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Moody Mommies Podcast
Motherhood Entertainment with Jessica and Vanessa
Episode 61:Breast Implant Illness
We all know someone with breast implants, have them or have thought about getting them for ourselves, but most of us are not aware of the potential ways they can make us ill. We are joined by B.I.I. survivor Tania, who graciously shared her experience with us to inform women about this life altering side effect.
Dec 8, 2020
44 min
Episode 60: Life with Epilepsy
We are joined by Mike Lavea as he shares his battle with epilepsy, and how it effects his daily routines of life. And jess and share a lil about how life in quarantine with the kids has been. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share this with anyone you think might enjoy it.
Nov 17, 2020
48 min
Episode 58: Mommy of Three
We are joined by fellow Moody Mommy Cindy. We talk surprise pregnancy, a birth shock, having a one year old and a newborn, deciding to go for number 3 and getting your tubes tied! We also talk about what it was like having our first Drive by Birthday Parade back in April at the beginning of the pandemic. We learned so much in an hour and are so happy to share it with you. Leave us a comment, rate and review.
Jun 16, 2020
1 hr
Episode 57: Helmet Head
Join us and our guest Macy as we dive into the details of her experience with her daughter's brachycephaly AKA "flat head syndrome". We get into what appointments look like, making the decision coping with what everyone has to say about it and more.
May 12, 2020
53 min
Episode 56: Pandemic Pregnancy
Being pregnant is so tough. Now imagine how it is for the ladies that don't get to be surrounded by the love they usually would get. We chat with our close friend about staying at home, what doctors appointments are like now, delivery plans and fears. We also get into struggles in having an active pregnancy, virtual baby showers, what she's feels she is missing out on and feeling under prepared She asked us her new mom questions as she is figuring out what baby essentials are needed for creating registries online only.
Apr 28, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Episode 55: Sharing Surrogacy
Dani the doula is back!  This time, with a baby on board. We learn so much including how she decided to become a surrogate, how she told her eight year old daughter, meeting the intended family, what doctors appointments look like and much more. We also talked about other options to consider before surrogacy. This episode was super informative and we know you will enjoy it. You can follow some of her journey on Instagram via @mamiamorbirth. You can also get more info about her birthing community @lafuentelb.    We recognize everyone's experience is different, we are sharing the experience of one very knowledeable friend.   Vanessa: 5 and 3 Jessica: 4 and 6 months
Apr 14, 2020
51 min
Episode 54: Tongue Tied
Must listen for new moms and mommas to be!   This week we are joined by our fellow Moody Mommy, Gaby.  We chat about her and Vanessa's experience with Tongue ties and how it effects breastfeeding. We wanted to let you all know what it is and what the procedure is to correct it. The ladies faced struggle with latching which lead them to be more informed for their second chance. We also catch up on our "safe at home" activities and how we've been managing our sanity. We are staying at home for our podcast and recording through Skype.    Vanessa kids: 5 and 3 Jessica: 4 and 7 mos Gaby: 4 and 2 mos
Mar 30, 2020
48 min
Episode 53: Family of 4
After our month long break we are back! Of course we chat about the corona virus and how it's been affecting us. We also lighten up and chat tips on laundry for growing families, dealing with hand me downs, new baby must haves and diaper changing in public. We give a little peek into an upcoming topic and then end with an update on what Vanessa had to deal with when Zoey caught Hand foot mouth disease while Jessica met a new pediatrician. Over hearing about covid-19? skip to 19:00. Vanessa's Kids : 3 & 5 Jessica's Kids: 6 months and 4
Mar 16, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Episode 52: Moody Memoriam
We talk Kobe, what we're up to, coronavirus and we answer a listener question.   Vanessa: 5 and 3 years Jessica: 4 and 5 months
Feb 4, 2020
39 min
Episode 51: Moody Madness
We are back for 2020 for a recap of what we have been up to. We chat about life changing events, worry about SIDS, hating our kids and more.
Jan 21, 2020
53 min
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