Mom Struggling Well
Mom Struggling Well
Emily Thomas, Rebecca Smith & Kate Ordway
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Highly Recommend!
I love this podcast. I talk about it all the time. There used to be more spiritual discussion, but they’ve recently had a reboot. Now the whole time it just feels like you’re listening in to your friend’s conversation. I laugh a lot. While I miss the spiritual talk, I still wouldn’t miss a week of this podcast. So often it’s “what’s giving me life”. Definitely worth checking out!
Erin Struggling Well
This show is pretty much guaranteed to make me laugh out loud every time! It amazes me that I can almost expect it. As a mom of three five and under- I dont often have that luxury. This show is giving me life. Thanks, ladies!!!
Beezle (since Bee is taken)
Like coffee with friends!
This review is way overdue...I’ve been listening to the MSW podcast since 2015 and it has been such an encouragement! I feel like you guys are my friends and I love the honesty about the hard things and good things in motherhood & life! Thank you Emily for keeping it going and growing! I love the addition of Kate and Rebecca!! 💗✌🏻💗 Excited for new seasons of struggling well together!
Inspiring, informative and fun podcast!
I am loving this podcast! Emily, Rebecca, & Kate packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!
Stacey Shapiro
Happy Strugg
Love these ladies! The format has changed, but the sweet ladies who feel like pretend friends are still a blast!
You bring joy
I laugh, I cry, I nod in agreement, I talk back and some day I’ll be a guest on the show 🤪 as a mom of 4, your pod makes me feel like I’m sitting in a room with friends! Wanna meet some day?! Keep going struggs!
So fun!
This podcast popped up on my feed as a recommended listen and I’m hooked. I recently had my second child and was searching for something to listen to besides Daniel Tiger while on walks with my two month old and two year old. Listening to y’all laugh together makes me smile.
Laughing all the way
I’ve been listening to the Mom Struggling Well podcast for about two years, and it’s one of my absolute favorites. I like to listen while I run, and Kate, Emily, and Rebecca keep me laughing out loud as I go. The people I pass must think I’m crazy, but I Pretty sure I’d be friends with them IRL. Love their stories, their honesty, and their encouragement.
Atlantan AnnaW
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new format!
Okay, I’ve been listening for at least a couple years now, and I have loved all of the past content (I’ve loved Emily’s interviews and Bible studies and have learned and grown SO much)...BUT...I always looked forward to Struggling Sisters and Problem Solved because they were the laughter and escape that I needed. So Katie and Rebecca joining Emily permanently has been a dream come true for me! Although, can Yulia please make an appearance more often? I think we need more of her international perspective to round out the show. ;) But seriously though, I love that the three of you are positive and real and funny and offer great perspective. Please just keep doing what you’re doing because I am HERE. FOR. IT!
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What every mama needs
The real life, genuine topics and conversations on this podcast are really what every mom needs! To know you’re not (totally) crazy and you’re not alone and to encourage you to reach out to other moms as you get filled up yourself.
Down to Earth realness!
My favorite podcast ever! Listening to Emily, Katie and Rebecca each week is like having a weekly chat with my favorite people. I’m always laughing, sometimes crying, and always in a better mood when an episode ends. I’m so so thankful for this podcast and these wonderful women!
Best podcast ever!!!
I am a stay at home Mom to 4 little monsters...I mean sons! ? (ages 10, 8 year old identical twins, and 3). I have battled depression, anxiety, and the desire to run away more than once. I have been a listener since the beginning and LOVE the show! So many times I have cried, felt heard, and felt my spirits lift after listening!
Funny and endearing
Love these ladies! I appreciate their real-ness, laughter, and heart for Jesus. I’ve been listening for about a year and have two small girls. This podcast provides joy and perspective on motherhood. It’s like listening to a conversation with friends.
So much good in this podcast
I love, love, love Moms Struggling Well. They are so relatable. They give such good reviews and life advice. They make me laugh til I snort. I can’t say enough about these ladies.
A favorite
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I enjoy the moms and their honesty and perspective. I find myself encouraged and laughing every episode. Being a mom of 3 littles they give me hope I can get through this difficult time get to a different kind of difficult time (haha). Also do yourself a favor and follow them on instagram as well!
Great pod for any woman
This podcast is hilarious, encouraging, and enlightening. I’m not yet a mom and I thoroughly enjoy this podcast!!! I feel like rebecky, kate, and emily are my friends!!!
