More than a Sniff
More than a Sniff
Dog Training 360
The expert staff of Dog Training 360 discuss weekly everything dog from behavior to nutrition.
Episode 177: Are You A Horrible Person?
All the time people tell us "You are a horrible person!" because you do this or that with your dog. Today we explore our emotions behind this statement and also discuss appropriate ways to train your dog.
Jul 19
20 min
Episode 176: Exercise is not Training
There is a common misconception that "a tired dog is a good dog". Today we want to talk about why that isn't true and why exercise does not equal training.
Jul 12
25 min
Episode 175 Communicating Clearly
Our dogs are constantly asking us questions. Because our lives are so busy we aren't always giving them a clear answer. Today we want to talk about how you can change that and communicate clearly with your dog.
Jul 6
24 min
Episode 174 The Most Frustrating Command
We get a lot of feedback on this "most frustrating command" today we are hopefully going to help you overcome your frustrations. Give a listen to find out what we think is the most frustrating command!
Jun 29
25 min
Episode 173: Sharp Increase in leash reactivity
With everyone staying at home our reason to get out has become walking the dog. As a result, we are seeing an increase in leash reactivity.
Jun 21
22 min
Episode 172: Why you need a dog trainer
Training your dog is difficult but you're not alone. This week we want to tell you why you need a dog trainer.
Jun 15
20 min
Episode 171: Board and Train Programs
Board and train programs are a really popular way to have your dog trained. Today we talk about what you should be looking for when considering this type of training for your dog.
Jun 8
31 min
Episode 170: Integrating a New Dog Into Your Home
We get a lot of questions about what to do when you are adding a new dog to your home. So here you go! An episode all about that!
Jun 1
41 min
Episode 169: I'm Afraid I'll Ruin My Dog
We hear all the time people think they shouldn't take action because "they don't want to ruin their dog". Today we talk about how it isn't really possible to ruin a dog.
May 24
42 min
Episode 168: My Dog Eats Weird Stuff
Sometimes dogs eat weird stuff.
May 18
30 min
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