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Awful, from beginning to end
Ever wish there was a way to listen to the most boring, marginally intelligent guys at your office try to prove how cool and detached they are by crapping on popular pop culture properties? If so, this is absolutely the show for you. What the hosts lack in senses of humor, they make up for in willful ignorance of nearly every subject they cover. F minus minus, would rather jab screwdrivers in my ears than listen to another episode.
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Watch Ryan
Glad to see new project from Ryan and Friends. He is a great podcaster.
Second time I have heard this fantastic podcast go political. WHY???? We are not here for your opinion on things you know nothing about other than your stupid opinion. We all have one of those. Oh and BTW no s classy move with the blacked out profile pic. NOT. WELL GUESS WHAT MINE AND MY DAUGHTERS WHOTE LIVES MATTER you pansies. Thanks for helping Trump to win again 😁
jiu jitsu
In-depth and behind-the-scenes analysis...what more could you ask for? Thank you for refreshing the appetite for movies past.
Ryan Snelling has done it again!
If you love listening to Sight & Sound (Ryan’s collaboration with Jaye Williams) you will love this podcast! He and PJ Campbell offer their own special takes on film and television with their trademark infectious personalities and conversation.
Serial Blonde
My favorite film/tv pod
I look forward to every podcast from this crew. Love the ensemble Ryan has put together
Spencer Detree
Love this podcast!!
I have listened to the Ryan Snelling for years now and he is one that keeps me consistently coming back! I love his sense of humor and all of the amazing insight he has on tv and movies! Can’t wait to see what he does with Movie House!
The Only House Worth Staying In
This podcast got cakes forreal! Catch me listening to it every week. Shoutout to Ryan Snelling, he’s a real one! Shî shí
ok very good
i’m just doing this for snell
Luke Jaggers
Love these guys! Harloff, Ellis, and crew bring the house down! For all you banter, humor, entertainment news, star wars insight and more!
they seem like nice guys
why in the f would you replace legit film/tv critics with some nice dudes that watch movies and tv - then talk about it 🤷🏻‍♂️
Enjoying the Mando and Watchmen reviews!!
Updated Review
New crew, new shows, and new producer. Sneling is taking this podcast network to streaming wars and beyond. I have a few reviews that I want to say for each show I checked out. Blu-Ray Back Talk: Coldy and Kieran have great conersations while newer realeases. Movie House: Sneling and PJ run the ship there and they have great opions on recent movies. Clicking and Streaming: Austin Burke is the host but Sneling joins in talking any shows or movies on any streaming platforms.
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Love all the shows. Blu-ray Back-Talk is a lot of fun. Kieran is hilarious and knowledgeable. Cody sounds ugly and dumb, which makes me feel better about my own circumstances in life. 5 stars!!!!!
Cody Polzin
So Much Content!
Even if the main Schmoes aren’t in every episode the talent and voices added on for different sources of media really make this the perfect one stop shop for movie / show contnet!
Blu-Ray Back Talk is AWESOME!
Kieran and Cody are such a dynamic duo, they make Blu-Ray Back Talk such a joy to listen to. Highly highly recommend!
Schmoes is a dead brand
To me Schmoes Know died when the live show ended and then the movie reviews. I only stayed subscribed to this feed for Bibbs and Witney once shows like Wanger Show and Outlaw Nation also left, so now with them leaving for the most part, the Two Shot is really the only reason for me to stick around. I like Snelling fine, but I don’t really care for the new shows that are just Snelling & Friends calling themselves Schmoes Know. Without Mark and Kristian, it’s not Schmoes Know.
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Koko Dish Ware
Blu-Ray Back Talk!!
Love Cody & Kieran on Blu-Ray Back Talk! Great chemistry and it seems like they have a lot of fun together talking movies and random stuff. I’d love to hear them do some throwback movies too!
Ryan Snelling
Ryan Snelling is someone I hoped would fail for a longggggg time. When I first met Ryan, he was arrogant for some unknown reason. He always smelled like Adidas sport cologne and always was wearing basketball shorts & white shin high socks and listened to crossfade and saosin. Today he’s a new man. He still smells like adidas sport cologne and wears basketball shorts & white shin high socks but now he does it with twice the arrogance and 30% more straw chewing. What a great man. I hope he gets 100 sunburns in Arizona and I hope he’s wildly successful with this new venture so he forgets about me immediately. Huzzah!
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Let’s see about the changes good so far
Demario Davis
BluRay Bros
Love Blu-Ray Backtalk!
b.b. 107
Bibs and Witney Rule
Only here for Bibs and Witney. True stars.
Milwaukee Ryan
Great work - slay the talent. Done.
4 for everything except Critically Acclaimed
I will continue to listen and enjoy everything except Witney S. and Bibbs political agenda being put on display. They give solid recommendations some times, but the majority of their choices are based on a pretentious, left-leaning, and SJW’s rose-colored glasses. I respect everyone’s opinion and don’t disagree with them in most cases. I would rather hear about the film rather than them interjecting political propaganda.
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Subscribe to the TOP 10
Now that the TOP TEN has finally left you can finally unsubscribe from this trash podcast. The schmoes are painfully unfunny.
