Midnight (R)Evolution
Midnight (R)Evolution
Malasa Jois Kahn and Katherine Akiko Day
09 The Gift of Authenticity
1 hour Posted Feb 1, 2022 at 6:36 am.
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Show notes

On today’s episode we talk to Sheyam Ghieth. Sheyam is one of those people that challenges and inspires you in every way, simply by living and breathing her own brilliant truth.  Whether it's creating art that celebrates the word 'queer' in Arabic, offering generous feedback, highlighting meaningful and often overlooked causes/people/events, or drawing (literally drawing) philosophical lessons from the neighborhood cat, Sheyam shows us what the journey to living authentically is all about.  We talk to Sheyam today about what it means to her to push past fear in order to live and speak your authentic truth.