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Ben Aldridge, Anxiety, Premeditation, and Voluntary Discomfort
In this episode, we speak to Ben Aldridge about anxiety, premeditation, and voluntary discomfort.Ben is the author of  How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: 43 Weird & Wonderful Ways to Build a Strong Resilient Mindset. Ben’s challenges...
Oct 22
28 min
Mick Mulroy, Philosopher Kings, Ethics, and Wisdom
In this episode, we talk with Mick Mulroy about philosopher kings, ethics, and wisdom.Mick is the co-founder of Lobo Institute, a private firm consulting, advising, and teaching on current and future conflicts. Mulroy is a former United States Deputy...
Oct 8
31 min
Chris Gill, Social Responsibility, Environmentalism, and Cultural Change
In this episode, I talk with Chris Gill about social responsibility, environmentalism, and cultural change.Chris has been a member of the Modern Stoicism team since its inception in 2012, and is Emeritus Professor of Ancient Thought at the University of...
Sep 24
31 min
Anya Leonard, Classical Wisdom, and what the classics can teach us as Stoics!
In this episode, I talk to Anya Leonard about reading the classics, and what Stoics can learn from them.Anya is a founder and director of Classical Wisdom - a site dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to modern minds.Check out Classical Wisdom...
Sep 17
38 min
Contest winners, announcements, and a short break!
This week is just a short episode to announce the contest winners, and announce a few other pieces of news before we take a mid-season break.Our contest winners for last week's episode 10 are:- Lizette- Shaun- NicoleI want to thank everyone who wrote us...
Sep 7
3 min
Adam the Host Answers Questions about Practice and Podcasting!
This week, Adam the host gets interviewed by his friend Cecily about the podcast, how it got started, his personal practice, and much more!If you'd like to be entered into the draw to win one of 3 books signed by Donald Robertson, here's what you do:1)...
Aug 29
36 min
Tara Klippert, Health, Nutrition, and Stoicism
In this episode, I talk to Tara Klippert about how stoicism can be applied to health and nutrition.Tara is a digital marketing specialist, and a registered health and nutrition counselor, and is the owner of Foods And Feels Wellness.Check out Tara...
Aug 20
22 min
Kasey Pierce, Comics, life, and Stoicism
In this episode I talk to Kasey Pierce, about comics, life, and Stoicism.Kasey is a comic book author and editor, and the latest issue of her book Norah can now be found in comic stores.Check out Kasey Pierce at:Twitter: @kosmickaseyInstagram:...
Aug 13
35 min
Brittany Polat, Oikeiosis and Human Nature
In this episode, I talk to Brittany Polat about oikeiosis, what the ancient Stoics called the natural progression toward virtue.Brittany is an author, blogger, and parent, and I highly recommend her first book, Tranquility Parenting: A Guide to Staying...
Aug 6
32 min
Greg Sadler, Modern Stoicism, Stoicism Today, and Grassroots Movements
In this episode, I talk to Greg Sadler about Modern Stoicism, the Stoicism Today Blog, and grassroots activities in the modern Stoicism movement.Greg is the editor of Stoicism Today, a certified philosophical counselor, he teaches at the Milwaukee...
Jul 30
34 min
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