Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi
Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi
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Hope you check back in once in a while!!
We’re all invested! Hope you'll eventually come back to give us updates, even if it’s once in a while:)
Love it
Such a great host-really am always excited when there’s a new episode to listen to :) Sad it’s ending but wishing you well!
Congrats Olivia!!
Have loved this podcast and have listened from the beginning. Will miss it, but so proud of you Olivia!! Best of luck!! Will still follow along on insta ❤️
Love Mouthing Off!
I am so heartbroken that the podcast is ending, but super excited for Olivia on her new journey! This is my favorite podcast and I will miss it endlessly!!
Jenn in Chicago
Terrible news!
Please, please reconsider! You are the absolute best. Even if it’s just a check in, it doesn’t have to be interviewing… ugh! We really, really love you.
In depth interviews- kind , intelligent host
The best
Olivia is so underrated. I enjoy every episode! She is always prepared and holds such a great interview. Keep up the great work ❤️
Great interviewer
She a talented interviewer. She’s always prepared for her guests and asks great questions.
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So good!
Olivia is the coolest! Do not be fooled by the producers edit of her. Ive listened to her podcast for years - all of them. Its rare for me to review a podcast that I listened to for so long but her interview with Lee from the circle reminded me how talented she is. Im a therapist and there is something very therapeutic in her interviews. I listen to 10-20 podcasts weekly and I always find myself cringing as other hosts fail to connect with their guests or interrupt them. I don’t think I have ever felt that with Olivia. She is a great listener, makes her guest comfortable and has spot on follow up questions. She would be a great counselor due to her authenticity. Im a big fan of Joe Rogans podcast and i think Olivia is just as good of an interviewer. Circle message Olivia- you are a jem!
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Such a talented interviewer
Olivia’s chemistry with all of her interviewees is amazing. She’s so talented at her job. I definitely recommend this podcast.
So good
This is honestly such a great pod. I don’t even watch half of the shows that guests are featured from but I listen every week! Love you Olivia !
Erika C 123
Please update us
Can you please address your current thoughts on Reality Steve now?
Sincerely Grateful!
Love Olivia in general but her podcast is great. I like how majority of the questions are from fans. One of the realist from Bachelor Nation. I love her interviews!
Love this podcast
Love listening to Olivias podcast. Wow she is phenomenal. I am a HUGE housewives fan and I must say her recent interview with D’Andra changed my entire opinion on her. I loved listening to her story and now have an entirely new outlook on her. Olivia, you are a wonderful human and interviewer
Beating a Dead Horse
Have always liked your interviews. But this was exhausting. I get that you have a problem with Steve having Taysia’s ex on his pod, but why continually come at him about it throughout this episode? The guy had the right to say his piece. Period. You say “agree to disagree” but then kept bringing it up again ad nauseum. I got both of your points of view at the beginning. Didn’t need to keep hearing you try to convince Steve that he was wrong for giving Josh his platform. Started to make you look biased. I’ve been cheated on as well. Bit everybody has the right to express their viewpoint, and move on. 🙄
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It’s her way ...
... or the highway. I used to really enjoy Olivia‘s podcast, but I just finished listening to the Michael G. interview, and it seems she’s fine with people unfollowing her if they disagree (politically, in this case) with her. Not all of us are 100% on the same page, Olivia, and we’re still good people. So, 👋!
Wonderful interviewer
Olivia is one of the best interviewers I’ve heard! She’s thorough, asks all the questions we want to know, and she’s engaging without centering herself in the conversation. She’s an original bachelor podcaster and remains one of the best!
Olivia is the absolute best host
Olivia is one of the reales, down to earth people from bachelor nation. I love her podcast. She is the best host and so courteous of her guests. She asks intriguing questions and is a very eloquent speaker. And she is one of the only hosts who doesn’t interrupt her guests! She is so lovely and I can’t get enough of this podcast!
sugar guts
Intros? Context to stories?
Update: may you please give context to stories when interviewing guests? I watched Ashley’s season of 90 day fiancé and don’t recall the barbershop stuff so when you guys talked about it I was hoping you would explain to the audience some background of what went down instead of us having to piece it together but still wanting more of the story. Noticed context is missing a lot in interviews with guests Love your podcast sm and you’re so good at interviewing! Just when you don’t put intros in and go straight to interviewing it kind of throws me off. For example I forgot who Aleyah was and idk intro felt dim but other than that love it!!
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LOVE Olivia, easily one of my favorite pop-culture pods
Olivia is super refreshing to listen to! I find her super respectful but also able to get a lot more personal details from people’s experiences. Truly an amazing interviewer! Love ya!
❤️ Olivia
I think Olivia has one of the best podcasts out there. Even when she has guests from shows I don’t watch, I listen to the whole thing. Her interview style is top notch. She does her research and allows the guests to speak without talking over them!! I really want to be her friend IRL.
Random, boring, no structure. Not sure why she’s still doing this.
I love this podcast!
Very well done! Great format!
Not a fan, she does not seem interested or focused while interviewing guests.
Painfully annoying
Reading these reviews, I see a few people saying Olivia is a great interviewer... 🦗🦗 What?! Every episode I’ve listened to, I cringe at her interviewing abilities. It’s just clunky. Not to mention that she is such a bully when she thinks she can get away with it; shows a lack of maturity, and a hateful heart.
Olivia is great!
