My Aryan Princess
My Aryan Princess
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Podcast Queen B
One of my favorite of all time podcasts. Still a go to. Still recommend this to anyone just starting out or seasoned listeners of long form podcasts. I’d love a follow up.
Story is good but narration...
Narrator makes a lot of assumptions about the listen that at sometimes makes me feel like the story isn’t made for me to listen to. Caroline is [like] my daughter because she was middle class and into sports? I don’t think so. I’m a 28 year old black woman who is firmly working class... It assumes these things as if no other type of person exists. Super subjectivist writing.
Love it
But give me more!!!
Great story but a bit choppy.
Still highly recommend! Truly gripping! I just wanted more of the day to day grit.
Pizza family on Julia
Lots of hype but never really peaks
The characters are fascinating but the story telling leaves something to be desired.
Reba G.
Gripping . . . but just one question
This podcast was incredibly well-done from start to finish. Well-written, well-edited, great narrator, great story. As another reviewer said, if only more podcasts lived up to this standard. I really respect that the creators did not try to make the protagonist a hero. So, I gave it 5 stars. The only thing that nags at me: why no follow-up on her involvement with/belief in white supremacy in the final episode? I would really like to hear her explain her thoughts on that. I realize that’s not the key thing about her or the focus of the podcast, but she did identify with it and says maybe she still does? Again though, fantastic.
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A hidden gem
This is what good true crime podcasting is all about. I’m so happy I discovered this podcast I wish there were more episode.
Amazing & Heartbreaking
This is a bingeworthy podcast that had me hooked from start to finish.
Way to come out the gate
This! I couldn't stop once I started and it left me wanting more. If the first go round was this good, I can't wait to see what they do next. A for sure listen.
Ty ph
Short and sweet!!!
Love love love.
Solid Crime Documentary
Great pacing, gripping crime story. Well produced. Definitely worth a listen.
Wow! Truly this is an awesome podcast ad I'm left speechless!
Intense and binge-worthy
If you like true-crime tales, this is one you won’t want to miss.
Really well done and fascinating.
A powerful, disturbing crime drama. Chapter five is intense!
Podcat Meow
Can't stop listening
This is a gripping listen -- a true-crime story of a promising young woman whose drug addiction leads her to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, and whose sense of purpose leads her to become a confidential informant for the FBI. Chilling.
Gripping true crime
This story reminds me of "Breaking Bad" with the drugs and the gangs and the feds, but it's even more gruesome, and when you remember that this really happened... it's a little sickening. But once you start listening, you can't stop. Truly binge-worthy.