Mom Struggling Well
Mom Struggling Well
Emily Thomas, Rebecca Smith & Kate Ordway
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Full of goodness!
This podcast has it all! Loads of laughs, some tears here and there, and lots of heart. Not to mention the girls are fun and active on the socials if that’s your jam! They honestly do help me to struggle well. Love everything about it!
Perspective Shift
If you are in need of some true podcast sisters and friends, I cannot recommend these three enough. In fact, this is the only podcast I share and recommend with my real-life sisters and friends. Together, these three bring humor to the often mundane life of motherhood and perspective shifts to this crazy ride of a life (especially this past year) we’re all on. If you want even more of them, they have a Patreon page which will bring you a community of equally awesome struggs. Thank you Emily, Kate and Rebecca for listening to God’s call on joining the podcast world. Your sense of reality is exactly what I was looking for in a podcast. When I take time out of my day to do something for myself, like listen to a podcast, I don’t want fluff. You willingly sharing your good bad and ugly so openly is a huge comfort and so refreshing to my ears and ultimately my soul. Your humor is an added bonus. 💜
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Sara Donell
Encouraging & Hilarious
These three ladies have a gift for being vulnerable about the real things we all deal with as women. And while listening to them figure out how to shift their perspectives, you are guaranteed to laugh.
Keeping things real!
Thanks for keeping motherhood, marriage, family, and faith struggles real! Your honesty and openness makes me feel better about myself. Thank you ladies!
Genuine, Quirky, So Funny and Huggable!!!
Emily, Katie, and Rebecky, Thank you for being so genuine, quirky, so funny and huggable! I have enjoyed this podcast every step and change along the way! I am about 15-20 years beyond the age range you are all in but the information you share for us “Empty Nest Mom’s Struggling Well” is so very refreshing, helpful and always hilarious! I always feel like “one of the girls”!!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your lives with me and so many others! May the Lord continue to bless each of you in the work you are doing 💙
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Wrestling God
I’m a new listener and appreciate the format: three friends together, being honest about life, motherhood, and all that entails. But the Wrestling God episode would’ve benefitted from some editing and closer consideration before posting. To hear three white, straight women cry over their struggles with Truth (especially in relation to homosexuality) is cringe-worthy. I can relate to this conversation very much and have been there in my faith. But, more specifically, to compare different genders to pedophilia is a very dangerous move for a popular, public podcast! So insulting to those you’re serving, Emily! You mention that you’re choosing “truth” over your own feelings, but you’re not. You’re choosing it over someone else’s feelings - someone else’s LIFE. From one white, straight woman to another: You’re holding so tightly to Truth... but I’m curious to know why a white woman living in the 21st century believes her interpretation of the Bible has the monopoly on truth...
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KD Indy
I was all in when Emily was all by herself doing interviews and praying for us at the end of each episode. Adding the S to Mom and bringing in sister Kate and friend Rebecca has been NEXT LEVEL! These gals are relatable, genuine and hilarious! Can I please be your friend?!! Thank you for all you do to put my favorite podcast into my ear holes 😉. And I can’t put it off any longer, I’m joining Patreon today! What are you waiting for? Smash that bell and subscribe!! xo, Karina
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Just go ahead and hit subscribe!
I found this podcast through Rebecky at Better Life Bags years ago. I’m pretty sure my husband thinks Rebecca, Emily and Kate are my real friends, considering the way I reference them daily. It is so refreshing to hear from women (and moms) that are real and vulnerable. I’m able to see myself in their struggles and know that I’m not alone. Wether it be parenting, marriage, work or faith...I know that I’ll feel seen. So much of social media is fake, but these ladies are the real deal. - Thank you for continuing to give your time to our ears and lives , gals!
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They are basically some of my best friends. They just don’t know. 😂
My favorite podcast! You get reeled in with their humor and then these ladies drop truth bombs 💣on you to help you along you journey of motherhood. What a gift these ladies are. They keep you laughing and are willing to be so candid as well. Thank you Emily, Rebecca, and Kate.💜 You are a highlight of my week. ☀️
Laugh to not cry
Want to laugh about all the things about being a mom that normally make you want to cry, pull out your hair, or run away from home? Welcome. This podcast is like sitting around with friends who know exactly the things you’re going through, have different takes on it, help, advice, but above all, will help you see the things you can laugh about.
My favorite podcast.
