Middle Class Film Class
Middle Class Film Class
Pete Abeyta
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Great reviews from all eras!
A wonderful mixture of reviews of new movies and throwback looks at movies from the past! Pete is a wonderful host with a lot of knowledge! Highly recommended!
Good Show
This is a good and fun review show. I really enjoyed the Batman episode. I highly recommend
Guy in nc
Good conversations
These guys cover a wide range of movies, have a ton of listener interaction and have great chemistry. Give them a listen today and you'll be back tomorrow for another episode!
Excellent show!!!
Very well made and a easy listen. Would recommend to anyone!
Taff 79
Great show!
Good conversation with a huge selection of episodes with all types of different movies! And they have great listener interaction which is always lovely to see.
Walk the Cinema
Upper class.
The charm of MCFC is that of post-movie parking lot conversations - those times you’d just hang out and talk about what you’d just absorbed. It’s like being invited to one each week, with enough supplemental talk that, even if you haven’t seen the movie(s) they’re talking about, will be enough to draw you in. Also, Pete has been a great guest (twice) on the Force Five Podcast, saving my bacon once when a guest dropped out.
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They Review it All
I found these guys only because I was trying to find a podcast talking about Enemy (a film about spider society) and ended up sticking around for all the hot takes and other interesting movies they watch (like Color Out of Space - a weird cosmic horror w/Nicolas Cage). Now I’m hooked!
Bren from Athens
I admit I wasn’t expecting much
Just another movie review podcast. I’m a 46 year old woman, what could I possibly be interested in that could intersect with the interests of these young men. Then Connie recommended a movie from the lifetime network... (more Connie please). So I am now in. The reviews are perceptive and thoughtful. The hosts are respectful and comfortable with each other. It isn’t just horror slasher movies or current movies that they watch. I can’t wait until the wheel lands on “Bridge over the River Kwai”. I feel like I would have hung with these guys when I was in college talking about movies and geeking out at the tofu video hut (my neighborhood video store). Crazy request: can you review the human centipede for me because it scares the crap out of me and I can’t seem to watch it. Maybe you can tell me it’s better as a trailer??
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