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New Listener
Great cast wondering how can I get in touch with the casters ?
Mission Daily is a must-listen!
Great, daily conversations and interviews about life, business, and how to create work that means something.
The perfect way to start your day
A great resource to improve your health, wealth and happiness.
#1 podcast I listen to
I can't say enough good things about the mission daily. The content is second to none and I feel myself becoming more intelligent with every episode. This one is definitely a MUST LISTEN!
Matt 1585
The Hardest Habit To Learn
I really enjoyed this episode! I’m hoping y’all can revisit this subject and be more in-depth. Thanks!
Alfredo Rodriguez Jr
The short cut to a great life
Thank you for this informative podcast that give me a daily dose to a better life!
Interesting and useful
Great show! The host has a really interesting point of view that makes you look more carefully at the situations in your life. Keep it up!
Love the story about Google
Really cool to hear about how you can attract great things by doing great things. Well done and congrats! BTW I live in the South Bay!!
#1 place for accelerated learning!
This podcast is absolutely amazing! The wonderful people at The Mission are working hard to research and share the latest information for all its listeners. Amazing content. As well as an amazing newsletter and best of all...... The Mission Book Club!!!
Precisely the dose of information I need to start my day
This is an incredible podcast that has allowed me to view the world through an effective new lens. The world is limitless and The Mission guides listeners to noticing this very phenomena through enjoyable and eye-opening conversations. In addition, they equip listeners with the mindset to capitalize on the opportunities they encounter for the well-being of themselves and those around them. Thank you and look forward to being apart of The Mission’s growth by spreading the good word!
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Refreshing and Inspirational
Love, love, love this podcast and The Story!! The only 2 podcasts I regularly listen to other than my 1 music podcast. I always feel inspired, uplifted, challenged, and reaffirmed after every episode. Thank you for all the great content!!
Love the Mission!
Three Habits was a great episode. It's not what you do once in a while. It's what you do consistently, day to day. Habits will make or break you. Thanks for this one Chad!
Jason Blevins
Awesome Show
Full of great insights across a range of topics that can impact one's life for the better. Nice to get a daily dose of tips!
LoveIndustry Podcast
Lots of Great Nuggets
Chad is passionate about the subject and it comes through in the show. Well done, Chad and keep it going...!
Steven Shalowitz
On (Ethically) Creating Value and Making Money
Chad re-defines "entrepreneurship" in a good way in this episode! Regardless of the episode you listen to, this podcast is for people who see themselves as lifetime learners (or maybe for people who haven't figured that out yet, too!)
Science + Story = Magic
I'm obsessed with this podcast, there's so much to learn and it keeps my curiosity going. The science and the stories make for a non traditional twist that I love
Just a great listen!
I’ve really enjoyed listening to you guys talk about life. You’re just easy to listen to, and have a great message.
Special treasure!
Very unique and thought provoking podcast. Love it!
Excellent daily listen
Great show if you’re into daily shows with valuable info, news and advice!
Great 20 min, personal Lift!
Just found this podcast a few days ago and I have listened to it nonstop in the car for 3 days! The thoughts and feelings about general mental health and well being in life. love it!
Great show!
This show provides a much needed dose of positive mojo! Just hit SUBSCRIBE and enjoy!
Adam Schaeuble
A fresh take on classic philosophy!
"The Mission Daily" is a breath of fresh air! I love how each episode delivers a little daily gift of insight into how to live a better life. This is a must-listen podcast!
This podcast will give you the perfect boost to make an impact on your life today. Be postive and be ready for this new adventure you are about to embark on.
Brandon Gaille
Enables better learning & overcoming adversity
As host of The God Zone Show I appreciate and admire The Missions' quest for enabling us for better learning, aquiring wisdom, and overcoming adversity. Offers challenging prespectives to help reflect on and improve solutions to world and personal issues.
Paul D Johnson
Such a Relaxing Podcast!
I love this podcast. It's so relaxing and inspiring. Can't wait to listen to more!
Finally- something worth listening to
This is some solid, quality listening. Really enjoy the ideas being shared and integrity of the content.
