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Energy Saving Special
The Money Box team concentrates on the biggest cost of living fear that people bring to the programme - how will I pay my energy bills when the price of everything else is rising so rapidly and support may be withdrawn. We'll ask what another new Prime Minister and the government’s scrapping of the Energy Price Guarantee after April mean for those facing fuel poverty? Our reporter Dan Whitworth visits the Energy House at the University of Salford. It’s a Victorian terrace house built inside a warehouse to test energy efficiency. Listen out for top tips on how to save money on energy costs in the home. And our experts will answer listener's questions on energy saving - from whether to keep your heating on all day to the most energy efficient ways to cook. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researchers: Eimear Devlin and Star McFarlane Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast Saturday 22nd October, 2022)
Nov 19
28 min
Money Box Live: Your tax and your money
The government has spent the past few weeks introducing and then withdrawing a confusion of financial policies, which first introduced the largest package of tax cuts in decades and then, in the face of market chaos, decided that they weren't such a good idea and withdrew many of them. So where does this leave the personal finance of people who've seen two mini-budgets, two chancellors, an emergency bond-buying programme, mortgage rate increases and widespread uncertainty about the future? In particular, we'll be looking at how it affects the self-employed - all 4.3 million of them. Featuring Helen Thornley from the Association of Taxation Technicians and Andy Chamberlain, Director of Policy at The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed. Presenter: Adam Shaw Producer: Amber Mehmood Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 3pm, Wednesday 19th October, 2022)
Nov 16
29 min
A whirlwind week: tax, pensions, savings and mortgages
The Prime Minister has announced another U-turn in her government's tax-cut plan, in an effort to reassure financial markets. Liz Truss says she will reverse her plan to scrap an increase in corporation tax and admits the government's mini-budget had gone "faster and further" than many expected. It comes after the PM sacked her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, and replaced him with former health and foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt. We'll ask what all this means for your income, pension, savings and mortgage. The first £66 discounts from electricity bills are now being paid, but some suppliers are using the money to pay off old debts. Felicity Hannah investigates. Charities call for changes to a website which they say is misleading disabled people over their eligibility for a railcard. We'll get a response from the Rail Delivery Group and the Department for Transport on that. And the government has promised £100 to help with heating bills for households who are not on the mains gas network. We explain when and how it will be paid. Presenter: Paul Lewis Team: Felicity Hannah, Clare Worden and Sandra Hardial Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm Saturday 15th October, 2022)
Nov 12
29 min
Money Box Live: Kids and the cost of living
As we move into a winter of record energy prices and double digit inflation, many families are facing the challenge of trying to keep costs down. But how do you educate your children about the cost of living crisis without scaring them? Ruth Alexander and a panel of experts answer your questions on how to navigate what can often be a tricky subject, and share tips on how to teach your children about money. Featuring Evelyn Forde MBE, Headteacher at Copthall School and President of the Association of School and College Leaders, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Head of Young People Programmes at The Money Charity and Eileen Adamson, Money Coach at Your Money Sorted and co-host of BBC Scotland's Clever About Cash podcast. Presenter: Ruth Alexander Producer: Katie Barnfield Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 3pm, Wednesday 12th October, 2022)
Nov 9
28 min
Northern Ireland energy and the cost of living
In the past week energy companies in Northern Ireland have announced increases in the price of electricity and gas. It comes as people in Northern Ireland wait to hear the details of exactly when they will receive the £400 off their electricity bills from the UK government and when and how the Energy Price Guarantee will apply there. The UK government has said the Guarantee will provide equivalent financial support to those in Northern Ireland as the rest of the UK some time in November, but it will be backdated to 1st October. We'll hear from people in Banbridge in County Down and from Peter McClenaghan at the Consumer Council of Northern Ireland. Sixty thousand people who had tax rebates claimed on their behalf by a company will have their money paid back to them, in full, directly by His Majesty's Revenue and Customs. It comes after an investigation by this programme. Dan Whitworth will have more on this. Forty thousand people who had funeral plan policies with a company called Safe Hands Plans Ltd which went into administration are now being offered new deals to take up a plan elsewhere. We'll explore what those are and what it means for those affected. Plus, how to avoid energy bill scams and how to talk to children about the cost of living crisis? We'll speak to Ricky Boleto, presenter on CBBC Newsround. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Sandra Hardial Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm, Saturday 8th October 2022)
Nov 5
27 min
Money Box Live: Dealing with Debt
With the energy price cap rising again, and the cost of living putting pressure on many people's finances - what can you do if you are struggling with debt? Felicity Hannah and a panel of experts answer your questions on everything debt related - from credit cards and interest rates, to dealing with debt collectors, and support if you have been the victim of financial abuse. We also hear advice on how to spot loan sharks and what to do if you are involved with an illegal lender. Featuring Laura Suter, Head of Personal Finance at AJ Bell, Jay Lowe, Money Advice Manager Staffordshire North & Stoke on Trent Citizens Advice, and Cath Williams from the England Illegal Money Lending Team. Presenter: Felicity Hannah Producer: Katie Barnfield Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 3pm, Wednesday 5th October, 2022)
Nov 2
28 min
Energy special: Llandudno live
As energy bills rise, Paul Lewis and the team are in North Wales for a special programme focusing on the cost of living. The team will be joined by guests offering advice and support to those struggling to pay their energy bills, afford the cost of food and manage their money. Broadcasting live from the heart of Llandudno, we’ll hear directly from those facing a difficult winter and look at what help is available. Our reporter Dan Whitworth is also in Bethesda, a community leading the way on generating its own energy and learning how to use less. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Sandra Hardial Producer: Clare Worden Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 1130am Saturday 1st October, 2022)
Oct 28
51 min
Money Box Live: Mortgage Special
With changes to the stamp duty threshold, some of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders halting new home loans, and some economists predicting interest rates could double by spring, what does this all mean for you? Our panel of experts hear concerns and questions from listeners about the housing market volatility. Presenter: Felicity Hannah Reporter: Katie Barnfield Producer: Amber Mehmood Editor: Clare Worden
Oct 25
28 min
A not-so 'mini budget'
Paul Lewis has full details of what the mini budget will mean for your finances including changing tax rates, stamp duty alterations and support for those on low incomes. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Sandra Hardial Editor: Clare Worden (First broadcast Saturday 24th September 2022)
Oct 22
26 min
Money Box Live: The Future of Cash
Ten million people would struggle to cope in a cashless society even though only 17% of payments are not made with notes and coins, the Royal Society of Arts found. With thousands of bank branch closures in recent years, and access to cash withdrawals under threat, we discuss if we’re ready to abandon cash. Dan Whitworth is joined by a panel of experts to hear callers experiences and thoughts on the UK becoming a cashless society. With Natalie Ceeney CBE, Chair of Cash Action Group and Mike Chambers, chief executive of payment consultants Northey Point. Presenter: Dan Whitworth Producer: Amber Mehmood Editor: Clare Worden
Oct 18
28 min
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