Midnight (R)Evolution
Midnight (R)Evolution
Malasa Jois Kahn and Katherine Akiko Day
10 Why Are We A Trio?
59 minutes Posted Mar 1, 2022 at 12:28 pm.
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Show notes

It’s March and our Tenth Episode! We thought it was only fitting to chat with Jessica Ennis. Jess is the essential friend that completed our trio of besties in high school.  She was integral to that time when we began to explore our identities and values together - and our friendship has continued to evolve and remains a touchstone for all of us today!  Jess is a doctor of veterinary medicine, an entrepreneur, a wife and mother of two, a creative in music, art, and food, and an all-around lover of animals and people.  We talk with Jess about what brought us together in those early years, and what she does now and why.