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The podcast is ok, doesn’t talk much about the actual craft more so just accolades.. I feel the host could do some work on their ego
Excellent conversations and material
A podcast for witches of all styles, practices, and levels. Devin is real and offers a lot of practical and thoughtful material. The interviews are rich and creates an impactful dialogue about building a depth and breadth to your practice.
I love the podcast. I’m very familiar with Devon and Storm for I take their class but I love the podcast material and knowledge they brings. I definitely recommend listening
love this podcast
i started listening a few months ago and have made my way through past episodes. always interesting even if the content isn’t something i explore myself, and devin is a stellar host and interviewer. highly recommend.
Come back!
Although I am not a pagan or witch I started listening to this show out of curiosity a few months ago. I am a huge fan! I understand times are tough right now with the pandemic, which I’m guessing is why there haven’t been many new episodes lately? Looking forward to listening to new episodes when they come out.
For someone who enjoys learning about religions and spiritual paths, this podcast is wonderful.
Billy Slick
Great Podcast, Again & Again
Devin & his guests are some of my favorites to listen to and read time and time again. Friendly, artistic, intelligent, articulate, and talented both as a practitioner and pagan & paranormal practitioner! The episodes with Michelle Belanger are especially fav’s! Mind blown!
One of my faves
I adore this podcast! Always something new and insightful in every episode.
N A Pearson
Love this podcast
Very knowledgeable. Discussing modern day Witchcraft.
Jason Nadeau
New listener - I love this
Such a great podcast, I am new to this podcast and new to the path of witchcraft and this is exactly what I’ve been searching for! I love the music especially!! 🖤
A lot of time spent waiting for her to get to the point.
Love this podcast and the wealth of info given. But I have to say... I don’t know the names of the hosts, but the female host and her input I find largely unnecessary, long-winded and kind of annoying. She interrupts, rants and talks over the other host and purely from a point of personal experience. A lot of the time she has SO MUCH to say but doesn’t really seem to know what she’s even talking about. Im sorry that’s harsh but I find myself fast-forwarding through her speaking parts and just listening to the other guy, who is really knowledgeable and not pretending to know everything about witchcraft. I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but I was disappointed to find past the first episode I listened to that she wasn’t just a guest host, but in fact hosts with the other guy. You spend a lot of time bearing with her as she regales some tale from her personal life, and waiting for her to get to the point. I wish it was just the one guy and I fail to see how her input helps with discussion on these topics at all really.
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five stars
You guys are awsome. and are my second favorite podcast. You deserve a five star rating I give you five stars
Sola Fireshine
Such a great show!
I just found this podcast on my search for a good occult/witch show to listen to on long walks/runs. I found this to be my favorite in YEARS. Incredibly enjoyable and the hosts are highly intelligent and eloquent no matter what the topic. This is my jam, man. Huzzah!
Marzipan Zombie
Fantastic and addicting
I have quickly become a huge fan of the show and really love the episodes with Storm as co-host because I find him very interesting and intelligent. The dynamic between Devin and Storm makes for a great podcast and I love the conversations they have. I'm going back through and listening to the old episodes and the new ones this season are my favorite still. Keep up the great work!
Love it :)
I love love love this podcast it has gotten me through bad days good days and im also from the bay area (san francisco area) so by the host being from my area i felt even more connected to thia podcast. Old or new episodes i love em all.
Too much music, little content
I know the host can't handle any negative feedback (one show was devoted to ranting about it) but here's my review anyway. Listening to the average show & watching the clock, the majority of the show is spent playing Pagan & Pagan-adjacent music. (Occasional shows are pretty much all music,) Not what I'm looking for in a Pagan podcast. There are several outlets for listening to nothing but Pagan music, I'd listen to that if that's what I was in to mood for. Because here the music is interupted every few songs with at least a few minutes of talk. Pick one or the other. A lot of the larger chunks of "talking time" are then spent describing what's coming up, what just happened, what may happen in the future, etc. And - since one of the two hosts, Rowan, left the show about the only other substantial content is rather mundane interviews. Questions usually are like "how'd you get your start?" "what's next?" "what'd you think of that festival?". I really was feeling positive after Rowan left, hearing Devin's future plans, but now I'm getting bored. Seems like this is becoming purely for Devin's clique & friends. Not much currently that inspires spiritual growth. Maybe that'll change. Sorry to be harsh but I'm really disappointed to see one of my favorites go downhill.
