Mom Coaches Getting Clients
Mom Coaches Getting Clients
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Great podcast for mom coaches
Love how specific and real Kathy is when it comes to delivering info to her audience! This podcast is super helpful for moms juggling a coaching business.
Great Advice!
Kathy provides great insight into how simple your coaching business really can be! She keeps it simple and to the point with great analogies to real life which makes it more relatable. If you’re a mom coach looking for help with your business, Kathy is your Coach!
So helpful!
Love how actionable Kathy’s podcast is and how her personality shines through! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing insights.
syeda neary
An awesome host, an informative show
Kathy is great at sharing her own experiences to show it’s possible to become a mom coach coaching moms! Love it!!
Love Kathy and all she offers
I have followed Kathy for about a year, then hired her and still love her podcast for all she offers!
Love it!
The host is so enlightening, intuitive and intelligent. She’s an expert in her field as well as a great business mentor. The guests are amazing, convos are fun and fluid and I learn something new each time. Highly recommend.
This Miss Meliss
Love this
So many great tips and so motivational
Paola Rosser
Informative and Passionate
I love the passion in Kathy's voice. I feel the love and compassion she has for her children and her message. Great show! -Anthony Hayes memyselfandiradio
Inspiration & Insight
Kathy has such a great way of keeping things simple and inspiring. I love hearing her insight and sweet sense of humor! I love reading her and this podcast is another great addition to her offerings. Perfect for listening while doing mama tasks.
Inspiration & Insight
So much fun, and useful!!
I am already addicted to Kathy’s new podcast! I love her sense of humor, I could listen to her for hours (and I am!) Her guests are also awesome, and there is a LOT of practical and also inspiring advice for entrepreneurs, creatives, and mamas of all kinds. Thanks for sharing the mama bliss!!
Kathy’s awesome podcast
Keepin it Real!~
Kathy has a way of sharing ideas that not only put a smile on my face, but they word. Real tips for moms who are looking for “blissful” solutions! Keep bringing it!
Adrian's mom
What a great show!
Kathy has a great concept for moms who blog and want to start blogging for business. She shares her knowledge and interviews guests who give insight into business life. I encourage you to listen!
Moms With Dreams