MNGOP's #TruthMatters
MNGOP's #TruthMatters
Chair of the MNGOP, Jennifer Carnahan, is here to talk everything going on with the Republican Party of Minnesota and what really matters, the truth.
006: A Hard No to Socialism
Chair of the MNGop, Jennifer Carnahan, and MNGop advocate, Tony Lazzaro, are back in the new year, new decade, with a new episode.  Senate Majority Leader, Paul Gazelka calls in to talk the needs of the GOP in 2020. 'The bored rich guy,' you just can't escape Michael Bloomberg's campaign. And playing around with hypothetical democratic tickets. 
Jan 7, 2020
32 min
005: It's All a Farce
How the live impeachment proceedings have turned into the Adam Schiff Show, with all the hypocrisy on display for the world to see. Gregg Pepin, a senior political consultant, who is working with candidate for the 3rd congressional district, Kendall Qualls, calls in to discuss the upcoming election, it’s only a year away after all. The appeal of Dean Phillips and the power of marketing. Chair of CD 2 for the MNGOP, Jeff Schuette, calls in to discuss the potential and the frustration with CD 2. The plan to defeat Angie Craig is already in play but it would be better if we had a candidate. Please, let it be Warren who gets the DNC nomination, but we should be careful what we wish for. And all these local candidates that need the wining and dining to be charmed into running, where's the need to serve the public?
Nov 19, 2019
36 min
002: Presidency In Peril? Nope
Chair of the MNGOP, Jennifer Carnahan is joined by co-host, and advocate for the MNGOP, Tony Lazzaro. We take your calls on what’s on your political periphery. Talking about Jason Lewis’ next bid for election and the media’s bias is becoming increasingly clear as we grow closer to Election Day. Major Dave Hughes from the 7th Congressional District calls in to shed some light on what’s going on with his area demographically. Just how close we are to flipping Minnesota to Red, but where we need to be doing better. Fighting back against the negative assumptions the Republican Party carries with it, and bringing to light some of the double standards of the Democrats
Nov 14, 2019
37 min
004: The Enthusiasm Factor
Minneapolis continues to be difficult in getting votes for the GOP.  Jennifer and Tony discuss the changing demographics and how it's affecting the voting landscape. No fans of Mayor’s Frey here. Mary Susan, from Women for Trump 2020, calls in to discuss the silent majority of suburban women, who love Trump. Another caller is optimistic about the energy to reelect Trump already felt. And Billy Grant, Doug Wardlow's former campaign manager, calls in. 
Nov 3, 2019
28 min
003: The Race Is On
Chair of the MNGOP, Jennifer Carnahan is joined by co-host, and advocate for the MNGOP, Tony Lazzaro. The recent public outings of POTUS exemplify the divide in this country. How should the office and role of the president be treated? Jennifer talks a recent women's gala she attended and the incorrect perceptions of being a republican woman. This non-bipartisan impeachment process is ridiculous. The upcoming Bernie Sanders rally, with all the usual Minnesota suspects. What it means for Biden if Bernie stays strong in the race. And candidate for Congress, Michelle Fischbach, calls in to talk her bid against Representative Collin Peterson.
Nov 3, 2019
28 min
001: The Inaugural Episode
No, it's not quite Inauguration Day, but still pretty exciting nonetheless. It's the very first episode of Chair of the MNGOP, Jennifer Carnahan's new podcast, #TruthMatters! She is joined by co-host and advocate for the MNGOP, Tony Lazzaro, to talk the ins and outs of getting boots on the ground to get those votes for the Republican party, the unique opportunity Minnesota has to turn Red, and a recap of the recent rally President Trump held in Minneapolis. And special guest, Representative Jim Hagedorn, calls in to talk DC. 
Oct 28, 2019
31 min