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Just call it
Skip the lives
I really did love this podcast. However I hate when they only upload live episodes for weeks-I get that they’re busy but it is irritating! I love the new podcast network, I support them getting their dreams and such however it feels as though we’re losing them as time goes on tbh. I much prefer older episodes to newer ones. Live ones are different bc there’s a show aspect to it that I wasn’t looking for. They’re not bad, it’s just not what the podcast was originally nor is it what I’m looking for. They have more performance-type personalities that I just don’t enjoy especially Karen tbh. I get it bc she’s a performer but still I also don’t live their white women politics. I’ve had more than my fill of white women being super “angry” abt injustices faced by Black ppl but how many Black friends do they have in real life? How much do they actually care to prioritize unpacking their own anti-Blackness? seems like none to me
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Behind the Mask
Love your podcast and apparently your theme song. At the grocery store I was singing (maybe a little to loud) “My Favorite Murder” from behind my mask 😷 Cuz with it on know one can see you moving your lips as you groove on down the aisle. Got a weird side glance from this concerned looking lady. I smiled back at her but of course she couldn’t see it cuz of the mask 😷 !!!! SS and …. Thanks again for your great podcast.
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Going downhill
I was really excited when I first discovered these ladies a few years back. I loved the banter between them and their story telling was wonderful. But it seems like their getting a little lazy and aren’t too interested in doing the podcast anymore. Which is really a shame. Oh well, it was great while it lasted.💔
BFF’s that don’t know you, but feel like they do!
Every time I listen I feel like Georgia and Karen get me! This is the best podcast ever!
Mommythe best
This podcast is my go to. These women are HILARIOUS. They bring humor that makes the stories bearable, all the while being respectful and speaking up for the victims. I especially love how they normalize mental health and healing. Steven is hilarious as well. #murderino #myfavoritemurder #staysexydontgetmurdered Stay sexy, and write a supportive review! -Jessica
Used to LOVE this podcast. I counted down the days until new episodes dropped. Now, I rarely listen. It’s now entirely “quilted episodes”, recordings from live shows from years ago, and guest hosts replaying old stories. Crime Junkie has become my go to - highly recommend over MFM these days.
Used To Be Great
You’ll enjoy the old episodes immensely, but unfortunately the show is not what it once was and it has lost me as a listener.
I listened to 5 years worth of episodes in 1 year and now that I’m up to date I’m listening from the beginning again. I just can’t go one day without Karen and Georgia in my lives.
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