Amazing Podcast
I love this Podcast for all that you bring to women! I enjoying spending time listening to your show and always look forward to the next show! Thank you so much for all you do!
Perspective Shift
This podcast has been a favorite of mine for a while now, but has become especially important during the pandemic. I laugh along with almost every show. And the perspective shift took some time to learn, but an important tool I use frequently! It’s great for laughs, with useful nuggets tucked in it.
CV Nurse
My favorite
This podcast makes me laugh out loud, cry, teaches me things, gives me ideas, and encourages me so much. I’m constantly reminded that I’m not alone in parenting and that the lovely hostesses are on my side.
Funny, encouraging, real
I absolutely love how much this podcast keeps things real but also helps their listeners find the bright spots in life. Emily, Rebecca, and Kate make you feel like it’s truly OK to have things that give us life AND kill us softly, sometimes all at once. Thanks ladies for letting us feel like it is norma to love and hate motherhood while doing our best to love Jesus in the process.
The real deal!!
Love this ladies!! They are fun, funny and funky!;) I always look forward to a new episode!! They bring me life when life is killing me softly!!!
Relatable & Funny!
These ladies remind me I’m not alone in this crazy thing called motherhood, and they make me laugh. And sometimes snort laugh. Thank you for telling it like it is!
Long time Listener first time caller..
...I mean reviewer. I’ve been listening to mom struggling well since I wasn’t even a mom, i was just wife struggling well. Now my son is 14 months and “struggling well” has a whole new meaning. I am thankful for Emily Kate and Rebecky for bringing laughter and refreshment to my day. Proverbs 11:25 A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed! Lindsey in Richardson, Tx
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Love this
I enjoy loving this podcast and I enjoyed even more since it has become moms. I love part of the tag line is not running away from real life and will often joke with my husband that I have listen to mom struggling well and can’t run away this week
Michelle McNany
Hysterical and encouraging
Always such fun with value and a little bit of everything. I was trying so hard not to look crazy during my walk while laughing hysterically listening to them. I feel like I just hung out with my girlfriends, got some advice, recommendations, encouragement, and lots of laughs. So good I had to share with a friend!
The Struggle Well Project
Thank you Emily, Rebecky and Kate for making me laugh regularly, for comforting me in my struggles and for pushing me to grow deeper in my relationship with The Lord. My friends are probably tired of hearing about you bc most of my conversations contain, “...on this podcast I listen to, The Struggle Well Project...” at least once. Thanks for keeping me company while I do chores.
Good for all Peoples hearts!
Favorite podcast!!
This podcast is one of my favorites! I love the connection these ladies have to keep things fun, and I enjoy listening to their hearts. Best thing you ladies did was come together!
Don’t miss out! Listen now!
I love this podcast! It’s one I never miss and recently signed up for Patreon episodes so I can listen even more. Make me laugh, makes me cry, always leaves me encouraged to take on my week with the goal of struggling well. Thank you to the awesome team!
The best!!
Easily my favorite podcast to listen to! I love the new format and feeling like I’m just listening in on my friends! Thankful for you ladies and the humor you bring even to the hard parts of being a mom!
The BEST part of my day!
I've listened to Mom Struggling Well since my oldest was born almost five years ago now. It's hands down my favorite podcast/community to listen to. It's real and honest and uplifting and funny. Emily has my favorite kind of humor so I really appreciate how hilarious she is. I think Katie (or is it Kate now?:)) could be my twin, she is hilarious and I love how honest they all are about life and motherhood. Rebecky, the newest permanment addition is also one of my favorite people to listen to and I've told everyone about her story of having two surprise children which terrifies me (hahahaha). Needless to say, I adore this podcast and now that I'm on my third pregnancy, I daily look forward to my dose of Moms Struggling Well!! I would highly recommend it to any woman, regardless of if you are a mom at all!
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Katie Kashner
It’s like hanging out with my girlfriends!
I’m a long-time listener, and I just became a Patreon yesterday! I love the new format! I anxiously await every episode and usually laugh the whole way through it. 😂 Love spending an hour with these three ladies!! 💚💚💚 Thank you all!
Love this podcast so much!!!
I have been listening to the podcast for about a year now. I listened to all the episodes in 2 months and now I can’t wait for the next episode to come out. I laugh out loud all the time! I love you ladies!! I love the new changes you all have made and really enjoy listening to all 3 of you at the same time!! -April Dawn-
Best podcast!