I have been listening to this podcast for years... and just joined their Patreon. It finally dawned on me what makes me love this podcast so much... this is the only podcast that I listen to that I walk away from it feeling like I’m a normal person. Most other podcasts I listen to, I walk away from them feeling like I’m wasting my life and I’m a failure. This podcast is real people talking about real things... and no one is presented as if they have everything all figured out. I love it so much!! Thank you guys so much. What you’re doing means more than you realize!!
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Thanks for the laughs and perspective shifts, ladies!
I recommend this podcast to everyone I know. Emily, Kate, and Rebecca are so fun! I feel like they are close friends who don’t know I exist lol. I enjoy the show so much! There have been many episodes that have me crying tears of laughter 😂😂😂 Whether it’s funny everyday life things, current events, or deep conversations (that we know aren’t easy to talk about) these ladies just warm my heart and bring a smile to my face. I have been a listener for years, but in 2020 I became a Strugg and it was the best decision! The extra podcasts are SO worth it!!!
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Laughing with friends
This podcast is great and really makes me feel like I just had a vent session with friends. Really fun and great for getting some perspective shifts on mom life.
Best episode ever!!
I’m 59 years old, married 41 years. Thank you for normalizing sex and day to day life - well done girls!! Well done!!
Ninna from NJ
Morning Coffee with Girlfriends
I love feeling like I am amongst friends every morning. I have a 45 minute drive to work, so I plug these ladies in and just enjoy girl talk and coffee- something we haven’t had the opportunity to do for awhile because well.... pandemic. Thank you for giving me life and helping me struggle well!
Becky M-Watson
Hilarious, Real, Uplifting, and Addictive
This podcast is one I look forward to every week!! The camaraderie between the sisters and Rebecca is so much fun to listen to and makes you wish you could spend an hour with them laughing over nonsensical topics, such as how to pronounce shiitake mushrooms, or whether thongs or granny panties are the way to go. 😁 These ladies also give encouragement to us moms going through basically all the same things in each of our own houses. After listening each week, I’m brought back to loving my actual life so I don’t want to run away - because peace is just a perspective shift away. 😊
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Always giving me life!
Love the new format of this podcast! The episodes with Kate and Rebecca were always my favorite before, so having them all together is the best! These ladies have had me laughing through countless loads of laundry and dishes and even got me through a root canal recently thanks to playing the podcast in my earbuds. 😅 I talk about this podcast so much, my husband even surprised me with a Patreon membership for Valentines’s Day! ❤️ Thank you ladies for all of your hard work to make this podcast happen. Your authenticity has brought so much life to me on hard and lonely days.
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Keep it real
Love this podcast. These ladies keep it real whether talking about kids, marriage, faith or weird flavored foods.😂 It’s like hanging out with your besties!
I really enjoy this podcast!
I love this podcast! It is so fun and as an enneagram 7 that is pretty important to me. Not only is it fun, but it is also encouraging. I almost feel like I know all three of these ladies and then I have to remind myself I have actually never met them or had a conversation with them 😂. I always look forward to a new episode. Keep shining your light!
Worth Smashing the Subscribe Button
My sister has been telling me about this podcast for more than a year because Emily reminds her of me. Mostly, it’s because I also have a particular pen fetish, but also because I’m type A, sarcastic and hilarious. 😉 I have never really found a pod that I haven’t been bored after a few episodes, until this one. I subscribed right away and then became a Patreon after about a month of listening to previous episodes. These girls are real, entertaining and interesting. They keep things light and fun even when the topic gets serious. If I were an extrovert, I’m pretty sure I could be friends with all 3 ladies, but instead I’ll just keep acting like they’re my friends as I listen to each episode! 😊
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Such a great podcast
Love this podcast for it's honesty and humor.
for non-moms and moms alike :)
I started listening to this podcast well before I became a mom. Emily’s wit, snark, and sincerity was so life-giving to me while I was still young, wild, and free. Then in 2019 she released a podcast about foster care, and its one of the many things that launched our family into taking 2 siblings into our home through Kinship Care. Fast forward another 9 months (yep, do the math) I had our first biological daughter and now we are a family of FIVE. Now, Em, Kate, and Rebecky, help me not run away from my house on a daily basis. I love this podcast and these women like they were my own posse and I’m so grateful for MOMS STRUGGLING WELL. 🙌🏻
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My best friends I’ve never met, and they don’t even know I exist!
