Modern Drummer Podcasts
Modern Drummer Podcasts
Modern Drummer Podcasts
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A fun way to learn about drumming
Mike & Mike give great insights into the drumming community.
Best Pod cast, hands down
Mike Johnston & Mike Dawson have the best chemistry together. The just gets better & better each week. I CANT miss a n episode.
Good dudes, great show...
MD & MJ come from different slightly worlds of drumming allowing them to cover lots of topics knowledgeably. They also do a good job keeping it light and conversational. Plus, I love hearing about their dogs!!! Keep it, #bros!
Great Travel Companion
As a traveling sales professional who drives everywhere, I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is a well done podcast, packed full of great information for the amateur drummer like me, and great advice for the pro too. Mike and Mike have kept me inspired to improve the fundamentals I really never worked on as a younger drummer. Just a good quality source for info on being a better drummer.
Lotechie Mo
Kick splat hair
I've been listening to this podcast since I first came across it about 60 episodes ago. The Mikes provide a great balance of information and entertainment. Not only do I learn something from each episode, but I seem to be getting more and laughs as well . If you're a drummer, or anyone interested in drumming, I highly recommend subscribing. The hosts have a wealth of experience and knowledge and deliver everything in a highly digestible manner. Keep it up guys, I look forward to each episode, no matter what the topics are. That to me is the beauty of it. Like that. - Mike from STL
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Presh Mex
So grateful for these guys
Love this show, love how they inspire me to want to be a better drummer. They're all about positivity and encouraging everyone to get better.
****not an upgrade
Great podcast! Every drummer should give this podcast a shot. It's informative as it is entertaining. Mike and Mike are seasoned drummers, and they really get into the interesting drum talk that I wish I could get into more often with my drummer friends. They talk about everything drum related, from the big names, to gear, to recording and sound. Give it a try if you haven't already!!!
These guys are great! They explore drummers, gear, and other great facets of drumming. They also share practice tips and overall concepts. They even share clips of some great gear such as kits, snare and cymbals. They answer listener questions and they answered one of mine, including saying my name was "dope!" I do wish it was longer, so they could take a few things more in depth, and also to sate my appetite for podcasts. A big way to go for 2 "dope" Mikes.
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Best Drum Poscast
Best drum podcast I've found. Love the insight and humor!!!
MD Podcasts-Mike & Mike
M&M are really enjoyable to listen to, mixing in a lot of funny stories with technical info. I really like how they complement each other with their respective personalities as it makes for a relaxing, fun listen. I especially appreciate the encouragement they slip in from time to time giving this older but only modestly-skilled drummer hope and the will to not give up. I think they provide a good balance of advanced tips with nuggets of basic concepts to ponder while I drive to/fro work. Thanks so much Mikes!
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Good podcast
Need more episodes.