Food for brain
These episodes feel like they were put together just for me, and they are just shared with the world. They are real, not overhyped like some podcasts. The resources are great and I have enjoyed starting at the beginning and working my way up to the latest episode. Keep up the good work! Oh, I have a list of books on my website that would tie into your book club! Let me know!
Intelligent listening
Most podcasts I listen to are business focused or marketing focused. This one is human focused. I can enjoy, grow and learn while being entertained. Thankful to have stumbled upon these intelligent hosts.
Jared DeCamp
Reflect, renew, and recalibrate your compass
I started listening to the first podcast about mission, and was pleased to hear it was inspired by Joseph Campbell. I was worried that a podcast about mission would be based in a particular religion. This podcast addresses universal, nondenominational, basic truths about the human journey. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to listening to more.
Raven brain
Excellent short daily content
The Mission puts out some of the best daily content on their website and on Medium, and now they've brought it to podcasts! Great way to keep up with the solid stuff they put out in short, digestible episodes.
I love it!
I love it when a show combines motivation, education and inspiration. This show has all three and more! Keep up the great work!
Love this podcast!
Healthy mind healthy body healthy life!!! This is not your average inspirational prodcast. Actionable steps! Make your life better. Listen to this!
The Variety Artist
Stop telling us about the podcast
I really want to like and enjoy this podcast however, so much time is spent explaining what we will hear (you testing theories before reporting) and plugging for the newsletter that it takes away from my time learning and enjoying. It would be great to see more of a show don’t tell.
Awesome Podcast!
I get so much actionable info on every episode of this podcast! Every episode has a great take away. I can’t wait to hear more. Keep up the great work!
Enjoyed the review of the Hero's Journey.
We recently reviewed the Hero's Journey with our audiences at the May 4th Star Wars show at our planetarium. I never get tired of people talking about it, reminding others about it, and encouraging people to understand it. Thanks!
Jeffrey Grills
Bite-sized gold!
Such inspirational content and the length is perfect to tune into in the mornings or during breaks to help refuel me. Thank you!
K. Chayne
Accelerate Your Mission!
This is a great podcast to add to your optimization arsenal, these are easily digestible episodes, about 10-15 minutes each which starts off with a 10 episode series on accelerated learning, lots of useful knowledge here!
Great podcast that provides actionable insights in an easy to listen to format.
Ian and Chad provide entertaining and thought provoking discussions on ideas that you can use to make yourself a better and more creative you. I appreciate that they provide these ideas not from a stance that they have it all figured out, but rather the podcast feels like you are a part of the learning experience right along side of them. Great work gentlemen, look forward to the rest of the series.
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The Best of The Mission
Thrilled to share The Mission Daily with the world! If you are a fan of The Mission you will love the podcast!
Ian Faison
Something to think about
Absolutely inspiring, thought provoking and forward thinking!
Motivating and thoughtful content!!!
I love the thoughtfulness behind the content in each of the episodes!! I enjoy how it allows for self-reflection while adding depth and supportive reasoning/evidence behind each topic. A great podcast and very motivating. Can't wait for more episodes!
Not too old to learn
Loving this accelerated learning tool...still appropriate for us Senior Citizens. We are never to old to learn something new... lots of retired time to spend developing new skills!! Thanks a lot!...Linda F
Waterwalker 2
#1 How to Find Your Mission
This first episode was great. It was just the right lenght and yet filled with insight. You distilled Campbell's book for me into take away points. Ian and Chad, your voices are a good balance for one another. A ying and yang of sound and persective. Loved it.
Cynthia Grills
Super Inspirational
Love this new podcast from The Mission! Lot's of thought provoking content, amazing!!!!
Max Juncaj
The News That Matters
Inspiring and uplifting news, shared with a fresh perspective. This is a must-listen podcast!
Aquinnah Bree
Love this podcast!
I sat down to listen to one episode and ended up listening to three in a row! Easy, actionable strategies to accelerate learning. I love what these men and women at The Mission are doing.
Great daily podcast!
Love this podcast!
Love this podcast! The hosts are entertaining, and the topics discussed are always super helpful and relevant to me. 5 stars!
Geoff Green
The perfect start
No better way to start your day or week. The best content and the best stories out there.
Best new podcast
Great content!
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