I’ve been listening to Emily for several years, and the episodes she did with Rebecca were my favorites! It’s only gotten better since adding Katie! I feel like I’m visiting with them in person and cry-laughing with them! I’ve grocery shopped with Emily, Rebecca and Katie, and they’ve kept me company when I can’t go to sleep! Moms Struggling Well is my favorite podcast, and I think I need to ask for a raise on my allowance so I can become a Patreon member!
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Lorianne S.
Making Monday’s Bearable
Can there be anything worse than a Monday? Yes, there can be, a Monday without these amazing ladies would be worse. That’s why I am a Patreon member, so that I never have another boring Monday again. I look forward to their advice, opinions and openness of just how how hard life can sometimes be. The playful banter and laughs are just what I need to start my week! Thank you, from just one Struggling Sister.
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Struggling Sister
Love this podcast
Emily, Kate, and Rebecky are definitely one of my favorites in my podcast lineup. I’ve been listening for years and a Patreon member for about a year. This year has had it’s ups and downs (am I right? 2020 you stink!) but this podcast has done my heart a world of good. I appreciate their honesty with their own struggles whether it’s about their faith journeys, grief, raising kiddos, or underwear. You will laugh, be reminded that peace in a perspective shift away, and laugh some more.
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Angie Sheahan
Laughing Outloud All By Myself
Every single week, I find myself laughing outloud all by myself and talking OUTLOUD, again, all by myself to Emily, Kate & Rebecca as if they are in the room with me. Thank you stuggs for a well needed weekly dose of joy, truth, love and laughter.
They fell like my BFFs!
I love this crew so much and look forward to every week! I have been listening for over a year now but have gone back and listened to every single episode. They keep things so real and are just a joy to listen to each week. You laugh, you cry, and you feel like they are apart of your closest friends. So so good!
Love this podcast
Love listening to this podcast it makes my Monday morning commute something to look forward to. As a working mom they've really helped me shift my perspective on working and caring for my kids!
Laughter and connection all around
Laughter is the best medicine, right?!? Well you can get that and more here on this podcast. Emily, Kate and Rebecca are so easy to relate to and they share current challenges (and what’s going well!) for moms today. In a time where I often feel disconnected from mom friends, they give me some connection and support!
Always makes me laugh
Being a mom is hard work. Being able to laugh your way through motherhood makes it a little easier. This podcast keeps me laughing every episode. I never miss one!
Real women. Real struggles.
These gals know what it is to walk in the weeds and they know how to celebrate success. They’re not pretending to know all the answers. That’s wildly refreshing and what stands out to me most. Listening is like hanging with my own friends simply discussing life, not fixing everything. They cover many topics like parenting, marriage, faith, work, what’s working, what’s not, but mostly how to live our lives while struggling well. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve cringed, but after finishing an episode I’m always left encouraged. Emily, Kate & Rebecca are gems and THEY give ME life ♡
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Love this show!
This show makes me feel a little less like a mom with first world problems. It’s so great to hear that I’m not alone in struggling with the daily ins and outs of balancing all the things. 3 moms, 9 kids between them, and stories for many podcasts to come - these gals are encouraging, hilarious, and a delight to hear in my ears every Monday.
Real Life
I appreciate these moms so much. They do real talk but with humor and encouragement. Such a bright spot in my week!!
Best Podcast Ever!
I can’t say enough about this podcast. I have laughed and cried with Emily, Kate and Rebecca through these shows. I think my most favorite part is the fact that everything is so relatable. These ladies are ordinary moms like me who don’t always have it together and are brave enough to share that with the world. I’ve learned to have many perspective shifts and have found new ways to struggle well each week while navigating all things motherhood brings thanks to these ladies. Y’all are the best...keep doing what you’re doing, because it matters!
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Rach Parker
Fav show
This show is the one I look forward to the most. I love the relationship between rebecky - kate - and Emily and in the last year where isolation was so deep this podcast was a moment of fresh air and always made me feel less alone and made me laugh! Check it out ❤️
Loves to laugh
I think I laugh out loud on pretty much every episode! These moms are hilarious. Emily, Kate and Rebecca help me get rid of my mom guilt because the make me feel more “normal”. This podcast and the bonus Patreon episodes give me life!
