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Small Debras
Epic. My favorite podcast discovery. 10/10
Distinguishes itself from the competition
Yes, there are lots of bad movie podcasts, but this one is better. First, Chris and Matt aren’t just looking to make fun of movies. They’re starting with a level of deep affection for most of the films they cover, which often leads to them being disappointed. It’s bad for them, but their pain is your pleasure. Second, this feed contains the spin-off, Snack Situation, which is always delightful.
Fun hosts make for a fun look at Movies.
Chris and Mat are always fun to hear digging into a film good or bad or so good it's bad. Only wish it came out more often. :)
smart, funny, nice
I look forawrd to every new episode of Movie Fighters. There are a lot of podcasts of folks talking about "bad" movies, but this one differs in terms of the hosts being smart, funny, and nice. Both Chris and Matt are talented writers, and use that experience to say insightful things about character and story construction. They are both very funny, without being mean or dirty. And they are nice! They are the sort of people you would actually want to hang out with. The niceness extends to their enthusiasm. When they really like something about a film, they are so excited! Matt and Chris are welcome voices in your ears, and with the addition of the Snack Situation bonus episodes, this podcast has even more fun content.
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Forget Movies Lets Talk About Snacks
Who the heck watches movies anymore? Listen to this podcast for Snack Situation. That right this the home of the most talked about segment in podcast history. Listen to every episode to hear what the guys are eating. These guys have eaten snacks from Australia and England, maybe they'll get some snacks from the Philippines next.
Pretty neat podcast
I only have one problem with it... They haven't done a episode on "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky" yet.... Other than that... good job guys!
Not the movies you'd expect from other podcasts
I like Movie Fighters mostly because I like Chris and Matt. They always end up picking things I wouldn't have thought it, things that aren't necessarily there just to inflict pain on them (though most usually do). Their series on Left Behind was my favorite.
anonymous 2?
A fun look at some weird films
There are a number of good bad movie podcasts out there but this one might be my favorite. Chris and Matt cover some real quirky gems that often don't get covered much elsewhere. And where else can you get that beloved podcast segment, Snack Situation?
Dr. Opossum
Another great movie podcast!
I love Chris and Matt on War Rocket Ajax, and their movie podcast is just as good. They tackle a lot of bad movies that are overlooked by the big name podcasts and it makes this one unique.
Stop and subscribe now!
If you like Rifftrax or MST3K, then there is a pretty good chance you will like this show. It has become one of my favorite podcasts.
Get your snacks situated
It's the next best thing to watching bad movies with friends.
Awesome show!
I just discovered this podcast and I am in love. A fan of The Flophouse recommended it to me and I could not be happier that they did. I love the format of this show! And the host are great.
Ring The Bell
Chris Sims & Matt Wilson are people who I would follow from project to project, I am a fan in general of whatever they're doing. Movie Fighters is no exception, it's a fantastic badfilm podcast where it isn't neccesary to watch the film beforehand, and the hosts will make it clear wheather the film in question is worth watching at all.
An amazing show that breaks down some of the worst offenders of cinematography. From the amazing infra-man to the post apocalyptic world of left behind, nothing is safe from the beat down.
Kickstarter backer here. These guys are my favorite podcasters.Just hit subscribe and enjoy the ride!
Bad Movies, Fun Conversations!
I downloaded this podcast for my grandmother and she seemed to like it. Five stars!
Oh dear god
I love bad movies. My hat is off to Matt and Chris for taking some for the team to expand my horizons (and contract them…Myra Breckinridge…oof). The gents do an excellent job of summing up the hilarity and awfulness of the cinematic slums. Great podcast, would listen again AAA+++
Matthew F. Unger
Great show
These guys do a fun take on movie fighting. The recaps are good, the jokes are good, if they hate the movie you feel their pain, and if they like it (which does happen) they really like it. And the theme music, so good!
Good Movie reviews
These guys do a great job going over and breaking down movies. Look forward to every new episode.
Don't panic, it's only me, Gracie Law!
One of my favorite podcasts. It's always fun to hear about a bad movie, and even more fun to hear about truly terrible movies.
Octopus Royalty
Watching and Beating Movies Up
Do you like to hear people get super excited about a terrible movie, and then come back after they watched it and they're super upset? This show has a great formula that has endured from episode to episode as Matt Wilson and Chris Sims watch movies and beat them up.
From the two guys who bring you the comic book podcast War Rocket Ajax comes a podcast on bad movies and movies so bad they are good. Each episode they watch a movie and then give a lengthy description of the movie plot points and the good and bad of the feature. The guys have a good chemistry and a good easy going funny style. Look forward to both podcasts.
Pure Fun
Matt Wilson and Chris Sims are a very funny pair of comics bloggers/journalists/cranks who have been taking on the task of watching movies and then discussing them at length for about a year now. Previously a premium podcast, Movie Fighters is now free for everyone thanks to the magic of Kickstarter. Their unique chemistry (Wilson being the more incisive/oddly staccato one; Sims being a bluff know-it-all with an infectious laugh) and the absurdity of their chosen/assigned subject matter make for an entertaining journey into cinema's ridiculous crannies every two weeks.
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Good Stuff
Every so often Matt Willson and Chris Sims review a movie. The format is this: first they spend a few minutes talking about the movie they’re going to see. Often one or both of them hasn’t seen it, or they haven’t seen it recently. Then they pause so you can watch the movie if you want. (Often the movies are available on Netflix.) Then they talk about movie in detail. Typically, they pick movies that are retro, or old. Like a lot of these kinds of review, the worse a movie is, the funnier the review is. If it’s really good, the review is really good. If it’s mediocre, the review isn’t as fun to listen to. It’s better. Both of these guys are awesome to listen to. I suggest you pick a podcast of a movie you’ve seen, as you’ll get more out of these podcast if you have. They also have some pay podcasts on Band Camp. If you like this, consider buying one those. They’re only a dollar.
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Banana Slug Isabelle
Lots of fun
Matt tends to pause and stutter a bit and the audio quality is a little wonky, but having Matt and Chris sit through terrible movies - even ones they like - is consistently entertaining, and worth listening to.
Ring the bell sucka
There are a lot of movie review podcasts, but there is only one done by Chris "Certified Batmanoligist" Sims and Matt "D as in Danger" Wilson.
Fighting the Movies So We Don't Have to!
Do you think movies need to be fought? If so, this is the podcast for you! Not only do Chris and Matt do the fighting for us, they also get into amazing discussions about bad movies so much so that they are now, in my opinion, the leading experts on the citizen naturalization process for sentient robots (Short Circuit 2). This, my fellow humans, is just what the world needs more of, and you would be remiss in your duties as a responsible adult to not subscribe to Movie Fighters.
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Ring the bell, Sucker
Do you like comedy? How about movies based on fighting games? Movies with rappers? Any sort of movie in that general vein, really. Then you should listen to Movie Fighters.
Ben Gulley
Down with the clown.
Movie Fighters makes me sincerely hope ICP makes another movie some day.
Adam (white chocolate) Russo
Y'all should get hip to it
Movie Fighters is the absolute business.
Gabriel Rhys
You should subscribe!
These fellas are my favorite podcasters, and I would listen to their stuff daily if they could put it out that fast.
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