Olivia is so good as a host! She asks great questions and strikes such a good balance between probing and still being empathetic to her guests. Olivia for bachelor host!
I love mouthing off! Olivia is a natural interviewer, her shows always flow so naturally. Really enjoy listening!! Just wish she could get more people to interview that I’m interested in!
Going downhill...
Love Olivia and she really is a great interviewer. Lately it just seems her heart isn’t in podcasting (which is totally fine) but she she seems so detached from her interviews and bored by her guests. Also no intros nor excitement. Seems like something she she just “has to do” now and cross off her list. It’s awkward as a listener and I’m sure it’s frustrating as a guest.
Love this pod
Olivia is such an incredible interviewer!!
Great podcaster
Olivia is such a good interviewer. Love seeing her growth over the podcast’s history.
Olivia makes reality television a joy to listen to!
GREAT Podcast
Olivia is really a joy to listen to and is a great interviewer. You can tell that she does her research and genuinely wants to be talking to the person she’s interviewing. She seems so down to earth and I feel like I’m hanging out with a friend when I listen to her. Really great podcast! I always get excited when a new episode comes out.
Love Olivia!
Olivia I love you, love your podcast. But the podcast with Brett...whoever had their notifications constantly going off...So distracting. 😭
Stop bashing Bachelor Nation
Notification sounds off please
Love the pods, but please turn off and/or have guests then off notification sounds. This most recent one with Brett had so many it was obnoxious.
Best Interviewer
You can tell Olivia is a trained professional and knows how to conduct and amazing interview! Insightful questions and always interesting! She conducts the best interviews of all bachelor nation podcasts
Reality Steve is so problematic
Great interview! Reality Steve’s constant attacks on Tayshia - the first person of color is unwarranted. Clear favoritism towards Claire. He gave a platform for a disgruntled man to further berate Tayshia.
Great podcast!
Such great interviews
Olivia does an amazing job preparing for her guests to come on the podcast. She does serious research, gathers great questions from listeners and is always exceptional at communicating. Love love this podcast!
Philly Lo
Love Olivia!!
Olivia rocks!! She’s so smart and makes her guests feel valued and heard.
I’ve always enjoyed Olivias podcast but yikes her trying to tear down reality Steve over an interview with tayshias ex was so silly. Why is she so defensive over this!? Tayshia can say whatever she wants to millions of people of course her husband deserves a chance to speak out. I don’t understand why Olivia is trying so hard to make Steve look bad. She is for sure beating a dead horse on this. Steve said nothing wrong towards tayshia. Im pretty sure if she was the one with the opportunity to interview him she would have taken it.
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Love this Pod!
I love Olivia so much and love this podcast. The Reality Steve podcast was a legitimate doozy lol I know he’s her friend and she’s clearly a very patient human for constantly trying to help dig himself out of the hole he continues to dig, but let’s stop giving him more of a platform. Love you Olivia!
Samantha Steele
Close minded
Olivia’s recent interview with Steve really showed how small minded and one sided she is. It’s ok to disagree with cheating, I don’t know many who agree with it. But to say that someone doesn’t have a right to voice their side of a story is just wrong. For saying to Steve he shouldn’t have had Josh on was close minded. I would expect more from Olivia. She came across as a villain on her season, she was attacked for it. Josh wanted to defend how he is being harassed and his family. He admitted his wrongs. It seems as though Josh just wanted a chance to ask the public to leave him alone. I don’t think his agenda was Anything negatively against his ex wife he just wants privacy. Disappointed that Olivia couldn’t get over it to Steve. If that’s the way she felt she should have just kept it short instead of constantly fighting with a podcast guest. Found it unprofessional. I don’t know if I will continue to listen. I always thought before she was pretty open minded but now not so much.
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Loved you standing up to reality Steve
You did a fantastic job standing up to reality Steve regarding bringing Josh onto the podcast!!! Even when he wasn’t backing down...He’s very brash
Olivia is so great!
Olivia is a great person and very professional. RS Interview was hard to listen, but she handled it so well!!
Reality Steve
I love listening to Olivia’s podcast every week and wanted to give her 5 stars particularly for the way she handled the Reality Steve interview this week. She was professional, articulated her points well, and held her ground in discussing her views on Steve’s interview with Tayshia’s ex. Please don’t let this guy come and try to act like he’s innocent while mansplaining to you all the reasons why he’ll do anything for money and content again. You deserve so much better from your guests!
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Best thing from GOAT episodes
Was YOU! You mentioned your podcast when talking to Ben and Chris and I went and subscribed immediately. I have loved every episode and your hair style is adorable!! 🖤🖤
Longtime listener
I’ve been listening to this podcast basically since its inception, and I can wholeheartedly say that Olivia is a fantastic interviewer. She’s always prepared and has done the hw on her guests (something that’s often glaringly lacking in other shows). She also does a great job at allowing her guests to speak - even if she doesn’t agree with what they may be saying, personally, she reserves a lot of her own biases and allows them to speak their peace (or dig themselves into a verbal hole of their own making lol). Everyone and their mother from BN has a podcast now, but most of them have no business doing so tbh, Olivia has a background in media and journalism so it literally is her business and the difference is evident in the content/quality she presents regularly. So good!
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Thank you for standing your ground
Reality Steve is ABSOLUTELY wrong. You handled yourself wonderfully. Thanks for standing your ground with him!
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