Way too much chuckleheading & politics
It takes forever for these guys to get to the meat of the podcast. They have pretty good personalities (especially the non- political guy), but way too much yakking about nothing. Also, the left wing guy gets so political that it ruins the show. It has its good points, but I won’t be listening to it for that reason alone. Good grief, can you leftists keep politics out of anything?
Love the Top 10
I love the Top 10. Listening to John and Matt is really a pleasure. They have great back and forth and I love when they get off track and there sport talk. I listen to these guys while on the road and at work. I have been enjoying all the other podcasts as well. I’m always checking my app to see if there are any updates.
Mild Mannered Comic Nerd
What a mess
I subscribed after a podcast hiatus, and I wanted to hear people talk about movies. I can’t figure out what’s going on with all of spin-off shows. Does the normal podcast still exist?
Tony the movie guy
Loves the schmoes know been following it and the many iterations within for years and never fails to entertain and in fact inspired me to start my own podcast! Particularly a big fan of Christian and marks banter lol
I’m glad I found this because I love The Meaning Of podcast and all the other shows too!
Raul Alejandro Mendoza
Top 10 is great
I love Top 10. My only complaint is the length of the episodes. Sometimes I don’t mind the long episodes, but it makes it hard to catch up on all my podcasts.
So much content. So much quality.
My week wouldn’t be the same without this channel. For me, the best shows on the channel are “Critically Acclaimed,” “Top Ten,” and “AfterSchmoe.” Critically Acclaimed takes awful movies and compares them to classics in compelling ways, and the hosts have the best reviews on the network. Top Ten is self-explanatory with new subjects each week. It’s hit-or-miss, but mostly hit. AfterSchmoe is just two guys having a good time taking about the flagship show, SchmoesKnow. I actually prefer AfterSchmoe to SchmoesKnow, because they’ll comment on things the Schmoe hosts won’t. Anyways, this is a great channel. Highly recommended.
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Just Donny
Love Love Love the top Ten!
Cookies Bricks
Schmoes Rock
Love these guys. I’ve seen Mark 3 times at the Columbus funny bone. Wish I could see a lot more of them doing live shows!!!
3 Geeks Podcast
The best!
Love these shows!
Super Funny Dave
Top Ten All Day!
Every Tuesday is a treat for me with a new episode of the Top 10 show.
Top 10 is back!!
This is my favorite podcast!
What an amazing show! Both John and Matt are both so smart and knowledgeable about film! Entertaining show that I love to listen to week after week!
Hunter Gasaway
Top ten show is a must
John & Matt have the best chemistry, Been following the show from the begining. All the different changes and Networks. First Podcast I listen, every new week.
My Review
Critically Acclaimed is the best show on the whole network along with The Wanger Show.
Oolala man
Best podcast network on iTunes!!
I love the Top Ten Show and Outlaw Nation!
Great shows. They get me through my work day.
Great shows!
I wish I had more time to keep up with all the shows on this feed!
Joshua Clay
This Guy Should Never Be On Top 10 Again
Love listening to the top 10 show. Was listening to your Marvel top 10 count down and some dude listed Amazing SpiderMan 2 and Ang Lee’s Hulk in his top ten! You may want to revisit having that guy on a count down show, had to turn it off as it was annoying listening to him try and down talk Winter Soldier and talk up Amazing Spiderman 2! Either this guy is the worlds worst critic or I just got played and they wanted to get a rise out of me, if that was the case...well played.
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Schmoes gets me through life
Love you guys
Main show Simply the best source for TV and Movie news. Super funny and the news segment is second to none. Top Ten John and Matt are great. So glad that are back on the podcast doing the top 10 show.
Apple convert82
Finally Back! Thank You!
This show, next to “The Cine-Files” which also has Rocha as one of the two hosts, is my favorite podcast to listen to on my daily drive to and from work. With the unique format, amazing chemistry and banter between Rocha and Knost is just on another level, and I absolutely love it! When they switch to video, I was a little bummed out, bc it just wasn’t the same and I stopped watching. Now their back in Audio format only, I couldn’t have been more stoked! Now that they’ve gone through the different formats, and have perfected their show to what it needs to be, I’m so glad to have them back once a week. Hope we get to hear a “Thunderdome”, as well as updated lists of past shows, wether it’s a rebroadcast or an entirely new list, due to new movies that have come out over time and deserve to be on a certain list, only for older episodes from the first phase of the show. Other than that, I’m super jazzed to have them back, and hopefully this time they stay for good, and DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING at all. The show is perfect in my opinion, and I have put so many people onto this show as new listeners I hope it helps. Anyone who’s reading this to see if they should give it a listen and try em out... click Subscribe and start right now, if you love movies and wanna hear two guys who also love moves, talk about movies. This is the pod for you. It’s a lot of fun, and they’ve never released an episode I didn’t like or haven’t listened to. I’ve been with them since ep. 1, and not once have I been let down. Keep up the great work guys!
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Great podcast for movie lovers!
Big fan of The Top Ten Show. Glad that it's back! John and Matt are entertaining and the show's format is unique. Each host brings in his own Top 10 on a topic and they debate to compile a single list. Keep up the good work.
Love it all
Love all the podcasts on this channel my favorites are Top 10 and Outlaw Nation
The Az Zombie
Top 10
Top 10 show is the best. So glad they are back.
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