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Rip my sweet prince
Doin city
Miss this. Please come back Trill
I need this duo back in my life
Poppa Djshhcskckjsjcks
If I ever hit the lottery I’d write a blank check to bring this back for everyone’s sake
RIP Tape
The closest of personal friends
Col. Rick Flagg
See ya
Thank you.
This podcast was one of the highlights of my week for the past 4 years. I still go back and listen to old episodes just to laugh at the jokes and quips. Thank you guys for being a continued source of scorching hot takes, and endless laughs. Love you guys.
Confused but whatever
See ya pals
Best podcast of all time. From actual good basketball knowledge to level headed ethical takes about social justice to random rants about liberace. GOAT podcast and I can’t wait to support Trill in whatever venture he takes next. Lotta good podcasts I said it. But none as good as this one. Update: Trills got a patreon if you miss this show as much as me you gotta subscribe. Link is on Tyler’s Twitter @TylerIAm RIP Mickstape long live trill long live Coley
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Thank You
This show was like having my pals with me in the car on the most painstakingly depressing and lonely days, and it helped me survive my darkest days. I’ve never enjoyed any content more than this show. Thank you guys
I am sad I miss this :(
Constantly redownloading episodes after I finish them again. Rip thank you coley and Tyler
The greatest thing since sliced bread
I will always be subbed to this. I miss this more than anything.
Wokestape is bad
Get off Twitter and off your superior high horse that twitter app is rotting y’all’s brain has you shooting off some insanely uneducated takes. Hope all goes well in the end but I’m outty🤪 Ahahahahaha wokestape lasted a nice 2 months
The Greatest
I’ll always be subscribed because if they ever come back again I’m not missing it for anything!
Thank you Tyler & Coley
For the countless hours of mindless listening and jokes. Best of luck to Tyler in whatever his next chapter holds. Can’t wait to see what piece of content Coley throws himself into next. Long live the Mickstape podcast. RIP Tom, Porter, Bo, Aiden, Kobe, and Dan. And for god sakes, fix flints water supply.
I am so sad
I’m gonna miss the laughs, the knowledge, and everything else you guys brought to the table. I fully support the decisions made by the both of you and wish continued success. Love you guys
Johnny Freebandziel
This blows.
This blows.
Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse. Gonna miss you guys so much. Best podcast ever. No hat.
Fun levels at all time low
The last piece of barstool that still entertained me. Only two people I looked forward to listening to for 6-8 hours a week. I’ll be subscribing to Tyler wherever he goes.
Thank you fellas
my heart hurts
The Best Podcast
The goat i’ll miss y’all :(
Trill Should still be there
What a shame . Goodbye Mickstape. A basketballish podcast
Will miss the 4 hour pods. Gone but not forgotten . Gunna do a deep dive into the early episodes
Vaj Slayer
A bittersweet farewell
For the past two+ years I have listened to every episode of this show. It has made me laugh, think in another way, and has changed how I view a lot of the world. Not bc Coley and Tyler we’re scholars, but because they were real people living in the world with real experience. From debating metaphorical animal fights, to Dana and Marty causing a train wreck, and Coley sharing my love of all things Marcus Smart this show has been a part of my life. I’m sad to see it go but I know both of you will accomplish great things. I look forward to listening to coley more on section 10 and Tyler, all of us will support you no matter where life brings you next.
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Jared Prenda
Thank you
The GOAT podcast and there isn’t a close second. Going to miss you guys.
A perfect show if there ever was one
Thank you boys for the memories. I’ll keep spinnin the hits forever.
RIP Mickstape
Thanks for all the laughs guys. This show got me through a lot in these 4 years. I didn’t realize how attached I was until now. Appreciate the legends while they’re still around
Thank you both
Just guys being dudes. Im gonna miss it😞best of luck to Tyler 🐐
Sad Levels Through The Mantle
Going to miss this pod. There, I said it.