Funny and Real
I can’t help but laugh out loud when I listen to this podcast. Often, it feels like I’m hanging out with my 3 best friends. It’s encouraging, funny and honest. I look forward to it every week!
Chelsea Flav
This podcast is GIVING ME LIFE!!! ❤️
I love Monday’s because I get to listen to these fun ladies in my ear holes!!! They bring so much joy, laughter, TRUTH and love to my life and I cannot recommend them enough. Also, being a Patreon means I get to hear them even. more!!! Thanks for sharing your lives, opinions, and suggestions with the world Struggs!!
Taylor LM
This podcast is great! I feel like I am hanging out with friends and I laugh out loud more often than not. Highly recommend subscribing as it feels like a gift when each new episode drops!
The authenticity we are all looking for 💗
Whether you need a good cry or a good laugh these ladies are the real deal! They tackle subjects we all are feeling and trying to understand while offering some fun, laughs and shenanigans along the way.
I’m obsessed
This podcast is the community I never realized I was missing in my life. My husband hears more about this group and podcast than he hears about my actual friends in real life. All three ladies are super relatable and their sense of humor is HILARIOUS. I laugh out loud every episode. Do yourself a huge favor and subscribe to this one. You won’t regret it.
Giving me life!
This podcast is all the things a Momma needs! Real life, real struggles and really full of great laughs!! 5 stars for sure!
es ey em
Love this podcast
This was one of the first podcasts I started listening to. I loved when it was just Emily interviewing guests, but love it even more with Katie and Rebecca! Thank you ladies, for making me feel less alone in the struggle!
What a GEM
Moms Struggling Well is fantastic podcast. So real, genuine and down right entertaining! These women come from such different backgrounds, family situations, and “jobs”, yet they show us how we can connect through humor and motherhood. It’s such a relaxing podcast to just bring a smile to your face!
***revised 3/2/2021 Below is my first review from a way back. Wanted to update that I STILL love the show. I love that Em sticks to the truth of God’s word, even if it isn’t easy. She is a brave gal. There are many Christians willing to compromise their beliefs to make others feel comfortable. Being a Christian isn’t about being comfortable. It’s about speaking the truth. Love Kate and Rebecky, too!!! There is a reason for the podcast. I think amazing things will come from it, and it’s online tribe. **************************** Emily... You are my new best friend (in my head). I’m enjoying binging on your Podcast, as I just discovered it. You are hilarious. Your sister is hilarious. I’m here for all of it. Thank you for all the work you put into this show. xo, your bff
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Tiffany York | Photographer
My new favorite podcast
These three amazing humans make the world a better place. Their honesty, transparency, and humor make the day better. They understand Mom life. They understand struggles. They get us. I may not know them personally but it sure feels like they know me. I am so thankful to have found this amazing gem of a podcast and look forward to every episode!
All the feels!
I adore Emily, Kate, & Rebecky! I’ve been listening for a little over two years and now I never miss an episode! These ladies never fail to make me laugh out loud and brighten my week. They don’t sugarcoat life but offer a real perspective of what it’s like to struggle well as a mom and I love that they each have a unique story to share. They each have worked, been a stay at home mom, or something in between which is refreshing to me as a working mom who often finds herself questioning her decision and if she’s “momming right.” I also like how the pod is grounded in these ladies’ faith but isn’t pushy and going to seclude others from any sort of “club.” Lastly, Emily used to interview authors, etc. and while sometimes I miss those I will say I have quite the list of books to read so I’m set for a while - all thanks to this podcast! If you’re looking for a little more depth than some of their chats these days just scroll back a bit and you’ll find a wealth of beautiful women’s stories to learn from. Thank you ladies for keeping this podcast going and for sharing even the messy and tricky parts of life - it brings me life each and every week!
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Amazing podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a little over four years now. It’s been such a blessing and encouragement for my life and I’m always trying to tell my friends about it bc I know it’s going to bless them, too. I’ve cried, laughed, and be inspired time and again through the years. So happy I found it when I became a new mom, nursing in pain and crying as I heard the Truth buzz into my ears helped me in those weee hours of the night and morning.
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I look forward to every episode!
I’ve been a listener for years. From the interviews to the new format, I love it all and am looking forward to more.
A breath of fresh air
I appreciate the honesty and lack of sugar coating this podcast has - we can't always wrap up our struggles in an hour or less. The addition of Rebecky and Katie has been great, and I feel like the fourth friend listening in on the conversation.
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