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Moria V.
good podcast but takes too long to get to the topic
When this podcast finally gets to their episode topic, it's really good, very helpful and interesting discussion. The problem is that you have to listen through so much extraneous chatter before the hosts get on topic. In one episode, about what people without a spiritual community can do for help in a crisis, it took over 40 minutes before anyone even started talking about that topic. In the most recent episode, I was treated to a long segment about one host's experience with a "juice fast" and how if she didn't regulate her eating that or gastric bypass was "the only alternative", and as a fat-positive feminist, it was really upsetting to sit through. I wanted to say "yes, there is another alternative, accept your body as it is and stop hurting it with diet plans and fad "cleansing" that's, as she found out, really damaging to your body. In any case, it was again, a long time before they got onto their topic, and i felt like I was basically listening to someone's online diary.
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Great Shows
i have just discovered this podcast recently and I have enjoyed them very much. I look forward to listening to them each week. Their insights and personal views on the topics is very interesting and informative. I always end up learning something new when I listen to them.
Like hanging out with good friends.
Hosts Devin Hunter and Rowan Pendragon produce a very good weekly program that is delightfully relevant to the Modern Witch (Druid, Heathen, Wiccan or other Pagan). The on air chemistry between the two makes the listener feel like we are all together at a table or living room hanging out as friends. They discuss and comment on current topics of interest in the Pagan community and bring up things to consider that often gets bypassed or left out of Facebook or Twitter comments. What is really nice is that the show has definite segments and transitions. It is like an audio magazine format which is really nice for me. I enjoy segments filled with good information and interviews then move on to something else. The transition is usually one or two songs selected by either host. Guests are teachers and leaders of the Pagan community who are stiving to bring good Pagan thought, topics, teachings, and concepts to the community. Interviews with musicians, teachers, Priest/Priestesses, etc, have so far seemed to be on the same process of Modern Craft-working. While they refer to the modern "Witch" most often, this is a program that can be very informative and useful for the Pagan of other Paths. As a Druid, I find the desire of the two to encourage Witches and Pagans to enter the Modern Age of great interest and they do it in a very caring and informative manner. Fun banter and interesting observations with everything else make the hour fly by and then we just have to wait for another week. Unfortunately, a twice weekly podcast is out of the question at this point with both having work and lives to lead. Living in the 21st Century calls for updating and making what we think we know of past tradtions a continuation of the legacy of our Ancestors. Modern Witch Podcast is a welcome and helpful tool to help us along on our own Path so we can be of greater assistance to others - especially the next generation. A big thanks to them both for their time, energy, and efforts.
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Excellent and modern!
Great show, interesting topics, great personalities from the hosts and awesome music!
awesome podcast
catching up on all the episodes, and I LOVE it. so informative, entertaining and just down right fun to listen to. I love the interviews and the snippets of information and news you put in there. Thank you and keep it up.
Devin, thanks so much for this podcast. I have only just started listening, but I started at the beginning. I don't always agree with the opinions you express, but I love that you are allowed to opine on every subject under the sun. We differ on some definitions and some ideas, but that is what makes the world go around, right! When your views disagree with mine, it lets me see the issue with a new set of eyes. I appreciate that very much! Keep up the great work!
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DD Holley
The show is interesting, as far as pagan podcasts go. I have found it to be a tad repetitive at points. A frequent guest of the show has a similar voice to the host, which makes some episodes a little difficult to follow. In episode 12 I had to ask why the Devin kept describing his pre-pagan childhood, until I realized there where two different speakers. The interviews are interesting, but need more structure IMO. The host has a tendency to interject his personal experiences into interviews, which, to be completely honest, is unnecessary in most cases. It gets a three. Good, but needs improvement. I will keep listening.
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Many threads, well-woven.
I just caught up on all (as of this moment) 12 broadcasts, and it was amazing to listen to evolution in action. You're doing a good work, making this available in this medium. Not everyone lives in CA, LOL. Informative, insightful, energy-filled. Good show!
Great informative interviews with both well known authors and lesser known hidden treasures. Fantastic topical discussion of current pagan events. A charming host, and passionate roundtables. What's not to love?
The #1 Podcast!
This is the best Podcast of all time! The host is a very likeable guy, the material is very relevant to Modern Witches, it gives awesome information, and it is full of great humor. It's just terrific. Highly Reccommended.
Still love it!
Glad to see you back on the air! We completely understand you had family stuff to take care of. I do have a new and minor issue, downloads straight from iPod touch aren't working... for now I'm just using iTunes on my PC. Keep up the good work!
Great show!
Devon Hunter's show is informative, entertaining, and opinionated! All good stuff! The interviews are in-depth and worth listening to. A quality show that I'm proud to subscribe to.
Love it!
Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!
Relevant, edgy, fun!
With the inaugural broadcast of “Modern Witch”, host Devin Hunter lets it all hang out. With compassion, humor, and a down to earth style, he takes us on a journey through politics, ritual, and current events from the perspective of a Neo-Pagan priest. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it will grow in the weeks and months to come.
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