Mighty Marvel Geeks
Mighty Marvel Geeks
Mighty Marvel Geeks
Mighty Marvel Geeks, the show about all things MARVEL, is a weekly talk show broadcast live on Sorcerer Radio. This podcast delivers highlights of the radio show with hosts, Mike Ehmcke, Eric Allen and Kylan Toles. Topics include: Comics, games, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (TV/Film), celebrity interviews, pop-culture convention coverage, Disney Parks Marvel Attractions, Marvel Animation, Marvel
Mighty Marvel Geeks 442: The Intrepid Duo?
Hello, Field Agents! This week your Intrepid Trio is an Intrepid Duo, but we’re still prepared to discuss the week’s Marvel News, which appears to be movie heavy! We’re talking about The Marvels, Madam Web, and some of the earlier entries in the MCU. We even include Agent Arter and The Inhumans! How? Hit play […]
Jan 30
59 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 441: Silent Recap – Echo Season 1
Greetings, Field Agents! Your Intrepid Trio have gathered to, not just discuss this week’s marvel News, but to also give our Fantastic Four Takeaways for marvel’s Echo! But, before we get into that, we have soooo many segues! I mean, Mike was working in these like Picasso or Monet, I mean, he’s a true artist! […]
Jan 26
59 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 440: What If?… Saban Retires
Hello, Field Agents! Your Intrepid Trio have gathered, yet again, to being you the Marvel News you crave! In edition too that, we also have our Fantastic Four Takeaways for What If? Season 2! But, on the way there, we have a tangent, a show announcement, and some comic news, too. We also get into […]
Jan 15
55 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 439: Happy Birthday Uncle Stan
Happy New Year, Field Agents!! It’s a time of new beginnings and we have a fresh batch of new Marvell News for you! We also, due to our penchant for tangents, ask some comic related questions that we hope you find interesting, too. We also provide a preview into the next several week’s episodes!!   […]
Jan 9
57 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 438: 2023 Recap
Happy Holidays, Field Agents! It’s the end of the year, so it’s time for our year end wrap up! We’re sharing our Good, Bad, and Nitpicky as well as giving a bit of news from the week. Needless to say, it is a great way to wrap up 2023! So, grab some hot chocolate and […]
Dec 28, 2023
55 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 437: Wolverine Is 50?
Greetings, Field Agents! If you’re reading this, then you know that it is time for the newest issue of MMG! This is more of an old school issue because we’re talking comics, collectibles, and the MCU on the big and small screens! We also have a new sponsor for you to take note of, especially […]
Dec 20, 2023
56 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 436: The Amazing Zeb Wells
Hi there, Field Agents! Your Intrepid Trio are all present and accounted for and we have a guest with us in the Above Ground, Underwater, Sub—Orbital Volcano Lair! We have Marvel Comics and MCU Writer Zeb Wells!! We trace his path from his early days writing for a fan film to writing for Amazing Spider-Man […]
Dec 14, 2023
1 hr 5 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 434: The TVA Files – Loki’s Throne
Hello, Field Agents!! Well, here we are at the end of Time, I mean, the season finale for Loki. We also have some new trailers and some discussion about The Marvels. Also, it looks like there’s shakeup on the movie front, too. We know that it’s the run up to Thanksgiving and you hhave things […]
Nov 21, 2023
58 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 433: The TVA Files – The Marvels Must Haves
Hello, Field Agents! After an unplanned break, your Intrepid Trio are all present and accounted for and boy do we have a lot of news too comb through! We have Marvel Must Haves, courtesy of The Marvels  , which released this weekend! We also have some prepatory viewing for you before you see the movie! […]
Nov 14, 2023
51 min
Mighty Marvel Geeks 432: The TVA Files – The Theme Songs Mix
Greetings, Field Agents! Your Intrepid Trio and back and we’re all accounted for! This time around is another music themed special, plus we reveal our Fantastic Four Takeaways for Loki Season 2, The TVA Files! We touch on some Marvel continuing Prime Day deals which leads to a full on discussion of the West Coast […]
Oct 17, 2023
57 min
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