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Path of Pratt Part 1
52 minutes Posted Oct 24, 2023 at 12:00 am.
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Part 1: "The Candyman"

Virginia Anne Rambus was only 19 years old when she left her apartment to walk across the complex to meet up with a friend. She started the walk, but never arrived. Her case remains unsolved, but a man of particular interest was living in the same complex at the same time. To those he provided drugs to, he was known as the Candy Man. Police in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California however knew him as Jesse Clarence Pratt. And if he had remained in prison for the crime he committed in 1980, Virginia might still be with us as would another murder victim. Today, in part one of two,  I’ll be telling you about Jesse Pratt’s path of destruction, the many wives, partners, children, and sex workers he left bloodied and abused, the women he may have had a hand in killing, and the teenage victim that earned him the title of “Oldest inmate in an Oregon Penitentiary”, Carrie Love.

For photos and sources for today’s episode, check out the Murder in the Rain Episode Blog. 

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

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