This is my go to podcast. I listen to it daily as I get ready, or when I need a break during naptime! Just pop in my headphones and feel like I’m having a mommy coffee date with friends. Thank you for sharing your hearts and helping us laugh and feel seen through this messy, beautiful journey called motherhood!
Joyful eater 10
LOVE it!!!
Absolutely LOVE this podcast!! Emily, Kate, and Rebecca are genuine and down to earth and they are so funny! Their podcast makes my entire week! I feel like they’re my friends IRL. 😅
So fun!
Literally feels like having coffee with my girlfriends! Keeps me laughing, crying and thinking about how to struggle well as a mom.
Love this podcast!
This podcast literally makes me laugh out loud, usually in my car in school pick up line or back and forth to the grocery store. Such a fun, feel good pick me up that makes me feel like I’m included in some “girl talk!” A great one for us struggling moms!
The struggle is real
I have been listening to MSW for a couple years... I love the openness & honesty. The show is funny but also doesn’t hide from hard topics. Emily speaks openly about her depression which is rare and something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Raising children is the hardest thing I have done (still doing) and this show makes it just a little easier.
Highlight of my week!
There is no other podcast I'm subscribed to that I click on faster when an episode is released, or enjoy nearly as much as this one. Emily, Kate, and Rebecky are so honest and down to earth and so vulnerable that I feel much less alone and validated in my struggles as a new mom and as a woman, and a Christian. They are hilarious, real, and the show never disappoints to be both an encouragement and quality entertainment. My only complaint is that there aren't enough episodes!!! I could use more of this in my life ❤️
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Feel Good mom podcast!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year and binged all the struggling sisters and problem solved episodes right off the bat!! I love Emily’s interviews and always feel closer to God after she prays for us at the end ..... thank you so much for all you do. I am LOVING hearing all three of you every other week - such fun conversations and topics and helps me feel a little lighter during these tough times.
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Seriously amazing
I love this podcast! Seriously so funny, so helpful, so much community, and all the feelings! These ladies are HILARIOUS!
Always leaves me smiling
So grateful for this amazing podcast that makes me feel normal and helps me laugh my way through the hard days while focusing on what matters.
Heartfelt and hilarious
This podcast is so comfortable that I forget that I am just listening on the radio. The lessons are often applicable, sometimes life changing, and always real. Now that all three ladies are together, this show is by far the best part of the week.
Love this show! It’s like a reality check and hug from a bestie
I first downloaded this podcast in 2016 for the drive from Massachusetts to Alabama when my family was relocating there for a year. I binge listened on that drive and have been listening ever since! I was going to be a SAHM for the first time instead of a middle school teacher so I wanted some strategies. This podcast consistently delivers a reality check (in a good way!) and big dose of encouragement and affirmation.
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A moms life
This is my moms time out time. I love listening to this podcast when I’m doing laundry or need a break from the kids! They are so relatable and super funny. Listen for a good laugh and you might get some good tidbits as well!
They are my friends that don’t know me!
I have listened to MSW for several years. It’s on of my favorite podcasts and I love the new format with Katie and!! I have three kids 8 and under and I feel that these ladies speak to my life every week. Well I guess now every other week since my husband won’t let me be a real “strugg”Sometimes when I refer to something I learned on the show I say “oh my friend Emily said....”
Struggling with you!
I love this podcast! I feel like I’m listening to friends talk over dinner. I always laugh along, sometimes cry and pretty much always feel like I can relate to one of the moms. Thanks for showing up for us!
Literal LOLs
I have listened to this podcast for years and find myself regularly laughing out loud and sometimes even shedding some tears. There are so many “you don’t know until you know” situations in life and motherhood, and these ladies fill you in. Emily, Kate, and Rebecky are a fantastic trio. Absolutely love! ❤️
Listen to this Podcast!
Emily, Katie and Rebecca have quickly become like bffs to me. This podcast is halarious, lighthearted and uplifting. Every Mom is struggling with something. There’s no way to deny that. These women inspire me so much for the simple fact that they find ways to laugh even when things aren’t 100% perfect in their lives. They are honest and easy to relate to. They are Christians and find simple ways to incorporate their faith. I also love how they don’t bring politics into it 😘😘😘😘😘. Love you ladies!
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Lauren TG
LOVE! Must listen
I have been listening to this podcast for years and I have cried and laughed so hard I’ve had tears streaming down my face. It’s such a breath of fresh air and a must listen.
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