Thank you
Tyler and Coley have had such an impact of me as a person, and I’m proud to say that those impacts are positive. This podcast came out during October of my freshman year and I’ve yet to miss an episode, and frankly this show was one of the few constants in my time in high school. I know Coley and Tyler probably won’t see this but thank you for everything and love y’all ❤️
RIP Add this show to the outro
Respect Whiskers right to resign, however leaving a company that gave you the largest platform to say literally ANYTHING you want because the boss is “racist” is weak af. I’m f be lying if I said I didn’t lose some respect for Trill. And Coleys acting so incredibly melodramatic about the entire situation is upsetting.
Asap yackie
Can’t say enough great things about these two. A must listen the entire 3 years I’ve tuned in. Cheers, fellas
Thank you guys for everything
Love you guys
Best podcast out there
Thanks for everything.
Thanks guys
This is been my favorite thing to listen to since you guys started. When my dad was going through chemo, I would throw this on in my headphones while I was sitting next to him during treatment. Some of my favorite parts of the day came when I started laughing hysterically and I would have to pause to try and explain to my dad why I was laughing. He didn’t understand a single thing that I told him. My final pick is rats and eagles and I will hear no other opinion thank you. Love you guys. Hope to hear from you someday soon.
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#1 Andrew Wiggins Podcast
The greatest podcast that has ever graced these ears. The only podcast where I’d be upset if the episodes were under 3 hours. Thanks for all the laughs.
Thank you
Thank you boys for all the years of great memories. I’ll miss Mickstape
Malik Logan
Y’all got me though unbelievably hard times. I fall asleep listening to old episodes. Will continue to do so. The loss of this podcast is devastating. We love you. Forever.
Vic Vinegar 420
One Love
You guys did more for me, and thousands of others, than the both of you will ever know. Appreciate the hustle & laughs the last few years. Best of luck to the both of you. Gd shame..
Here for JoJo
The boys felt like family for the better part of almost 4 years. The Tape™️ will be missed, but we all love you, Tyler. Looking forward to what comes from you next 🖤
I keep typing something out but end up deleting it. All I really can say is thanks for the last 3 years
Thank you
I’m going to miss this show a lot, but thank you for being a positive influence in my life. Will follow both of you wherever you go❤️
Barstool falling apart. Sad.
Thanks for ruining this podcast Willie and garbage black Brandon. I hope the best for Trill
Willie Colonoscopy
Thank you for endless enjoyment. RIP
This was one of the funniest, thought provoking, occasionally basketball oriented podcasts ever. Trill and the Mick man were always fantastic. Sad that it’s over.
Thank you. As someone who has listened to this from the beginning, spent countless hours with you. My close friends. And a black guy who has followed barstool for 5 or so years, I get it Tyler. I know how you feel. Disappointed. Thank you Tyler and coley. I appreciate you all more than you know.
Please don’t goooo
I love this pod. It’s been my favorite for the last two years. I’m white and have gained so much insight into black culture/feelings by listening to Tyler and Coley. Of course, they are both side-splittingly funny, but I’m most sad to see this fence couldn’t be mended. I’ll continue to follow Coley and Trill, and maybe they can start the show again via a different platform than barstool. I really hope to hear you both together again and thank you for so many laughs over the years. One love.
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jejeof geh
Shaq and Penny of Podcasts
I’ve listened to every episode of Mickstape multiple times and plan on starting from the beginning again. Something about the genuine friendship and fun Coley and Tyler have just lightens my mood and makes me laugh. I wish both Tyler and Coley all the success in the world and I’m sad to lose my all time favorite podcast. Thank you both for the days and days of my life that I have spent listening to you two. Tuesday’s and Friday’s won’t be the same... RIP to the greatest duo since Shaq and Penny
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Thanks for the funniest and biggest smiles, Mickstape. Y’all meant a lot to my days.
Love you guys
If this is it for the boys, wish you all the best and thanks for the laughs! Always brighten my day.
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