Music & Murder
Music & Murder
Michael D. Keeney
This is a true crime and music podcast. It'll intertwine real actual true crime murder cases, while showcasing some great music by indie artists that don't get radio play. I'll also be having some musical guests on as well.
Episode 4 - Robin Gecht & His Chicago Crew of Rippers
in 1981 and 82, Robin Gecht and 3 of his employees went on a raping, killing, and mutilating spree that would capture the entire world's attention. Extremely Graphic. Music provided by; Michael D. Keeney Robert granata Byzantine Bubbles
Jul 22, 2021
1 hr 39 min
Episode 3 - The Slayer Murder (The tragic story of Elyse Pahler)
In July of 1995, 15 year old Elyse Pahler was murdered in Arroyo Grande, California. She was used as a human sacrifice to satan by a high school metal band that called themselves Hatred. It took the police nearly 9 months to find her body, which was in a Eucalyptus grove just a qaurter mile away from her house. The thrash-metal band Slayer was sued in 2 different lawsuits as a result of Elyse's murder. The lawsuits claimed that Slayer's lyrics were responsible for Elyse's murder. Music in this episode is provided by recording artists - Sik, Angie, Salty Dog, and Athens to Ashes. News coverage clip is provided by KSBY San Luis Obispo News. Guest Host is Mike Carrisosa IG - Music_Murder_Podcast FB - Music & Murder Podcast
Jul 3, 2021
1 hr 25 min
Episode 2 - Satan's Den (The True Story of David Parker Ray)
In 1999 David Parker Ray, Cindy Hendy, Jesse Ray, and Roy Yancy were all charged and convicted of different crimes, all revolving around a custom made house of horrors that David Ray Parker spent over $100k to manufacture. The charges incuded rape, toruture, kidnapping and murder. Some believe that there were up to 60+ vicitms. In July of 1993, David Parker Ray made a tape to play for his victims, that explained in detail what was to happen to them, and what they needed to do to survive. This story is camparable to a Rob Zombie horror story come to life. In this episode you will hear the story and accusations, and the lies, and the truth. The infamous tape that David Parker Ray made and played for his victims is played in its entirety at the end of the episode. This is a difficult story to hear. Please don't listen if you're squemish to such things as beastiality, blood, rape and torture. You have been warned. This episode features music from E.Rose, The Jacktones, & Michael D. Keeney
Jun 17, 2021
1 hr 46 min
Episode 1 - The Dumb-F*ck Killer
In July of 2011, 27 year old Laura Ackerson's body was found in multiple pieces in North Bend, Texas. Grant Hayes, and his wife Amanda were charged and convicted of the murder. Grant Hayes was a self-proclaimed amazing musician who rubbed elbows with the music world's elite. To this day, he still proclaims his innocense, even though the evidence was overwhelming. Grant has always wanted to be famouse, so we here at Music & Murder, decided to give him a monicker. He will always be known to us, and our listeners, as The Dumb-Fuck killer. An honor well desrvered. This episode features Music by Insect, Toby Keeney, and Robert Granata
Jun 1, 2021
1 hr 37 min
Introducing Music & Murder
Music & Murder is a brand new bi-weekly podcast that intertwines true crime with all things music. Please subscribe and give us a chance if you like the idea. Episode 1 will be released on Wednesday, June 2nd 2021.
Apr 22, 2021
1 min