Modern Witch
Modern Witch
Modern Witch / Devin Hunter
ModernWitchS4E1:Past Lives
1 hour 36 minutes Posted Sep 20, 2012 at 6:13 pm.
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Show notes
In the Season 4 premier we are visited by Occult expert, writer, and modern mystic Ivo Dominguez Jr and discuss past-lives from all angels. Join Devin and Ivo for an unforgettable 90 minutes.Music Includes:Silence- Delerium Gaia- Faun Modern Crusaders- Enigma Goddess Chant 99'- Inkkubus/Sukkubus Space Child- Kan'nal Amma- Larisa Stowe and the Shakti Tribe Gypsy- Ronin Hardiman Reincarnation- Natti Nation