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Money Box Live: Are you worried about debt?
28 minutes Posted Mar 15, 2023 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes
The problem of debt is never too far from the headlines at the moment. This week a group of charities - Citizens Advice, Step Change and Christians Against Poverty - told the BBC they're seeing record numbers of people coming to them for help with problem debt. Why is that and what can people who're worried about debt do?
We'll also look at the "Buy Now Pay Later" industry as the government looks impose regulation on the sector for the first time. And we'll talk about when credit can be used in the right way.
All that and more with our panel of experts, Sarah Pennells, a consumer Finance Specialist at Royal London and Richard Lane, policy Director at debt charity Stepchange.
Presenter: Dan Whitworth
Producer: Sarah Rogers
Researchers: Jo Krasner and Star McFarlane
Editor: Jess Quayle
(First broadcast 3pm Wednesday 15th January, 2023)